What is this plant and how do I get rid of it?

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I share a fence with a rental property. My landlord neighbor seems to have planted this (groundcover? weed?) on their side for low maintenance landscaping, and it‘s now putting out rhizomes into the planter I have on my side of the shared fence. I have put in a root barrier along the fence that goes a low as I can dig before I hit clay and tree roots (around 10”). But even with that, I’m still getting shoots into the middle of my plants! It’s driving me crazy.

It does not get much taller than this. I try to get them while they’re babies, but I think the largest I’ve seen is around 3” across. the rhizomes pop up every 12” or so. I thought it might be wild ginger, but I can’t find any with this distinctive red veining. I’m in zone 7b, and this is a relatively shady and moist area. And any ideas on how I can make my planter less hospitable, short of asking my neighbor to redo their landscaping to tear this out?

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