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Anyone have Namibian White Marble in kitchen?

2 years ago

I am doing a full kitchen reno and am at point of picking out countertops. I started off with quartz but have come to love marble (complete 360 I know). I fully understand that marble will etch, possible stain and/or chip. The etching will not bother me, also getting honed so hopefully will hide the etching a little more. That being said, I am ready to embrace the etching and possible staining or chipping that may occur. I plan on getting it initially sealed at fabricator and then maintaining it as needed (per fabricator). I've looked at Danby marble and love it but also love the Namibian White marble. My question for all is, does anyone have Namibian White in their home now and if so, do you find that it stains, etches and chips more quickly than some other marbles? I have heard that Danby is a little tougher and can resist staining etc. a little bettter than some other "softer" marbles like Cararra, etc. Want to know if getting Namibian White is a bad idea? Should I stick with a Danby Olymbian White??? Here is the Namibian White with our other kitchen design elements in photo.

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