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Quartz Countertop Holes drilled and seam.

Joan S
last year
  1. Are the Holes for faucet and soap dispenser too far back? Water puddles with every use. Soap drips down back of sink.

  2. Directions for disposal switch says use 1 1/4” but countertop person used 1 5/8”. So the ring goes inside hole . Husband tried to fix using a rubber gasket underneath which works but now the look is not seamless. Tried to find bigger ring but no luck.

  3. Thought it was going to be an L shape with no seam. They said the slab was not big enough for seamless. I can live with this but why say seamless from beginning?

We used a cabinet designer and it looks like he did not check his subcontractors work before they started drilling.

I feel like asking for a partial refund from the cabinet company who was design, cabinets, install. Then they hired someone who does the countertops.

Are these issues common ? What could I have done to avoid? Cabinet maker was one of 2 that we could use per contracted builder after our condo destroyed in hurricane.

Thanks for any input.

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