somebody using Bluetooth headset and somebody listening to TV simultan

Raymond Kelly
5 months ago

I am hard of hearing and I would like to be able to watch and listen to my television through my Bluetooth headset while another person can watch the same show at the same time through the television speakers. That is one thing. The next thing is I want to be able to watch the television through the Bluetooth headset while the television itself is muted so it doesn't bother oother people when I am watching TV alone. This was no problem on my old television because I had the AV out port on the television. I just took my Bluetooth transmitter onto the AV out port and we could do everything I mentioned above. Now with the new television it does not have the AV out port. It has a headset port that I can plug my Bluetooth transmitter into. The problem with that is that whenever something is plugged into the headset port it cuts off the sound to the television speakers. So I only have the option of listening to the television through the Bluetooth headset or through the television speakers. I can't do both at the same time. I bought a sound bar that I thought would fix the problem because they had an exemplary out port that I could plug my Bluetooth transmitter into. That did not help either because just like with the television set whenever the Bluetooth transmitter was plugged into the auxiliary out port, it shut off the sound to the speakers. I hope I have not confused people too much with this. I'm really hoping somebody on here will have an idea how to correct my problems.

Thank you very much in advance for any ideas you might have and I hope everybody has a good weekend.


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