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Layering Bulbs - My Lessons with Crocus

2 years ago

Always have loved Crocus. 1st POP of the color after a dreary winter. A bit of bloom to keep me company as I do some winter/spring cleanup

However, they don't go well with Layered Plantings with Daffidols.

On my Drive entrances, I planted 250 daffodils on each side with much more crocus ontop.

The 1st year was great. It was a bed of purple followed by a succession of orange/yellow/white.

Subsequent years, I guess the daffodils have leafed out in the same time as the crocus. So 6-7 inches of foliage is completely covering the crocus blooms. This year, after/close to brownout, I plan to transplant these crocus and put them into the lawn. Hopefully no squirrels will be watching me plant....

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