Wyoming rose survival 2021

7 months ago

Well they are starting to emerge from the snow! Making a list of the ones that do well for me and those that haven't done so well. This winter we had a hard cold snap (-21F) early on, with only about 5 inches of snow for cover, and then got another couple of feet of snow which provided good protection for the rest of the winter.

Bright & Shiny: cane hardy above the snow line. I'm super impressed with the survival of this recent release and am looking forward to next season's growth. It only lost about 4-6 inches off the tips.

Jeanne Lajoie, Mountain Music, America and Apricot Twist: tip hardy. Green and budding to the ends.

Adobe Sunrise, No-ID/Henry Kelsey?, Rose de Rescht: green cane to a few inches above the snow line but will need some good pruning as they lost the ends of the canes.

Champlain: almost tip hardy, lost about an inch off the ends.

Olympiad: died back to the snow line, canes that were below the snow look green and healthy with no damage or discoloring.

Sir Thomas Lipton: lost all but a couple of inches.

I'll keep updating as more come alive!

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