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What to do with this hard wood floor? Replace entire floor with LVP?

Dyan Weis
3 years ago

Our daughter just purchased this home. She takes possession in a month. If you can look at this photo, you will see damage on the hardwood floor. She wants to remove all the flooring on this first floor and replace with LVP.

I have two questions:

1. If she replaces this flooring with LVP (carpet and wood) will she need to add plywood where the wood is in the kitchen to even out the floor?

2. Do you see the damage to the hardwood under the chair? If she decides to keep the wood can they sand and refinish this current hardwood floor?

What would you do? I know she really wants to replace everything with LVP but with plywood prices, etc. it may go over her budget.

Thank you for advice!

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