Help with adding more closet space in current floorplan

Braden Miller
3 months ago

Hello everyone. My wife and I have worked with a modular builder in our area to design the attached floorplan. We love it, except my wife is worried about closet space specifically in the master bedroom. She has a lot of clothes, and fears that the current walk in closet is JUST big enough for her at 5' x 9'. We don't want to add much more square footage to the overall layout due to our budget and also due to the modular home format. We would basically have to add an entire other module if we want to add square footage. I was thinking a corner reach-in closet may work well in the master bedroom for myself? I have very few clothes in respect to her. Does anyone have any ideas on whrere/how to achieve more closet space in this layout?

Another issue we thought about is the size of bedroom 3 being slightly small. We'd like it to be roughly the size of bedroom 2 but don't know how to accomplish this without changing the overall look of the house significantly. Does anyone have any ideas for this as well?

Thanks for your time!

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