Hummingbird mating routine

5 months ago

Many times I have seen male hummingbirds doing deep dives in front of a female trying to win her approval, but a few minutes ago I saw something different that may have been a mating request. Tell me whether you think that is probably the correct interpretation.

I do not know much about identifying the types and sexes of hummingbirds. One bird was perched on a twig. Another bird was flying back and forth on it's back looking up at the perched bird. It was about 6-8" lower than the perched bird, and it's back and forth pattern was about a foot wide. After several swings back and forth, it started narrowing the pattern and getting closer to the perched bird till they touched two or three times in rapid succession, then the flying bird flew away. I have not been in the tequilla. Was that a mating routine?

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