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Sofa/Rug/Design Suggestions?

last year
last modified: last year

Want to help offer design ideas for our living room space? Open floor plan, I'd like ideas about sofa, rug, other furnishings, color thoughts. I've done some pretty bold painting already, so it has to go with this! (see pics) We are considering adding another color-- should the sofa be grey or a color (not white, it gets too muddy in the forest where we live)? Or color in the rug/pillows? What size rug? What pattern/texture rug? We are thinking maybe 78" shallow sofa, at an angle as represented by the paper on the floor. And maybe an egg-shaped coffee table, and small side table by the grey chair? Not sure if there's room or need for a sofa back table? Corner alcove will have bench cushion and throw pillows, and a Moravian Star light above it. Dining room table has 6 chairs, might leave the end seat off most of the time. 3 modern barstools coming. TV will be on wall to left of chimney, above shelves. Thank you-- I'm so appreciative of what I've already learned just reading discussions! Excited to hear ideas :)

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