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2-story tan brick exterior shutter and door color?

2 years ago

I would like to make some changes to the exterior of our home. It feels so BROWN. The roof will be changing in the next year or so, and the brick and the siding will stay. I realize that the shutter size is too small, but since things are taking such a long time to ship, I would like to keep them for now and just work with updating the color. I am thinking maybe a warm black, to add more contrast without being too stark? Black Magic, SW 6991? I have changed the glass in the front door to a clear glass, and I am considering a more golden stain color, to help brighten things a bit ( I am open to paint colors for the door as well, if that is a better solution). I am wondering too about the wood pillars and structure over the porch. If I decide to paint the shutters a soft black, and if I painted the wood posts the same color, then I think the posts would feel too overbearing. Should I paint them the same color as the fascia, to keep it more subtle? Open to suggestions to help bring up the curb appeal, it's a pretty home, just feeling a little too monochromatic and kind of blah as it is right now. Thanks!

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