Is there hope for my citrus tree?

I bought this Pink Variegated Lemon yesterday (via OfferUp) and was so happy that it turned out much bigger than photos depicted, it looked too good to be true. Well, today as I was repotting it I saw this. First when I very gently started pulling the plant out of the pot the top third just disconnected from the rest and started falling apart. I saw roots everywhere

but they were like overcooked spaghetti, just breaking apart at the slightest touch. It looked like the whole lower half of the pot was very waterlogged and compressed, not much roots there either. Above that most of the roots were dead. I panicked and just shoved the rest into the new soil (sprinkling mycorrhizae on the remaining roots) without checking if it's viable. A few hours later (and a bunch of youtube videos on the matter) I dug it up very gently and inspected what I have left.

This part of the root ball seems still alive, it doesn't break apart and I even saw a couple of brand new white root ends. My question is: does this tree have any chance of surviving at this point? I've never grown citrus before, but I've got quite a few other fruit trees and bushes, some of them in containers, so to me this amount of roots looks not nearly enough to sustain a plant of that size. Do I need to prune the branches to help it conserve energy? Do I need to do anything else to help it survive?

I'm in Seattle area and we're having a very cold spring. That might be the reason why all my nearby nurseries are out of citrus trees and there's not going to be any new ones until the end of April (I was told that's because it's too cold to transport citrus trees in unheated trucks). I just want to save this tree so much, I feel like I'm responsible for it now! Also it's just so beautiful!

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