2021 Raleigh Spring Swap ????

John Buettner
last year

Howdy Gardeners! I am thinking about hosting a plant swap this spring. I don't think the park where we usually hold the swap is renting out shelters yet, so I am considering just having it at my house in south Raleigh. The problems = 1. the pandemic is still going on. 2. I am a stickler for following the CDC guidelines. 3. there is limited parking at my house (but more than in a normal neighborhood). 4. I haven't been vaccinated yet (but should soon).

So. If we can come up with a way to break up into smaller socially distanced groups and come at different times...this could work. At a normal swap there are about 35 hardcore swappers and up to 10 husbands/partners/children. My guess is that there won't be that many at this time - probably less than 25, so we should fit nicely into the CDC guidelines. Unless there are a lot of new gardeners that want to join the fun. Maybe the thing to do is hold a swap for only the hardcore from swaps past and save the fall swap for a larger crowd back at the park.

Any ideas?? Any ideas on when to hold it? If we wait until May the parks may be renting again.

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