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Bosch panel ready dishwasher with 2 drawer fronts.

3 years ago

I have decided that I want the Bosch 800 series panel ready DW. All of the information that I have seen shows attaching a panel to be what looks like a pretty easy and straight forward job. Unfortunately, all the info I have seen shows this job being done with a single door panel (24"x30"). In the area where my DW will be going, it will be in a continuous run of only drawer bottoms, no doors. So, in an effort to keep things looking symmetrical, I would like to add 2 drawer fronts as my panel instead ( two 24"x15"). Trying to do this following the directions I have seen from Bosch (again, meant for a single panel) would make it seem like the top drawer front would only have 2 screws in it and the bottom would also have only 2, since there would be a separation between them in the middle. So how do I alleviate this issue? I am assuming I have to use a bracket of some kind, and route out an area at the bottom of the top panel and the top of the bottom panel so that the bracket would then sit flush and make them one piece? I have slight concerns with this as these are ikea drawer fronts, (MDF with melamine) and would be worried about breaking the melamine and allowing moisture in. Any thoughts?

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