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Load bearing wall - Can a beam post rest on a beam below?

last year

We plan to get a structural engineer in here but before then we want to come up with some options. I'm curious about the general practice of placing posts under a beam and how the load transfers underneath. Generally speaking, can you place a post directly on top of a beam for the floor below? It would be over the open span and not on top of a post. This is assuming necessary foundation, such as proper footings.

In our situation, there's an LVL beam in the basement living room that spans more than 14 ft. Directly above is the main floor living room and there is a span about 10 ft that opens to the dining that is original to the design. This is above the basement beam. The ceiling joists in that area are full span. Continuing from there is the load bearing wall that separates the kitchen. It continues about 15 ft. Those ceiling joists (and the rest of the house) are spliced. So if we place a post at the end of the wall it would be about 4 ft beyond the wall below and on to the beam. I'm wondering if this is acceptable practice or if the post really does need to be placed directly over a vertical support. The footing spans the length of the house under all of the load bearing walls. The reason for placing the post in the spot above is if we terminate the beam there instead of running it wall-to-wall. It will be exposed glulam. The entire span is about 25 ft but with any option we wouldn't span more than 15 ft without a support post of some kind.

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