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How to configure wall tile above stove and with open shelves

2 years ago

We are doing a kitchen remodel and will have the wall above the cooktop open (without cabinets), and will have a few floating shelves (I know that's not ideal due to cooking grease, but there are some structural beams that make this the only option). We can't decide what kind of tiling to do. Considering two options: 1) doing a patterned tile to the ceiling just the width of the cooktop with plain field tile on the rest of the wall as high as the first shelf, or 2) doing the same patterned tile or a more subtle patterned tile (like the last photo below) all over the whole wall. Cabinets are white, but behind this cooktop is an island with dark blue cabinets.

Questions: Do you think a column of patterned tile is attractive? I'm having trouble picturing it. Do you think a full wall of patterned tile is overwhelming? The ceilings are 8 feet, so not super high.


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