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any plants voles won't eat? hot peppers??

last year
last modified: last year

Hi everybody.

I've decided to do virtually all container gardening this year because voles have taken over here and last year they totally demolished almost everything I planted before I could harvest it.

Just one problem: I've started so many plants that it would really be helpful if I could plant some directly in the ground.

In the experience of gardeners here, are there any edible plants that are vole-proof?

In particular I'm wondering if voles will avoid hot peppers plants? Because I have a ton of hot peppers that need homes.

I've heard voles will avoid cayenne powder (though they didn't seem to mind much when I sprinkled it around here) so that makes me wonder if they also avoid hot pepper plant roots generally.

So far I have only found one thing I'm sure they won't eat: rosemary. Apparently they also don't like parsley much either. At least those are the only two types of plants I still have in the ground that they have not totally destroyed and devoured!

Appreciate your feedback about this.

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