How do you go about finishing this kind of a basement?

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6 months ago
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Hi, we have a house with a basement that is partially finished that seeps water when it rains heavily or a large amount of snow melts. The finished part of the basement is a party room (70s style) and a tiny bathroom that is so dingy that we don't even use. The basement has had sewer floods from tree roots in the pipe. We are taking care of it by removing the tree that was causing the issue and having the roots removed from the pipe annually.

We were originally hoping to finish the whole basement, but maybe that will be too expensive. The whole basement is 1600 sq ft. We are hoping to at a minimum add a room - probably a person will sleep in the room but does not have to be a legal bedroom. However, an egress window or two would be nice for ventilation since the basement does not have any ventilation other than an air intake for the furnace. We are also hoping to expand the bathroom to add a tub etc.

One issue we have is that there is a deck without a crawl space under it right above the area where the water seeps. Two sides of a roof come together right above the deck and when it rains heavily, water falls from the roof like a waterfall. We are managing it now by putting taps over the deck but clearly it is not a permanent solution. Also, the water seeping has happened with snow melting as well, so changing or taking care of the gutter will not solve all water issues.

We heard that it would be good to change the landscaping to get water to run away from the house. We might need a more serious waterproofing job (drain pipe, sump pump) done but it seems like there aren't many basement waterproofing companies that also do landscaping jobs. So we may have to hire two companies (a landscaper and a waterproofing company) to do both and also may not be able to get comprehensive consultation from either of them.

For either of the jobs, the deck will be in the way. Do we hire someone else to disassemble the deck and after the job is done have it rebuilt?

Also, for the basement space, do we hire an architect to consult on how to best use the space and how we can create a room and expand the bathroom? An architect sounds so expensive and we don't want this job to get into 100K's.

We also heard that it would be good to have egress windows put in at the same time as drain times since for both they will be digging around the then things need to move simultaneously...

Another issue is that there is heating (radiator) only in half of the basement. That keeps all the basement warm enough but may become an issue if we want to call the new room a finished space?

So we are totally overwhelmed and not sure whom to contact or where to start. Perhaps it is easier just to move to a larger house (but prefer not to). Any guidance will be appreciated!

Thank you.

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