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Cast Iron Plant questions

3 years ago

Does anyone have this planted in with their hosta? It says it will live as a perennial in zone 7 and above. I was given a huge one in a giant pot a month ago and I want to divide it and put it in the shade gardens. I thought I remembered someone saying it was a vole magnet. I don't want to give myself a problem. Will planting it in a pot with the edges above ground keep it from being munched?

I have never seen voles but Bear Kitty has brought me mouse looking critters and pointy nosed mousey looking critters for my snacking pleasure and left them where I couldn't miss them on the kitchen door mat. I will examine the next offering and try to figure out if it is a mouse or a vole. Sometimes he eats the head and leaves me the choice body section. This week he has assisted me in putting pinestraw on all of my hosta beds. His main effort is to waller on the newly laid straw until there is a bare area for me to re-straw. I love him, he is my garden companion.

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