layout help needed for reno

Melanie F
2 months ago

Please help me with ideas. I stare at this for hours but can't seem to make it work. Also this is a rough sketch, things are missing like the door to bedroom 3 😂.
There are certain things we can't change. 1. Size this is a big as the city will allow. 2. Bedroom 2 is small, but hubby insists it stays.
What I'm most in need of ideas on are
1. I desperately want a walk in coat closet. I have 3 children and no mud room. I need to get all of the stuff out of my entry way. The stairs can be moved.
2. Master bedroom closet. Walk in or a wall of closet, plus slightly bigger ensuite? This is not the current design. The ensuite is that size, but there is no walk in currently. This was a preliminary ideas sketch
Lots of other stuff we've already come up with new ideas for. Like the kitchen, and other bedrooms. But if you've got good suggestions please feel free ❤️

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