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Crate and Barrel- lounge ii vs lounge petite sofa

Natalie Jamieson
2 years ago

Lounge ii vs. Lounge petite sofa - crate and barrel

We just ordered a Lounge ii from C&B in Douglas Charcoal.

  1. After more reading, I’m concerned that the Lounge ii is overly deep and no one will be able to actually sit on the couch. It will mainly be used by myself and my husband to lay around and watch TV but will also be used to sit when people come to visit. Should I downsize to the Lounge petite?

  2. We have 2 very large dogs and are expecting our first child so I got the Douglas performance fabric in Charcoal but am now scared it might be too light to hide stains or dirt (I’ll clean it obviously but still need it to be durable). Does anyone have experience with the Douglas fabric? Any pictures of Douglas Charcoal from C&B?

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