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Ideas for updating this 70's exterior.

last year

Bought this 70's split entry a year ago and are launching into a whole house remodel. What is stumping us is the most attractive way to update the exterior. We're doing all new siding and windows, new front door. We don't like the brick color but don't want to paint it so we'd remove it, or schmear it, we think. Thinking cement board siding for the durability. Trying to get to low maintenance.

We have setback issues so we can only pop out the entry to the front of the original cantilever on the right side of the photo. We can add a tiny portico in front of that if it's wall-hung. We can't turn the stairs but we're thinking concrete or pavers with a minimal railing in the current footprint. Besides landscaping fixes, which will definitely help, any thoughts on how to get the most curb appeal possible since we're investing so much redoing the exterior? We have a great architect, but we're hoping for a wider range of exterior ideas.

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