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Bird feeders: finches eating pansies & beheading clematis,

So, I got a thistle/Nyjer seed sock for small birds and hung in it my balcony. The house finches have taken to it in a big way and the only other visitor is an occasional red winged black bird. The flipside of having a Feeder in my 15x5' balcony is that they are nibbling on the pansies in the railing planters, beheading new shoots on clematis, eating up or clipping away kalanchoe flowers and buds. There may be other damage that I haven't yet discovered. There is also the constant littering of seeds on the balcony. I had the sock hanging from the railing but then the folks in the condo below complained of seed and bid poop so I had to move it onto the balcony. My questions: are the finches going to keep being hostile to my flower garden so I have to choose between the birds or the flowers? If I modify to a different bird Feeder than the sock, would the litter/spillage of seeds reduce significantly?

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