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Begonia canes in the basement

hc mcdole
2 years ago

The begonias are looking very good this year. Maybe that is due to watering habits or more attention to possible issues.

From today:

Snow Capped with new shoots coming up

Avalanche with new shoots coming on fast

3 different canes

Different canes in leaf size, color, splashes/dots/plain

More variance

Another area of canes (mostly) and some rhizomatous The small leaf one on the left is Miniperba while the bigger one to the right is Irene Nuss (showing its new juvenile splashes - it will turn darker green as it matures). Other canes in the back are Esther Albertine, Teen Angel, Nokomis, a large spotted cane I have no name for, and a couple others.

I wished I had a name for this one.

The blooms were hidden behind another cane I had to bend out of the way to reveal what was behind. The dark green one is probably the bloomer and probably Black Jack.

B. diadema in the middle is a UJR (upright jointed rhizome) is surrounded by canes of several flavors and the big round leaf of B. popenoei. The really strange one is the rolled up leaves of one cane.

I am pretty sure this is Comte de Lesseps but I didn't mark it after I bought it at PHOE in Miami (probably last visit there before it closed its doors for good)

One of the middle shelves is mostly canes and a lot are above the lights now.

One I raised from seed off the mother maculata plant.

Cracked Ice as purchased but it may really be White Ice

Sylvan Triumph

Lana on the right with the silver splashing while the one with dots is unknown and may be seed grown from one of my coccinea types.

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  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    29 days ago
    last modified: 28 days ago

    years ago I noticed ken’s comments (know who I mean?) and sort of imitated it..I like few to no punctuation..just 2 periods to separate thoughts..not even always full sentences..kind of like a telegram?..never received a telegram in my life..Ha!..

    I’m the firstborn so my sisters say I bossed them around..probably mother was a gentle soul and probably should’ve been tougher on life was richer having adults we’re extremely close..we love and respect each other..

    I’m glad that my sister can use alcohol to relieve pain without worrying about an allergic reaction..she doesn’t have problems with alcohol..just drinking every now and then..
    yes I had the wrong picture!..when I saw the chicken wire I thought that must be it..I did notice Stumpy but you’ve had lots of critters and I’m used to them 😃..

    I understand the under my belt meaning..but why call it “under my belt”??? does knowledge or an experience relate to “under my belt”..I guess as long as people understand what you mean it’s fine but I don’t see the origination of the saying???..George Carlin did have some thought provoking observations..

    you’re exactly right..I don’t trust GW to retain an unfinished comment that hasn’t been posted..sometimes I still have navigation issues on my iPhone..all in all I’m used to my iPhone..Houzz/GW is the most problematic app that I have..I have both Houzz and GW..I use both..must use GW to edit or place pictures within the on Houzz always post at the top..

    for example..I’m posting a brugmansia and poison ivy photo from Houzz now..they’re going to be at the top..not identical but see any similarities?..asymmetrical edges for my eye they’re similar..

    I love the empty garage space and not sure I’d want to give it up..the migration isn’t fun but I can manage overwintering matter how careful I am potting inside drives me crazy..I can’t accomplish zero can clean up afterwards but working outside is so much better..

    I remember the Harper Valley PTA song but not much about the movie..I think I saw just part of it???..

    today the photos are at the bottom!..they were selected immediately after I said ”..they’re similar”..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    29 days ago
    last modified: 28 days ago

    how would you care for the vertical plant walls?..ladders?..pretty but too difficult for me with one less than normal arm..I’m afraid of bromeliads..killed a me the pink plant looks more like a syngonium than anything else..I killed a green syngonium..

    we both love greenhouses don’t we??..
    the Biltmore is awesome..I doubt if the original owners appreciated the conservatory and greenhouses as much as we would..
    I’d love to see the Biltmore..

    saw these spelling mistakes on Amazon just now..

    thought of you..bowels? 😂

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    Thanks Laurie. I have had her positioned in a better lighted position since this picture was taken, but no signs of blooming yet. I noted you said you thought yours wasn’t blooming because of too much light? Is that typical? Am I correct to understand that they bloom quite easily and generally late summer or fall, or can they bloom at any time? I wonder because I have a beautiful Gryphon Begonia which I understand is related to the cane types, and it blooms when the daylength is quite short. Mine bloomed for me in February of this year ( indoors of course) after being outdoors until close to my first frost( late September here).1st pic blooming in February. 2nd pic as it appears outside recently. Just thought I’d share that, hope you don’t mind.
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    D, I really did not put any attention on the flowering cycles of my begonias, but I know that they bloom very often during the year. I have a few varieties, this time the pink cane begonia does not have any blooms maybe because I cut it before the hurricane to be able to move easily indoors. I don't fertilize my potted plants very often either, they are all by the porch on the other hand all my indoor violets are blooming today.
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    Well fudge! My last post did not go - guess the photos screwed it up. It is NOT 'Tom Ment' or 'My Special Angel'. The other two mentions are probably not that well known or distributed but I could be wrong. 'Tom Ment' and 'Fabulous Tom' are small canes and 'My Special Angel' is a medium sized cane with a unique shoulder. Lucerna is a wonderful pass along cane. My wife got a cutting of it from her co-workers nearly 45 years ago and we only knew it as "angel wing begonia" for probably 25 to 30 years until the internet and a PC were affordable. I still have it but it is a cutting of a cutting of a cutting... I cut it and start it over every few years. It can easily get over six feet tall if you let it. I bought 'Purple Haze' down in Orlando that looks very similar but cannot find it on line so it may be a local ID or maybe Lucerna in disguise. The other possibility is 'Coral Sea' but all pictures I've seen of it shows it to be quite the bloomer. Okay I am going to try to add a picture at a time since that post went. This is Lucerna grown by a wonderful grower from Miami. This was at the begonia convention at WPB in 2009. I believe it was nearly six feet tall. Okay that went so here is a second photo of Lucerna at a wholesale grower in the Orlando area. This is the mother plant that they cut to get all their new starts from. I do not know the cane on the left.
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    Hello! You might want to re-post and link to the Begonia forum - I put up something there recently and got some very helpful advice. (I am new to begonias.) Good luck! If it's any help, yours looks way better than mine. ; )
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  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    26 days ago

    Seems like I should know a Ken, but I can't place him right now.

    I have seen some of your writing styles that seem to vary from post to post. I haven't had many problems reading them. If I do, I question you to understand your thoughts. Such as Brugmansia and poison ivy leaves looking similar.

    I am the eldest sibling, too. My sisters are 1 and 4 years younger. One lives in TN and the other in KY. The distance makes it difficult to keep up with our lives. My brother was 19 years younger than me and died before he turned 26 from a brain tumor (that was in 1997) - a very sad chapter in all our lives.

    Parents have to make rules to keep things from going over the cliff, sometimes they get it wrong, but most times they know the culprit behind the scenes. I may have antagonized my sisters, but sometimes they made a commotion and I wasn't even in the room or the house for that matter. Kids being kids.

    A daily drink is supposed to be beneficial for health. A six pack or a bottle of wine a day is not "normal". I know a few big drinkers over the years and some are in the family (or were in the family).

    That is the problem with writing about an object in a photo. I must say "the picture below has an oddity in it" or "did you notice anything strange with the picture above?" I was at fault on this.

    I have a feeling that "under the belt" was from an era that had more meaning than what we are used to today. Seems like one old expression (at least in the movies) was "put another notch in your belt or holster or something like that". I took that as "you killed another bad (or good) guy OR you did good". Remember the song from Pat Benatar with the lyrics "put another notch in my lipstick case". It's always good to use the old expressions in today's everyday life.

    "Under my thumb", "under the weather", "under my belt", etc. probably were popular sayings way back when. What does "way back when" really mean? HAHA! My dad used to say "yay big" for large things or "wee small" for tiny things. I teased him at his 80th birthday party about how small is a wee and how big is a yay. My grandmother had some sayings that are downright funny. One was telling a lie so she would say "well, he does stretch his blanket a little" or when her oldest son got divorced she said "that must have been when he lost his chewing gum". What?

    What do you do with the empty garage space? Do you have any projects that you can use this space for? Putting together wood projects or making cool trellises for your outdoor garden this year. Our empty space has too much junk - recyclables that get taken to the county center every two weeks or so, pots of dahlias hibernating, boxes in case we need them for other junk, etc. Kind of funny in a way. I used Picasa for a number of years to accomplish this. So, GW has greatly improved over the old days. I still wish I could drag many photos from any folder and drop on my post like FB. The one thing FB gets wrong is the order of pictures may not be what I wanted. Oh well, it is still easy.

    No, I don't see any similarities on the poison ivy and brugmansia leaves. The brugmansia leaves are symmetrical if you look at it in the real world. A photo is 2-D so the far edge will look smaller than the leading edge (hence it may look asymmetrical). They are green is about all that I see being similar.

    What do you do with the empty garage space? Do you have any projects that you can use this space for? Putting together wood projects or making cool trellises for your outdoor garden this year. Our empty space has too much junk - recyclables that get taken to the county center every two weeks or so, pots of dahlias hibernating, boxes in case we need them for other junk, etc. Kind of funny in a way.

    I never saw the movie Harper Valley PTA. I guess there was a reason for that. HA! I am trying to recall watching Peyton Place (I am sure I saw it at least one time, but I don't recall it or any details).

    For the folks who can create a vertical wall inside their home (garage, basement, or better yet - a greenhouse/sunroom), they have to know how to make some surfaces waterproof (if there is wood involved). I find the walls fascinating, but I doubt I will ever have one. If I lived in southern Florida or Hawaii or any tropical place, I am sure I would have at least one.

    This is a form of vertical growing but is outside. I wonder how they water or just rely on rain.

    I wonder if this a private home or some public garden (looks like it needs some clean up on aisle #3).

    This is probably some hotel in a tropical place. I saw a lot of these in Thailand.

    This has to be a public place, wouldn't you think?

    This could be in Florida or any tropical place.

    Bromeliads are beautiful, but they can be quite prickly (maybe not as bad as cactus or agaves). I had a nice collection going at the last house until I had too many plants for my greenhouse. My wife suggested our shed. I bought another steel shelf and another kerosene heater. The &^%$$ heater fizzled out a couple of times on some very cold nights and I lost a lot of the bromeliads.

    Here is my little planting of bromeliads over 20 years ago.

    It is nothing compared to a private garden on Palm Beach, Florida (we saw it on a begonia convention). He had six acres, employed 3 full time botanists/arborists and had a budget for new plants of $100,000 each year. YIKES!

    The shape of the pink leaves do look similar to Syngoniums but it so big, that I think it is something else.

    The Vanderbilts built the Biltmore as their winter home (I think). He died within a few years after the house was completed. She remarried and I don't know what happened to the house after that - the children took it over?

    That is pretty funny about the spelling mistakes you found on some of Amazon's products (the Chinese do try, don't they?) I wonder what made you think of me on "bowels" or was it the obvious spelling mistakes? HA!

    I got my new table from Amazon on the 2nd. It was supposed to be here the 31st of January or the 1st of February. Oh well, one day later. The directions were very poor but I finally got it put together. I had to take the metal parts out of the box on the front porch - not that it was extremely heavy, but awkward due to the size of the box (five feet wide, two feet deep).

    The holes did not line up, so I had to loosen each leg (four screws) and the three screws holding the back to the table surface. GRRR!

    This might be nice, but I have plenty of six way outlets and I doubt I will be using the USB ports in the basement.

    The drawer can be nice, but it is not very deep and there is no latch to keep it closed (kind of disappointing with no latch).

    I took Rufus to the dog park yesterday for running with his kind. A guy brought in this four month old dog. I am 99% sure it is a Cane Corso. It will be a very large dog in no time.

    Two boxers have this dog (beautiful color fur and eyes) on high alert. The male boxer (the one with plain brown fur) was quite aggressive if any dog got in his space. The female boxer (brindle color) was easier to play with.

    I have seen this plant recently on Pinterest, Facebook, and other sites. They say it is a weeping begonia. Not true. I've never seen a begonia like this. Using Google Lens, it appears to be silk flowers to imitate wisteria.

    I cannot get over the price of these fake flowers - what is included - a truck load of silk flowers?

    BUT THEN, I SEE THIS! I like Steve's Leaves but this is just crazy.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    26 days ago
    last modified: 26 days ago

    look familiar?..I see him less than years ago..

    that’s a large age difference between you and your brother..losing him was a tragedy..

    my parents had 4 children in 5 years and 9 months! cousins were close in age mother and 2 of her sisters were pregnant together..all of us have a cousin our age..I had 2..

    I had a tropical drink at a restaurant in August..had lunch with just had a birthday so I know it was alcohol since..

    takes me longer to write than most because I rephrase and edit..

    if I learn something about “under my belt” I’ll let you know..

    I love “way back when” far back? no clue..
    your grandmother did have funny sayings!..they’re new to me..

    the Passport is in the center of the garage with 6?7? feet on each side..I have some pots on one side..we don’t really need shelving..the garage has cabinets..we have a shed..

    to me Facebook is easier to use than GW/Houzz..

    I guess to each his own on leaf similarities!..they were similar to biggie..

    I never saw Peyton Place..

    vertical walls are attractive but I don’t need one..
    I really love tropical plants..the Thailand episodes of House Hunters International are my favorite..
    agree the photos are of public spaces..
    the Palm Beach garden must’ve been awesome..I think? I read that Elton John has 26 full time gardeners..some people have so much money! be honest I’m not jealous..I enjoy my simple life..

    I saw the bowels mistake after the others and thought “gotta show hc!”..
    saw these ads tonight one above the other..does anyone proofread?..peir? and pods?..easy to fix but they don’t..

    saw this tonight too..we could make some money Ha!..

    hope the new table works well for you..
    that dog IS big..with my arm injury I don’t think I could handle a large dog..
    even if the silk flowers were $5 I’d pass..I’m addicted to live plants..and way too expensive..
    the begonia prices are unreasonable too..

    a rough day tomorrow..going to the VA for my husband’s colonoscopy and endoscopy..just thinking about it makes me tired..
    but it’s wonderful when you leave and it’s over..
    was out over 2 hours today collecting and clipping debris..very pleasant and relaxing..
    I peeked under leaves in a few spots and saw daffodils coming..🙂

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    26 days ago

    Yes, I know who you are talking about now. I rarely visit any forums on GW in recent months. Maybe when I get extremely bored, I may visit the other forums again.

    It was a shock when I found out my mother was pregnant, and I was a senior in HS. I am almost 19 years older than him.

    Four children in five years were probably very trying on your parents. My mother’s mother had 11 children in 20 years. Large family, but there are larger families. Out of her siblings, only one had no children, and one had one child. The rest had 3 to 7, so I had over 60 cousins. When we visited Belize, it was common to have families of 17 children or more. YIKES!

    That’s good news for you being alcohol-free.

    We should write down all the sayings we’ve heard over our lifetimes. Children won’t know about their past if it isn’t passed down. I like the joke (or was it a true story) about young kids asked to make a call on a rotary phone. They didn’t know how to “push” the numbers.

    Well, that is different in parking a single car in a double car garage. We have two single car garage doors, so my wife often parks over the center line to give me room to open my door. I wished we had more width and length (I tried parking my F-150 four door extended bed on the short stall, and I don’t think I could close the garage door). A side door would’ve been nice as well.

    No one needs a vertical planting wall, but they do fill some primitive need to showcase some beautiful plants (rather than a bunch of pots crowded around each other).

    Speaking of Elton John, I saw he has his Atlanta residence up for sale for a cool $7 million. Are you interested? HAHA! I also saw in the same news bit, that he is selling a lot of his memorabilia. And to think that somebody had enough money and lunacy to pay $8 million for a pair of Michael Jordan’s gym shoes that he wore in one of his NBA title games.

    I have a feeling that some of those ads are from international sellers. I can forgive them on English translations, but the native born and raised here should do better than someone who learns English as a second or third language, don’t you think?

    Did you follow up on the ad for proofreaders and how much they made?

    I had to look back at the dog pictures to see what big dog you were talking about. I guess it was the Cane Corso? I didn’t post the picture of the mastiff who could lick my face when it stood on its hind legs. And it was only 11 months old.

    I just can’t get over the picture of that white trailing flowered plant (is it real or fake?) and billed as a weeping begonia? No way is that a begonia. I did stumble into another plant that might be a possible match, but I forgot the name. I will have to see if I can find it through my history of opened tabs.

    Wow, a colonoscopy and an endoscopy on the same day? Hopefully, your husband can get them both done at the same time – one doctor working one end and another doctor working on the opposite end. Been there, done that but separate procedures, different days. Not a lot of fun. Here’s wishing you both a speedy and successful procedure.

    It was semi-raining here yesterday, so I mostly worked in the house. I cooked some chicken, broccoli and mac and cheese. I combined them all and baked for an additional 15 minutes in the oven. I finished my Sunday crosswords that I started on Saturday. YAY! My oldest daughter came to get some more of her stuff and had dinner with us. I lent her some of my tools to bore holes in her brick fireplace (she wants to hang her TV over it), shave one of her doors as it is scraping across the wood floor (I told her she will have to take the door off to do this, more than likely), and some advice on connecting her new gas dryer to the gas line. She has done a lot of woodworking and some electrical-mechanical work over the years.

    Oh, yeah, the daffodils are coming up in big groups now. It is amazing how fast they multiply. The crocus are coming up as well and Dutch hyacinths are up. I hope my camellias still have enough buds to put on a good show this year despite the single digit temps we had a couple of weeks ago (burned a lot of opened buds).

    I had added several photos to this post, but when I tried to insert some space between two pictures, GW glitched. Luckily my reply was saved in Notepad, so pasting it back is simple. No pictures this time. I might add them later on.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    25 days ago
    last modified: 24 days ago

    it’s nice for siblings to be close in age but 4 kids so close together must’ve been tough for my parents!!!..

    60 cousins wow!..both of my parents had 5 siblings..21 grandchildren (17 cousins) on Dad’s side..20 grandchildren (16 cousins) on Mom’s side..33 cousins for me..husband had 4 cousins on his Dad’s side and 3 on his Mom’s side..very few cousins compared to me..I have more cousins than most people I know but you beat me big time!..

    never had any interest in alcohol..for me it’s carbohydrates and plants 😂..

    a book of old sayings would be a fun read!..

    I hate today’s skimpy garages and parking spaces..our garage is larger than most and we appreciate it..

    it would be pleasant walking between 2 facing vertical gardens surrounded by plants..

    I need to see if Elton John’s garden has enough trees before I make an appointment to see it Ha!..

    seems easy enough to check for spelling and typos but nobody worries about it..saw this ad today..

    didn’t check on the proofreading job..I don’t need a job but I think I could do it!..Lol..

    yes the Cane Corso is a beast even now..

    lots of white blooms catch the eye but it’s not truthful advertising!..

    Yay the procedures are over!..he’s fine..I offered to bring the car to the door but he walked with me to the car..I was surprised the hospital didn’t insist on a wheelchair..they didn’t even escort us to the door..I pushed the wheelchair to the the door my husband says “I’m going with you“ and he did..

    wow your daughter is handy!..I like to give my husband “advice” but I don’t do the actual work 😜..

    today was all about the hospital..we left at 10:15..picked up food on the way home..home at 3:45..took 5 and a half hours..had lunch and the day was pretty much over..

    tomorrow will be great..we can do whatever we want..😃

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    23 days ago
    last modified: 23 days ago

    I am glad we quit at two children. They are 20 months apart and that was a challenge. I can't imagine what 3, 4, and more would be like. The more the merrier?

    The problem with that many cousins that far away, it is hard to keep up with names and then the age differences makes it near impossible. Some of my cousins are younger than my daughters. On my dad's side, I only had 3 cousins. My dad had two brothers and one never had children (married probably four times). The other brother had three children and only this brother and his oldest child are still living. One died in a car accident (his youngest and she had two young children as I recall). The middle child died of a heart attack and was childless. It's part of life, isn't it?

    Alcohol is part of the social scene until it isn't. I feel sorry for the people who got addicted to it.

    I bet there are lots of books on old sayings. Seems like a lot of Ben Franklin's are out there. That has some relevance to today, but some are probably never used today as well.

    A garage has its uses. A car enthusiast would probably have it decked out as nice as any room inside the house. Others use it as a storage space (kind of like us). Our old house saw it used for my wife's car and the other side as my winter room for the few houseplants I had before I got the greenhouse. I do have six pots in our garage for winter - five with dahlias and the sixth one with the caladium (got them all last year). I hope they all come back with a vengeance when I move them outside in April.

    When we were in Zion a lifetime ago and hiked up the Virgin River in the slot canyon known as "The Narrows", the walls had a lot of ferns growing on them. That was kind of cool. When we went to Cancun our second time and did the tourist thing at Xcaret, the float down the Mayan River had a lot of interesting flora along the way.

    HAHA! I wonder if you have to give a financial statement before seeing Elton's place. Pictures are nice, but seeing things in person are nicer to make up one's mind on good or bad. For instance, seeing the Grand Canyon in person is mind-blowing. Seeing it in pictures is nice and dreamy.

    Most folks don't even read a two minute article, let alone check for typos and the such. I know I usually skip the middle part if articles that seems redundant. Get me to the end for a conclusion since a lot of articles are fluff. If I find the beginning and the end satisfactory, then I might give it more time in the middle.

    Speaking of that article you included, I have checked out their website (Fast Growing Trees) and found their prices a bit high. They do have some nice looking pictures, but their prices are too much for me.

    I don't blame you for not checking out the proofreading job. I am satisfied with my retired life as it is.

    That white blooming plant that was labeled as a weeping begonia was not an advertisement. I didn't see any place that offered it for sale. I wonder who first posted the picture and why it was labeled as a weeping begonia in the first place.

    I am surprised the hospital didn't insist in pushing your husband to the pick up area. I know I would rather not go through that last act of exiting the hospital, but I am not going to keep the orderly or nurse from doing this little act for the patient. I am glad you and your husband have those procedures done. I hate those, but what else can we do other than follow along. I had maybe 15 minutes at the urologist on Tuesday where a nurse took my vitals and did a sonogram on my bladder, before talking to the doctor for perhaps 5 minutes. The estimated bill was $1500. OUTRAGEOUS!

    Yes, my daughter is quite handy around projects in the house. She sent me pictures of her gas line to her new dryer yesterday to see if it looked correct. I told her it did and to get her leak detector ready when she turned the gas line valve to ON. I didn't like her arrangement of the washer/dryer though. The connectors were for dryer on the left, washer on the right. She had it the other way, claiming there was not enough room for the dryer door to open. I would push both machines to the right a few inches to make room for the dryer door.

    Giving advice to your spouse can be dangerous ground. If it sounds like an order, then some spouses will go on the defensive. If it is more a question, then the same spouse will give it some time to consider if it might be better that way.

    I hear you on the hospital visit. It is usually a full day event if there is a procedure or surgery involved. My wife's surgery last month was around 8 hours including the drive time.

    I tried adding 30+ pictures to my edit. I submitted the text first so it was good to go. Anyway, my previous attempt at adding pictures failed. So, now I will just add 10 or so.

    adding a few more pictures since the previous one took this time.

    I wonder if this is at Lotusland.

    ABG is having a camellia show this weekend. Should I go (by myself) or stay home to be with my wife and her recovery? Hmm?

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    23 days ago
    last modified: 20 days ago

    2 children seems ideal..4 children was great for me but a lot of work for my parents!..

    we knew both sides of the family well..all of us cousins are close in age so we were good friends..

    alcohol is a big problem for many people..very sad..

    agree with you..some old sayings still apply but some don’t..

    our garage is for cars and tool storage..looks messy in the pictures compared to usual..with the extra room some clutter has come in..when the weather’s warm it will be neat again..I took the stainless steel trashcan out of the kitchen..I decided I don’t like it..I think we need to part with some scrap wood..

    that’s a little heater on the brown bucket that we use on bitterly cold days to warm up the garage..

    I’d love to visit exotic tropical places..

    yeah they’d laugh if I asked to see Elton’s house!..

    I didn’t look at the trees ad..just saw the typos..laughed to myself and decided to show you..

    you’re right..most articles are tedious..

    I think as usual they were short handed at the hospital..the nurse thought my husband was fine..he wasn’t they didn’t offer..

    I’m afraid of electricity and gas! husband isn’t afraid..he’s fearless like your’re husband doesn’t always love my suggestions Lol..but after 49 years we work through it..

    Great pictures!..I want to go shopping!..
    your hellebores are ahead of mine..
    beautiful moth..

    my aglaonema has a bloom..can’t wait to get these plants outside..

    was out yesterday and going out today..sunny with a high of’s wonderful..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    21 days ago

    Deciding on how big a family should be is a personal matter. I wanted a dozen boys when I was a teenager. That is kind of funny in dreams versus reality.

    I knew my cousins around my age growing up. Once I was an adult and on my own, I lost contact with the youngest cousins that were born before I left home and definitely and born after.

    Your garage looks neat and tidy. I have not seen a vaulted ceiling in a garage before. Is this typical in your neighborhood? I like the oak cabinet - seems like that is more apt for fine furniture inside the house. The pegboard looks nice and organized, too. I have two in the basement that have never been hung. Good intentions, but never found the right spot to hang them. Sometimes it is good to keep scrap wood. You never know when it will come in handy.

    I never noticed the errors on that website before, just the high prices of some of their "trees". Why they use the term trees when they are selling some perennials and tropical plants seems strange.

    I'm with your husband about leaving a hospital after a procedure. If I feel fine, then why do I need to wait for some orderly to push me out on a wheelchair? Seems ridiculous.

    Electricity and gas are dangerous, but if you follow the recommended safety procedures that have come a long way from their beginnings, then most times you will be completely safe. Don't work on live circuits. Don't turn on the gas until all connections are made, then test for leaks after turning the gas back on. I know there is more to all this, but when it is above our knowledge and tools, call the professionals and let them do their thing.

    Another 2 to 3 months, and it will probably be safe to start moving plants back outside. I hope to get my largest ones out by the middle of April (probably under the deck to begin with).

    Ah, 65 is about where we are. The weather is so, so unpredictable. HAHA!

    Your Aglaonema plants look great.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    21 days ago

    I tried inserting pictures twice. Both times, Houzz glitched on me. GRRR!

    Dogs digging a hole at the dog park yesterday.

    Rufus checking out a young Great Dane mix.

    The two pups that started the digging.

    Monstera dubia is impressive

    I never heard of royal philodendrons until this morning.

    I hope to find a couple of Anthuriums this year at a decent price.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    20 days ago

    Rufus looks taller than I remember..

    I know my parents planned their first 2 children..then 2 surprises! Lol..

    the homes are custom here..not sure how the garages vary..we have an attic with pull down stairs in the garage..we have boxes (mostly empty from products we own) stored husband ordered the cabinets then built a base to elevate them..too tall for most people perfect for him..I think the garage and shed will help sell the house someday..

    yes sometimes you need a pro!..

    there’s a second bloom on my aglaonema..

    I’m going out to continue some light cleanup..

    will you watch the Super Bowl with your daughters? of my favorite memories..when the Colts were in the Super Bowl in 2007 we had a little party at our house..9 of, my parents, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, a niece and her 6 yr old son..the Colts won..we had a great time..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    19 days ago

    Rufus is still the same height, maybe a little more weight & muscle.

    Surprises often happen to people engaged in some "fun". We planned our first child, but the second one was a surprise. Same thing happened to our surprise child - they had their first child (planned) before she turned 30. Ten years, later was a big surprise to everybody.

    We installed our attic stairs (with the help of my dad) at our last house. Fortunately this house had the stairs as part of the features (not great but sure beats a step ladder). That is interesting that your husband built a base to elevate the cabinets. Sounds like a good plan. A garage is a must for us, much like a basement is a must have for us (mainly me). We had a 12x16 shed at our last house and it was plenty big for all the yard tools and ladders (and other stuff we had no room for in the house). I wished my greenhouse had been bigger (14x18) after I found out how fast one can fill up. Not that it mattered since I only got to use it 3+ years before moving on.

    We never painted it, but had it painted to sell the house.

    We had two lofts as part of the package.

    Parts delivered from Home Depot. A young man from another part of Atlanta came on Saturday and had it all put up by the late afternoon. He promised he would be back on Sunday to do the shingles. I called him after he failed to show. He did come out and finished the job that afternoon.

    A year later, the shed has weathered and the greenhouse is up. My dad came down every weekend for 5 to 6 weeks to help me get a base built and erect it. My son-in-law helped wheelbarrow 5 tons of gravel up the slight hill for the floor. That was not enough so I added two more tons of broken concrete and gravel.

    Exactly, hire a pro and hope for the best. I hate it when I get ripped by some "pros", though. Most jobs are handled to our satisfaction, so I cannot in good faith badmouth all "pros".

    I sprayed my second batch of Round Up yesterday. The first batch was half strength and worked on the weaker type weeds such as chickweed. It burned some foliage of the tougher weeds like wild onions (that we discussed a couple of weeks ago). I hope this second dose of full strength knocks a lot of the tougher weeds and grass down.

    We did watch the game last night. Our oldest daughter came over to do her laundry and get some more of her belongings out of the rooms upstairs. She watched the game until the 3rd quarter and left around 9 PM. She had to work this morning and needed to get back home to beat the storm and get some rest for today. Anyway, we had no favorites in the game, but glad that KC won (the cameras had taken quite a few shots of Taylor Swift). If it had been a blowout, we'd have turned the channel. I am not a big fan of Usher, but the halftime show was pretty good. I loved the commercial about growing couch potatoes, too.

    We took care of our youngest daughter's dog Friday and Saturday (they went to a wrestling meet in South Georgia for their son). Last night was panic mode for Rufus with the thunderstorms. He was in between the living room and the bedroom. Got me up twice, so the second time I went out on the couch and he slept behind me. Dogs can be problems at times.

    Saturday morning and Hagrid spent the night with my wife on her recliner. Rufus stayed with me in the bedroom.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    19 days ago

    Some outside photos from the 10th

    Backyard Lycoris coming up and Muscari (the wispy blades that look like onions)

    The other spot of Lycoris (I have the red ones at the mailbox)

    Dwarf Bamboo that I cut and spray to keep it contained.

    I know you like Hellebores. I wish the blooms would present themselves instead of hanging down.

    Daffodils are up and some close to blooming

    my biggest wisteria vine that I cut back. The metal stake is the only one that fell off our metal fence. GRRR!

    I am disappointed in these painted pots (from either Big Lots or one of those Dollar stores).

    Winter honeysuckle in bloom and it smells so sweet on a warm day. I can smell it from at least 50 feet if there is a slight breeze in my direction

    I tried to capture the honeybee but it was busy (as a bee should be?) You can see a little bit of it.

    Coral bark maple with some serious grafting issues (maybe not serious but looks so weird)

    I tried out my 8 inch chainsaw cutting the suckers back on my HLWS a week or two ago.

    I may have to cut down some of my Flying Dragon Orange Trees later on. They are still kind of small (3 feet or so)

    I had to put Hagrid on leash as he is so small that he can easily go between the posts on our metal fence.

    This is the biggest of the FDOT. Gnarly?

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    19 days ago

    Indoors yesterday due to rain

    Can you spot the little sneaky critter? I also see I have some insect problem on this plant (Clerodendrum paniculatum or speciosissimum - can't tell when it is not in bloom)

    I took this one off its shelf to get a better picture. I hate taking plants down though unless it has a serious problem. What can I say? I am lazy.

    I can't remember the name or where I got this tiny leaf begonia cane.

    I put a rat tail or dog tail cactus broken piece in there. It has rooted.

    I took off the ugly leaves of this begonia - anything that was torn or yellowing was removed.

    mandevilla seed

    I got these from the guy in Florida last year (the one who died recently)

    valida is blooming

    volunteer impatiens in my Schefflera arboricola pot.

    The weedy mother of thousands Kalanchoe is quite beautiful when it finally blooms.

    Without pulling this pot out of place, do you think the Dracaenas need to be cut back? HA!

    the mother plant of double blooming brugmansia has a couple of buds close to opening.

    how will I get these untangled in April?

    variegated brugmansia doesn't even have to bloom.

    a dark philodendron

    The fly paper works great for catching fungus gnats - won't eliminate them, but helps keep their numbers smaller.

    This cane really shot up there. I think this is Nokomis.

    The Nicolas Diamond fern has an interesting end point.

    Why did I buy this a couple of years ago. Ficus Audrey or Lemon Lime from Walmart? It is growing too fast for my likes.

    the oak leaf fern (Aglaomorpha quercifolia or is it Drynaria quercifolia)

    I groomed my 'Fedor' yesterday. This is before.


    Discard pile

    I've been growing this small cane in a very small space (one of the Jiffy pellet trays) I have to keep this one watered since the space is so small.

    I thought I had a better shot of its small hole it is growing in.

    Sophie Cecile will need a haircut this spring. Definitely needs staking.

    I did remove the old leaves from this pot. I need to do a lot more around the basement.

    hairy beast

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    19 days ago
    last modified: 18 days ago

    I had a wrong impression of Rufus..he stood taller next to the Great Dane mix than what I would’ve guessed..
    yes lots of “surprise” children in the world!..
    your shed looks great..wish ours was as our neighborhood freestanding buildings aren’t allowed..the size of the shed was limited by the “wall space” of the’s small but better than nothing..ours has one loft..the greenhouse is pretty..your basement is great for overwintering..cheaper to can check on the plants without going me a basement sounds more convenient..
    my wild onion is out of control..😩
    the game was interesting to us because of my cousin..we texted a few times..once she said “I’m stress eating Lol”..I was happy for her that KC won..I’ll need to look for the couch potatoes commercial..I missed it..
    poor in a safe home for years yet that fear stays with him..😢
    Rufus and Hagrid are blessed..
    pics today of my lycoris, daffodils and hellebores..behind yours but they’re growing..

    I’d be disappointed in those pots too..I have some from Lowe’s that started peeling last summer..
    I have some not too pretty grafts on Japanese maples..we had such brutal temperatures I hope I don’t lose any..I lost an established one last year..I was shocked about it to be honest..
    the FDOT is gnarly..
    I see the little critter peeking at you..cute..
    look at all of your plants!!’s your own garden center..
    I admit sometimes I’m lazy..I use my arm as an excuse..sometimes it’s true but other times it’s an excuse!..I still haven’t removed all of the fall debris from my pots..they came in 4 months ago..
    love the dark philodendron..
    I agree sticky traps are great to kill fungus gnats..I have the kind that stick in a pot like a plant tag..I have a lot fewer plants so not nearly as many gnats..
    I love the ficus..too big plants ARE a hassle to move..
    ‘Fedor’ looks great all cleaned’re making me feel guilty not cleaning up my plants..
    football is over..the worst of winter is over (I hope)..maybe I can be more productive now..

    found the couch potato commercial..funny!..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    18 days ago
    last modified: 18 days ago

    It was a young Great Dane mix and there is no telling what other genetics it had. It was still a big dog, though.

    I hate most HOAs. Our daughter's last home was very rigid on their rules. I am glad we passed on that subdivision. At least where we live now, they are very tolerant of most things. I had a clause to put in our contract that I could add a greenhouse later (doesn't look like that is going to happen).

    The basement is very convenient for storing houseplants, but it also means we give up some things we thought of when we were buying it (a den and a rec room). I'm glad we added a full bath (walk in shower even if it is cheap) and heating and air which I do use.

    I would cover your wild onions the best you can. I hope my recent spraying makes a dent in them. They only exist in the back of the backyard.

    Wow, you missed the couch potato commercial? I think I saw it at least twice during the game. That is the good thing about not having a favorite team - no stress. Who needs that? Anyway, been there, done that. Lost a lot of sleep during my working days watching games to after midnight and getting up at 5 AM. And then to watch my team lose was the icing on the cake.

    Your plants coming up are not that far behind ours, maybe 2 weeks or a little more? I think I mentioned much earlier that when we went on a long west trip and visited Jackson Hole, that the bearded irises were in full bloom. This was after July 4th. Our irises usually bloom in May.

    I may try spray painting some pots - my sister does it all the time. I've only done one with textured paint which was like stucco.

    I may have lost one JM a few years ago. No telling what happened to it. The Full Moon JM are not as robust as all the other types. Maybe I have them (2) planted in the wrong spot.

    I found out about FDOT years ago on Dave's Garden. It was interesting to read about, but no desire because I thought it was not hardy (like a lot of citrus plants). Then I saw a small tree blooming at our hiking park and checked it up close and personal - it was a FD! So, now I knew they were hardy, and I bought some rooted cuttings off eBay. As I recall, it was for 10 of them but when they came in, it was 16. I planted two to each hole in case one died. I think I lost one plant.

    I can reach 8' so this FDOT is probably over 10' tall. March 28, 2020

    new leaves coming out

    Wisteria at a church on the same day on our return from hiking.

    Blooming last year - March 8th

    Ah, those anoles are something else - little hitchhikers!

    It's good to be lazy at times. Plants can wait (that is why we like them compared to pets) to be watered, fertilized, etc. Pets must be attended to daily, sometimes hourly if they are sick.

    I tried the yellow sticky traps at our last house. They worked, but also got my arm trapped at times and one time, our cat was running around the basement because one was stuck to his tail. Funny in a way, until we had to catch him and remove the sticky beast.

    I am sure you had the old rubber tree at one time or another. It was easy to propagate, but it had no great interest - plain green stiff leaves. Variegated leaves offer a little more interest year-round. I'm disappointed in this rubber tree I got a couple of years ago due to "no noticeable variegation". Maybe it needs more light to bring out the colors that caught my attention at the store.

    I have it labeled as Yellow Gem in my photos.

    They had this form that day as well.

    I have given up on some big plants such as the tree fern, Norfolk Island Pine, Rubber Tree, giant Bird of Paradise (I find this the most irritating one of all), and false aralia (I love this plant, but it was too fussy as I ended up killing it time and time again).

    You have many more weeks to get your plants cleaned up before moving outside. I used to wait to do general grooming until I moved them outside. Then all the mishaps outdoors - bugs, storms, sunburn, four legged critters, spouses, etc. It makes me wonder why we do this year in, year out.

    I hope you are right about the worst of winter being over, but I won't bet on it.

    I'm glad you found the couch potato commercial. I had a good laugh when I saw it.

    My Camellia R.L. Wheeler this morning from our laundry room.

    These shots were through the window

    I opened the bottom window (single sash windows - cheapo builder)

    I do not deadhead my hydrangeas.

    last shot through the opened window

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    17 days ago
    last modified: 17 days ago

    our HOA is reasonable..we have 66 homes in our neighborhood..a small neighborhood has fewer issues..
    I didn’t dig out as many wild onions last summer because of my injury..they spread like crazy 😭..
    I was cheering for Kansas City because of my cousin..she’s a huge Chiefs fan..since they won it was fun!..
    plants can change a lot in 2 weeks..maybe my bulbs aren’t as much behind yours as I thought..
    I haven’t painted any pots but a lot of people do..
    I have no idea why my Japanese maple died..I know someone that lost one last year too..
    make sure to keep your face away from the thorns of the tall FDOT!..
    plants are a breeze compared to pets..
    I killed a small rubber tree..very cute when I bought died..not sure was a dark purple I think..
    I bought a giant Bird of Paradise during the summer..had to cut off a stem..then I thought “this is kind of ugly”..when fall came I tossed it..
    “It makes me wonder why we do this year in, year out”..Lol..we could make life easier not to do it couldn’t we?..but we don’t!..
    wishful thinking that winter was over..we have temperatures in the teens in our forecast 😩..
    I noticed this pic a few days ago..April 21 2021..a freak snowstorm that was melted by the evening..see my yellow hosta?..and leafed out Japanese maples..

    then later that was bizarre..

    I don’t deadhead hydrangeas either..

    can’t wait until mid May..about 90 days to go..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    16 days ago

    I don't know how many homes we have in our subdivision. I just know if walk from our house to the furthest cul-de-sac and back, it is a mile. There are two more roads that are shorter but if we combined those as well, it is probably an extra half mile.

    Weeds are insidious. The only way to get rid of them is to move to an apartment (just kidding). Persistence wins the day, but neighbors help feed the cycle of weeds. If we could all pitch in together, right?

    It helps to cheer on teams you have a connection with. I much prefer an SEC team win than any other conference, but even I can root on the opposition if they can beat OSU. HAHA!

    That's part of nature - we can't explain why one plant lives right next to the same type that died. Same care, but different results.

    My sister is a big believer in paint and refurbishing. I prefer to use and discard once it becomes objectionable. Paint seems like an extra chore to save a few pennies every other year or two.

    Oh yeah, I do have to watch out for the thorns on my thorny bushes and trees. Now I cannot remember the tree that has four inch thorns on it - lost the biggest of them but I still have a few on the lot. They provide some interest.

    We had a rubber tree long ago and I was able to keep it going for 20 years or so. I think I just got tired of it and let it go. The ones in the tropics are huge. I recall driving through the neighborhoods in Miami and marveling over how big they get.

    It took me a few years to get rid of my giant BOP plant. My youngest daughter bought it for me one Christmas, mistaking it for a Dieffenbachia that I said would be nice. Oh well, easy come, easy go? I just don't know 1) why they sell these plants and 2) why some folks love them. They will never bloom in a pot or home environment. Sure they have huge leaves, but for what effect? Cut off the last two leaves and let the new two unfurl for another season.

    I guess we need some houseplants to keep us engaged through the long winter months. It helps pass the time away, taking care of them and taking pictures of their progress.

    Did the snow hurt your yellow hostas? The latest snow we ever got was April 1 (don't recall the year) and it was about four inches and very wet. It was gone that afternoon. The only thing it killed was two old man cacti I planted in the ground - they stayed firm all winter long until that snow. After the snow melted, they collapsed and died. If I had them under some kind of cover to keep them on the dry side, I think they would've been okay.

    Two months for me to start moving the biggest and hardiest plants outside. We can still get a frost after April 15th and be quite chilly in early May (40's at times).

    I tried adding an extra post with pictures yesterday, but GW glitched on me, again. I had added several photos and went back up mid-stream and clicked my cursor where I wanted to add a photo. I then hit the return key and that is when it glitched. GRRR!

    So, trying again today to add some new photos.

    Turkeys across the road where we turn in. I saw them, and turned around at the next subdivision to get these photos. Five lots of 3 acres on the other side of the road. They are part of our HOA. I would've bought one of the lots ($90,000 back in 2004), but no houses were built. I didn't want to wait months to buy a house.

    There were two groups but when I got out they kind of gathered together. I think there were 23 or 24 at that time.

    I wished I had my big camera with me, but it is safer at the house than the car at some random parking lot.

    Walmart had some interesting Valentine flowers. These are mums but I am sure they were dyed.

    Rufus charging me after we got home from shopping and I let him out off leash.

    I don't remember buying these tiny irises. Glad to see them come up and bloom.

    some camellia pictures.

    Anyway, this is what I tried to post yesterday and gave up.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    16 days ago

    My wife's x-ray before surgery last month

    My wife's x-rays yesterday after getting her bandages off. This makes my toes hurt.

    I don't know if I showed this begonia before. I don't know the name - I want to say Tiny Tim, a friend in the begonia club thinks Tom Thumb (I cannot find a picture of either name on line).

    I grew this in a Jiffy pellet and planted it whole. New shoots are coming up and I am not going to remove the mesh at this point. I would rather take cuttings and start a new pot than unpot, remove the mesh, and then repot.

    I also dropped a broken piece of my dog tail cactus in there a year or so ago. This is a 3 inch pot and should be moved up to a 4 inch.

    The pan of perlite has two sansevieria bird's nest plants in it. I am also rooting an old epiphyllum cutting in it (looks corky).

    Two begonias with new shoots. The water stains on the sheetrock is from spraying insecticide/fungicide or watering with a hose. The joys of basement gardening.

    My new pink princess philodendron is back in the corner of this shelf. I hope it starts taking off.

    The rec room

    Not a lot of room for recreation, is there? I do have my weight bench rack with enough room to walk around it.

    crocus starting to bloom

    a big leaf is covering up an emerging plant (on the right edge)

    leaf removed and the emerging plant has a closed bloom.

    This camellia is later to come out, unlike the other five I have.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    15 days ago
    last modified: 15 days ago

    you could take Rufus for a walk in your neighborhood and count the homes..

    wasn’t that parade shooting in Kansas City horrible? evil..shooting at children..turning a celebration into a tragedy..

    I respect painting something..but I’m in your camp..get a new one..what if after your effort the result is disappointing?..

    are you thinking of a black locust?..I don’t have one but I know tree trimmers hate them..

    I won’t buy another BOP either..we have our favorite plants and our can live without plants don’t we?..

    I love live greenery inside during the in spite of the hassle I do it just like you..and wonder off and on “is this worth it?”..Ha!..

    that crazy April snow was pretty much harmless..the yellow hostas were fine..
    I remember you had heavy snow photos with more snow than we had that same year..we’re having an almost no snow year..just one 1 inch? snow where we didn’t need to clean the driveway..

    this site is annoying..if I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that..I could buy a lot of plants Lol..

    I’d love to have turkeys in our neighborhood..

    your wife’s foot looks much better aligned after the is she doing?..

    I like miniature plants..cute begonia..

    your rec room is a bit tight Lol..

    gorgeous orchid bloom..does it last long?..

    I’ve crocus seem to be gone!..

    I was out 5 and a half hours today..wearing my fleece coat I was comfortable until just a little bit before I came in..I worked in front collecting the river rock that surrounds the aggregate circle pavers..I want to remove the river rock, pavers, edging stones and good plants that are growing in the path..maybe use leaf litter for a rustic path..

    I’ve made progress on this path..been removing river rock for’s looking much neater..

    going for coffee tomorrow morning with 3 of my neighbors..I have to get up earlier than usual..😂
    I can always take a nap later!..

    we used the aggregate circles from the previous owners..they were in back..we created the path and moved them to the front..look at the hellebores that popped up in the middle of the path..ridiculous..I’m moving them..I love hellebores..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    15 days ago
    last modified: 15 days ago

    I have no desire to count the homes in our neighborhood. I could probably just do a google map and count them from a zoomed in view.

    It's JUST another day in America. A mass shooting almost every day, and we've become immune to the violence. Desensitized. Oh well, thoughts and prayers as long as it doesn't come close to us or our family and friends. It makes me so angry, but what can one citizen do? If the NRA bought politicians didn't do anything after Sandy Hook and Uvalde, what else is new?

    Painting pots may be somewhat fun and exploratory, but wouldn't a lot of other things be more so? I hope to finish my pantry painting today. I was so close yesterday, but I ran out of paint. I learned a lot about this project – from furniture dolly to not spray paint indoors or spray-paint interior cabinets even if it is outdoors, how 20 years can change the way we do things considering how heavy the project is. If I had to do it over, I would’ve painted all the pieces before assembling, added casters as part of the original project, and not spray paint. I don’t know how many cans of spray paint I have bought for this project. I bought my last one last night.

    The thorny tree is not a Black Locust (we had those as yard trees at the house my parents rented when we moved to TN – those are wicked trees). I remembered last night that it was Hawthorn (Crataegus). Wicked thorns but not as bad as Honey Locust.

    I find the stores selling these very large growing plants irresponsible. Sure, they look great when you buy them, but over time they grow to such a large size that they eventually become monsters in the house. I recall one of our members having a tree fern in her dining room. It was as big as her dining table. I tried them at least twice and have concluded that the only way I would have the giant BOP, Norfolk Island pine, or tree ferns is to live in a tropical climate that they can live in the ground and become the beauties we want them to be.

    The only reason I would get rid of all my houseplants is if I traveled for weeks or months at a time. Good thing I have no desire to do this at my age. Two weeks maximum for me. When I was younger, I entertained the idea of going on a six-week trip to parts of the world, but lack of money and raising children prohibited those ideas.

    I knew your hostas would survive the snow but was wondering if they damaged the leaves. I knew in the past that my hostas would often get their first leaves burnt from a hard freeze in spring.

    Crazy weather? I bet you have seen a lot of snow in earlier years. I know we did in TN. They got some snow this winter, but we didn’t get any (knock on wood).0

    I hate it when GW glitches, but it is entertaining to stay on it. So, here we are!

    You might change your mind if a flock of turkeys were in your yard, though. I like seeing them in the wild, but I don't want them in my yard or my neighbors. HAHA!

    I agree on my wife’s foot looks much better with the X-rays before and after. It is still a major surgery, and the bruising and scars will be with her for a long time. I thought the toe itself was where they did the surgery, but it is the bone in the foot before the toe. It hurts my own feet and toes when I see the bruises and scars.

    I like big plants, but a smattering of small ones is kind of appealing too.

    My rec room is very roomy. Compared to last year when there was barely an inch of room to move about. Another reason I lost all interest in all my plants in the basement.

    Orchid blooms like this moth orchid will last for weeks. I wish it had an aroma to it.

    My crocus are still coming up, so don’t give up on yours yet.

    That sounds like an ambitious plan to move all your stones. Patience wins the day. It was a beautiful warm day here yesterday. I went from a fleece outer pullover to just my tee-shirt (while spray painting). I don’t know how many hours I was outside, but I was very achy when I called it quits

    I tried out both of my new power saws yesterday. The first one is not good for what I bought it for – it is a rough cut. If it came with a finer tooth chain, then I think it would do so much better. My new pole saw has exactly the size chain for fine cutting. The one problem with the pole saw is it is awkward for carrying around the yard and eventually gets a tad heavy. I trimmed almost all my panicle hydrangeas. I fell in one the heaps I made by treading through the cut branches to reach the next hydrangea. I need to pick up all my litter now. I still have my biggest hydrangea to trim back – it is ‘Phantom’. Anyway, I will use my pole saw over the small chainsaw I bought for pruning larger limbs close to the ground – mainly crepe myrtles. After all that, I moved my pantry back outside to finish painting. I had to get my hand truck from the garage and bring it around to the back (after I inflated the flat tires). It was still a job getting the pantry outdoors over the door sill. Painting was difficult as the interiors were hard to gauge what I missed or was light, drips to the shelf below, and awkward hand to eye positions. I had to poke my head inside to see what I missed and spray blind on those spots. If I hadn’t run out of paint, I think I would have finished. There are some spots that need touching up, but that is not a big deal.

    You can always post pictures of your path before and after to show progress. Are you removing the round pavers?

    What is early in your world? Naps are great to refresh our minds and bodies. I slept in to six this morning and felt like I overslept. Three Advil after quitting. Three Advil PM for last night makes all the difference.

    I just read your last paragraph and thought the picture was of the project you are currently doing. Guess I misread the picture. Yes, hellebores pop up anywhere they can. They are great plants when they bloom.

    Daffodils yesterday

    hydrangea pruning

    Cut hydrangea branches - and to think these little whips could all be propagated easily.

    Hard to visualize that these stumps were full of branches a few minutes earlier.

    The cut branches that I fell amongst

    Big leaf hydrangeas are emerging. Kind of ugly?

    I really like these tiny irises

    Johnny Jump Ups

    A stray hellebore.

    The hellebore patch

    The painted pantry is almost done. I draped it in a plastic sheet last night as it is a booger to take inside and out again.

    I propped it on this small scaffold while still on the hand truck.

    from the ground view. I still have the top and middle facing plus edges to do. And touch-ups where paint ran from a shelf to the one below it.

    Deck view - I am disappointed that I started off with True Blue, but the last two times they are out of it. I bought some other blue and it is not quite right so I would have to paint both the bottom shelf and top of the cabinet this new color - I am not doing that. The green (Eucalyptus is the same color as the doors, but from this angle it looks like it needs another coat or something - very time consuming to get it right.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    14 days ago
    last modified: 14 days ago

    I spoke too soon about no snowed today..

    I love my alocasias and colocasias..they satisfy my desire for tropical plants..I don’t need lots of others..

    from what I remember..the spring snow looked horrible..but it disappeared fast..the temperature wasn’t freezing and the plants weren’t damaged..
    years ago we had very cold temperatures and no snow that did more harm..a neighbor told me she filled 3 garbage bags with hosta leaves..I allowed some imperfect leaves to stay..

    do turkeys damage plants? they leave a mess in the yard if you get my drift?..

    yes putting weight on a foot after surgery must be painful 😖 ..

    small plants are adorable..

    nice that orchid blooms are long lasting..

    I have the temperament to work on the front path..some people don’t..I can handle tedious repetitive work if I’m outside in decent weather..

    sorry the saw didn’t cut as smooth as you you need a final cut after the first rough cut? fell?..oh’re ok right?..

    the pantries are a bigger job than we would tackle..both of us with shoulder replacements..we need to be careful..

    I think? the round pavers should go in back..but I’m not absolutely sure what I want to do with the front path..the river rock removal is a definite yes so I’m doing that first..won’t move any plants until mid May..

    we stay up late (1 o’clock)..anytime before 9 feels early to me..

    the picture is of the path that I’m redoing..

    my big leaf hydrangeas had nice plump buds last week..temperatures in the teens this weekend will probably kill them..happens every year..

    love the tiny irises too..

    in hindsight..would it have been easier to use a brush and roller to paint the pantry?..

    we’ll be couch potatoes this weekend..out in the snow and cold is miserable..

    a few hours sister was sitting behind a car that was turning left..a young girl (about 20) rear ended her 😩..she was crying and told my sister “I tried but I couldn’t stop”..

    our new car is safe in the garage..and it’s staying there..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    13 days ago
    last modified: 13 days ago

    That photo looks like you got a few inches of snow. You jinxed yourself on the snow statement. It was colder yesterday and is pretty chilly today. I saw it will be 70 on Thursday. Yay!

    I wished colocasia stayed nice indoors. Alocasia does seem to hold up better indoors than colocasia.

    Snow is a great insulator when temps are sub-zero. Almost toasty inside a snow mound? Like an igloo?

    I have not had the pleasure of having turkeys scratching up our turf for whatever they eat. I would imagine they leave their "waste products" that might be almost as bad as stepping in dog poop. I've seen the waste from Canada geese and they are large.

    Anytime I had an injury or surgery, I favored that part of the body until it was healed. I was on crutches when I had knee surgery for a few weeks which was awkward. When I injured my "mouse" finger, it was very awkward to do things with my other hand that I couldn't do with my dominant hand.

    Regarding "tedious repetitive work", some jobs seem to take too long that a lot of people would give up on after one day, but patience does indeed pay off. Rome wasn't built in a day, right? The one thing I could never do is a paying job that is the same thing, day in - day out. I worked at a factory for two weeks out of HS and it was pure drudgery. I don't know how people who worked there for 20, 30 years were still doing the same thing that they started with.

    I gave up on the small saw and the pole saw did everything I needed to do with very smooth and fast cutting. If I find a chain that has fine teeth and can be used on the small chainsaw, I would definitely buy it.

    I had a heck of a time getting the pantry back inside. I used the hand truck to get it near the door (the back to the hand truck). I then tried using the hand truck on the end furthest from the door to get it over the door sill. I finally gave up on the hand truck and put a two by four and the cardboard my new worktable came in to make an artificial ramp. When we replace our doors (four of them), I want to find a contractor to pour concrete near the door and under the deck (replace the flagstone) so I can move things in and out without rough ground. I may have them pour a small ramp to the sill as well or make a ramp (or buy one already made) to help moving large things in and out. Hard to believe I moved a lot of the large things by myself when we moved here. I don't recall if I moved the pantry, but did the very large computer desk and treadmill. That was 20 years ago, though.

    The round pavers are what my mother has from her deck to the garden but they are single row. Last year, I weed-whacked it down to the nubbin and had my wife come behind with the grass and weed killer. I bet it needs it again this summer. Either the pavers are slowly sinking into the earth or the turf and dirt are building up (I go with the second theory).

    I rarely stay up past 11 PM, but sometimes I do stay up late. TV watching is often sleep-inducing. We are usually early risers - from midnight to 3 AM.

    Get some pictures of your work when you can. Sometimes I start off on a project and hope to document each significant step, but often get too involved to take a 30 second break to grab a couple of photos. We had our begonia meeting yesterday and it was of propagation (again). I didn't involve myself (I've done enough of those), but saw how the guy leading the discussion was missing some critical points. Not a biggie.

    Oh no, you are probably right about your big leaf hydrangeas if the temps are in the teens while the buds are emerging. We were at 28 this morning and it is now 39. Seems a bit cold to me, but it beats the teens.

    Here is the irises I would love to find and get. This is from our hikes last year.

    Yes, that is my conclusion about the paint job. I don't know if it would've been quicker, but 1) I could do it indoors without all the fumes of spray paint and 2) would be cheaper instead of buying so many cans of spray paint. Lessons learned.

    I had my begonia meeting yesterday, got home and watered the plants, and did my Sunday crosswords (I get the early edition on my way home at Publix). Today, I need to clean up my messes from the paint project and get the pantry doors back on. If it was warmer I could pick up my pruning litter. I took a hedger to the limbs on Friday to make them smaller pieces to pick up (and hopefully reduce the cause of tripping over long limbs). Be couch potatoes - it is good to do when you can.

    I wonder how fast the young girl was going when she hit your sister or realized she didn't give enough distance to stop in time. I hope your sister and the young girl were not injured.

    You still have to drive to get groceries, attend events and doctor appointments, etc. It may be safe in the garage, but you still have to use it to live life.

    I covered the pantry Thursday instead of attempting to take it back inside.

    Another lesson learned is do not use the drop cloth for covering the work. No wet paint, but paint chips did fall inside the pantry.

    Even though I bought the same color (Warm Caramel), it looks like two different colors on the facing. Hopefully it is just due to the amount of time to dry. They blue is due to two different colors of blue. GRRR!

    The hand truck was not handy in this case. Not a lot of clearance at the door.

    I gave up on this method and got a 2x4 to scoot up to the door sill and used the cardboard between the hand truck and pantry to make a quick and dirty ramp. I manhandled it to get it inside. Thank goodness I have two doors at the basement level as I didn't want to give up any ground made to get the pantry at the door. I went in through the double doors to pull the pantry across the sill.

    I just need to put the doors on, hopefully today..

    Rufus at the dog park later in the day. Getting a breather after running with all the other dogs.

    I still wished I could post a video of him sparring (playing) with a much larger dog (and younger). I had to send him a signal from sparring so close to people. They often run into people while playing, but I've yet to see any dog run into a tree or structure. Weird?

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    12 days ago
    last modified: 11 days ago

    this was our largest snow in over 2 wasn’t even that big..we didn’t’s disappearing..I already have some bare ground..

    alocasia definitely overwinter as a plant better than colocasia..

    didn’t think of it that way..our snow was a good thing for the bulbs coming up..👍

    I don’t like what the raccoons leave in my’re probably right that I wouldn’t want turkeys to visit..

    yep you have to accommodate an injured’re sort of forced to do it..

    the tedious work here is pleasant because of the setting..and when you see the progress it’s satisfying..

    I agree with you that repetitive work day after day all day long is drudgery..I couldn’t do it..

    I’ve seen free, attractive china cabinets, dressers, outdoor furniture etc and don’t want to move it..I’ve kind of made a vow not to buy any more furniture..and if I do nothing big..

    my husband set the circular pavers the perfect distance for our stride..I just don’t love the look..
    a photo when we first put them in..didn’t have enough circles to cover the full distance..

    over time plants popped this point I had started picking up rock..look how much the climbing hydrangea has grown up the tree on the left..

    we have opposite schedules!..we just went to bed when you’re getting up..

    yes I’ve done that..realized too late that I didn’t take pictures..

    my big leaf hydrangeas die to the ground pretty much EVERY’s just too cold here for them..

    live and learn about painting..hindsight is 20/20..wish I’d known not to put river rock around the circular pavers..

    it wasn’t a serious accident..too bad the young girl wasn’t more careful..seems as if the accident was entirely preventable..but the snow was a factor..

    we wouldn’t be afraid to leave if we needed or wanted was nice to stay home and avoid driving in the cold and snow..

    I guess once it’s used a drop cloth could be messy..good to know..

    so if you ever move..will you include the pantries with the house?..Ha!

    dogs do excited when they play!..

    check out the hosta companion 2023 post..lots of photos of perennials..

    saw this on Facebook..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    10 days ago
    last modified: 10 days ago

    That is nice when you don't have to shovel snow. It has been a very rare thing all the time we've lived here. Maybe 4 times.

    I am paying better attention to alocasia and colocasia this year. I still think over-watering in winter is the biggest downfall to those lovelies. Spider mites don't help.

    It's always nice to see wildlife, in someone else's yard.

    I felt kind of like a moving target when I visited some factories for job interviews. The old timers who might've worked there for 30 years probably had more knowledge on what was right and wrong about the machines, etc. but a young engineer doesn't know a thing about what goes on here. I'm glad I passed on the factory type jobs when I graduated college.

    I've made no vows on furniture or how big it will be. If it fits our space and our budget, then we may buy it. Movers can move the old stuff out and bring the new stuff in. Keep the economy going.

    The pavers look very nice in the first photo. I can see how the second photo is not neat and tidy (I know you are about presentation) like the first photo. The climbing hydrangea looks great. Does it bloom for you?

    I was up at 4:30 this morning. My wife up at 2:30 from pain in the foot. Thank goodness we are retired and can nap or rest when we feel like it.

    I can understand how we got in this mode of not taking pictures due to "film". When digital came out, I was still of the film mindset. Do Not Waste Film on anything of interest. I have gotten better about documenting things, but still could've done better in the past. I did document my cuttings yesterday from our begonia meeting Saturday. Two day wait instead of a week! I did buy a square Jiffy Greenhouse for the cuttings.

    That is a shame about your big leaf hydrangeas. Time for a greenhouse or cold frame at least?

    We do change our tastes as we go through life, don't we? I painted that pantry white when I put it together. 30 years later, and I decide to put casters on it and paint it different colors! Is this my hippie stage? Same thing for your river rock and circular pavers.

    Young drivers often think they can handle all traffic conditions, until they find out they can't. As long as no one was seriously injured is a good thing. I saw our local news earlier where a young girl (8 years old) got hit by a car that went around a school bus. Unfortunately she died this weekend from her injuries. The driver was a 25 year old woman. When are people going to learn that a school bus with blinkers on and the stop arm out the full distance means STOP? This happened on the 6th of this month and this is the first I saw it (two weeks later).

    I hated it when I had to drive in ice or snow or both. I can stay home and feel sorry for the working men and women today.

    I saw the painters we hired to do our main floor had the canvas tarps for drips and accidents. I suppose they use those on a lot of jobs, over and over. Plastic drop sheets are good put don't absorb the paint like canvas does, hence the dried paint often flakes away causing another kind of mess. I'm glad it is inexpensive and can be thrown out after using for a small project. Not Eco-friendly, but it is what we have today.

    If we moved out of state or downsized, I would probably let our daughters choose what they wanted before we donated or threw away the stuff we can't take with us.

    Thanks for the message about the hosta event in Georgia. Maybe I will make time to see it for once. I still missed all the hydrangea society big splash in April or May and they are next door to us. I wanted to see the Camellia Show two weeks ago, but felt guilty if I went by myself.

    I cleaned up the basement after the pantry project. I had several problems - one of my lights is burned out, my grandson dropped one of my dumbbells and broke the plastic casing (concrete inside), my pantry doors were a major pain to put on (bent a hinge because I underestimated how heavy the door is, and our shower head is spraying water now. I went to the recycle center to drop off our "junk" and glass. On the way home, I went to Target to buy canned blueberries for the cream cheese pie I made but they had no blueberries but did have a lot of pumpkin pie filling (really?) I walked out and went to Sam's to buy a replacement light and got two to have a spare on hand. I then stopped to gas up at Sam's. What a mess. The lady in front was having a phone conversation and I sat there at least 3 minutes until she got out and ran her ID and ATM card. As it turned out, there was no savings today (I wished they would post the prices like all other gas stations so I could have passed them up and gotten it for the same price somewhere else and saved those precious 3 minutes). I went to Home Depot next to buy new hinges to replace the one I bent. GRRR! I found the fancy hinges for fine cabinets and doors, but the one I wanted could not be found. Two aisles away had some of the cheaper hinges for outdoor stuff (like lids for a cold frame or a gate for a wooden fence). I picked up two packs (two hinges in each pack). I didn't like it so I went back to the fancy hinge aisle and found what I was looking for. I returned the other hinges to their proper place (I didn't leave it in the meat aisle like a lot of people would or leave my cheese in the underwear department - yes, that happens at Walmart). I stopped at Kroger's and found my blueberry pie filling and found their flowering jasmine on a great sale - $4.65 from $34.99 before Valentine Day. I then went back and got the last one as well even if part of it was getting a bit fried from no water. Tomorrow I will put the new hinges on CAREFULLY, replace the light, and tighten the shower head. I may gift my grandson my old, extremely old dumbbells. I got those as a Christmas Gift from my parents when I was in 7th grade. It was a 110 pound set as I recall and I loved it back then. I hardly used it in the last 30 years. Guess I have some nostalgia for them. I got rid of the barbell and all the other weight plates. I only kept the two dumbbell bars and four 10 pound weights.

    I bought this yesterday and did the cuttings I pinched on Saturday.

    The water was steaming, but I don't see the steam in this photo.

    Took a two hour break at the dog park for Rufus and to let the pellets cool off. The little girl in the white hood was one of four kids. She was second oldest. The oldest was 9 and she was too friendly to everyone in the park. The youngest one was only 1 year old. The mother had four kids and two dogs. What can go wrong? HA!

    Back at the house, I dumped my bag of leaves.

    Cut them into wedges.

    All ready to go.

    Why so much pumpkin filling, Target?

    I had already checked out at Sam's but on the way out I saw these plants.

    I might have to go back tomorrow and get these two calatheas.

    At Home Depot, they had blooming Hydrangeas out for sale.

    Here is the jasmine back around Valentine's Day at Kroger's.

    I bet you cannot see the price in this photo, but it was $34.99! Today it was less than $5.

    And I forgot to add the little iris the last time I posted.

    A chart of colocasia I found on Pinterest

    Anthurium, anyone?

    I have one of these in a basket either on Amazon or Etsy. I haven't pulled the trigger, yet.

    Give me both, please?

    Finally, what a wall!

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    10 days ago
    last modified: 9 days ago

    it was 57 today..the snow’s gone..very little snow this winter..

    I’ve read many times that most people overwater houseplants..

    wildlife in someone else’s yard?..a great idea! Ha!..

    aren’t the first few years as a young adult kind of frightening?..ignorance is bliss got me through Lol..

    I guess as long as you can pay someone to move it large furniture isn’t a problem..

    the pavers are foot friendly..who knew the gaps between the pavers would be so fertile?’s shocking to see the number of plants growing in the path..did I show you how ‘Clausa’ Hosta invaded the path?..I’ve ripped out a lot of it..

    the climbing hydrangea hasn’t bloomed..I read they can take up to 10 years to bloom..maybe someday..

    so sorry about your wife’s pain..does ice help?..

    yeah big leaf hydrangeas are a bust as permanent plants below zone 7..

    we did experience the hippie era..we both like orange 😂..

    the river rock and circular pavers path was a serendipitous was “hey we have these..let’s use them in front”..oh well..I can change it..

    we can’t go to every garden event..but when I saw this one in GA I wanted to show you..

    life really is like a Seinfeld episode!’re just doing ordinary things and 20 things go right after another..a 5 min errand takes half an hour..and in the end you got a new plant!..Lol

    sweet to pass the dumbbells to your grandson..🥰..

    brave of the mom to take four kids and two dogs..I admire her tenacity..

    sounds like people buy finished pumpkin pies instead of going to the effort to make them..

    the Home Depot blue hydrangeas are so pretty..I have 2 big leafs in pots in my garage..haven’t looked at them for weeks..oops..

    uh oh..clearance plants are dangerous for you..and me..

    I like the small iris more than large ones..

    my niece and her husband left Sunday for St Croix..she likes plants but I doubt if she knows the word colocasia..look at all of those varieties..

    I’m afraid of white foliage Ha!..I love white blooms but the foliage scares me..I hear it’s delicate..

    I predict a wall in your future..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    9 days ago

    I think we've been hitting mid 60's the last two days. I did take a lightweight sweatshirt to the dog park today. It was warm on my face with the sun on it, but I'm glad I had the sweatshirt when the wind blew. One more month and it will be the first day of spring! If only it would not freeze after the first day of spring.

    I've learned that I get better looking results by lightly watering every 2 to 3 days than dousing a plant for a week. If I was traveling for a week or two, then I would douse them and hope it worked by the time I got back home. In summer, it is another matter on watering. I might be watering some pots heavy every day.

    Not just wildlife in someone else's yard, but some plants as well such as Bradford pears. They are lovely trees, but I don't want any in our yard.

    The frightening part as a young adult is having money enough to make it to the next payday. I guess most people go through that phase unless they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. The one thing about young adults is we were invincible, but I guess most of us think that way - even today.

    Some jobs are best left to younger, stronger people. I would never get up on our roof (maybe if I was a lot younger) and now I can say, let's pay someone else to bring us the furniture or large appliances. An extra $50 or so for a 125 pound washing machine or 250 pound refrigerator is well worth it.

    Yes, you showed me your invasive hosta last year and how you were "ripping" it out. They might be a good thing to put in a meadow along with wild flowers. Have you thought of some creeping plant such as thyme?

    I had two or three climbing hydrangeas. I gave up on them years ago. Two were variegated and the other was plain green. They may still be out there somewhere, but I haven't looked for them. Ten years to bloom is a long time.

    My wife is managing with Advil. She said she quit the oxycodone a few days ago as it started upsetting her stomach.

    I don't understand why some big leaf hydrangeas do well clear up into the Boston area. Is it just the islands where they do well or is it a special hybrid that does well.

    Orange as a hippie? Why orange?

    I can understand using the materials that were there at your house when you moved in. It was a money saver then and now you want to change the looks of your garden paths and yard. Worked out well, I would say.

    Accidents happen all the time. I've been in some, my daughters too. My wife had one that was ruled her fault. But passing a school bus that has all the warning signs out is just a big NO for most responsible folks. I hate to see any child killed by careless drivers. What's worse is a cold blooded murderer or a crazed person with a gun. It just is not fair, but life is not a guarantee.

    I sent your event reminder to a few select folks in our begonia club. Some are into hostas and some are not. We will see if anyone wants to get this ball rolling.

    I love Seinfeld. I never watched it when it was a regular show, but now I watch the old episodes on Netflix. A show that is so corny, but it starts out with 2 to 4 different stories and ties them all in at the end. Genius in a way? The whale story was a hoot!

    I may gift wrap the dumbbells for my grandson's Christmas (gag) gift. GRRR!

    I was a bit nervous with the mom's 2 kids walking the timber wall (the boy was 3 years old). The mother didn't seem to even think about it. Maybe as I got older made me realize how one careless slip and fall can change life in an instant. Recall I said that we were invincible when we were young?

    I think Target said they will have pumpkin pie filling on the shelves until they sell out. Lucky I found what I wanted at Kroger's.

    If I didn't already have a lot of hydrangeas, I might have picked up one at Home Depot yesterday. I've slowed down on hydrangeas.

    Yep, if it hadn't been for Target, I would've never gone to Kroger's and I wouldn't have found those jasmine plants at such low clearance prices. Lucky me? Unlucky Target.

    I like most irises. The old fashioned are not my cup of tea, though. They seem so "plain" compared to the hybrids today. I think I told you I was big into iris at our last house. I think I had between 120 to 140 different named varieties. The problem is they bloom for a couple of weeks and then are done for the year. With different varieties, it might've been a six week period of blooms. They also require a lot of sun to survive. Shade is a killer for them.

    I was in St. Croix when I was in the Navy (we called it St. Crotch on the ship). St. Thomas, Bahamas, Jamaica, Gitmo (Cuba), Puerto Rico, and a couple of other islands. Being there in the Navy with other guys is not as much fun as being there with your spouse. Most folks don't care to memorize a lot of plant names. Elephant ears is enough for them to remember. It's only when they start noticing different colors, shapes, etc. is when they might want to start learning some plant names.

    Well, there needs to be some green or dark colors in a plant to photosynthesize as I recall. Pure white needs some other leaves on the plant to do the work to survive. Kind of like those cacti that are different colors (red, orange, yellow) that have to be grafted on to another cactus to survive. How did people learn this?

    No wall in my future. I am looking at moss poles now. I might try some vertical growing outdoors with some kind of arrangements.

    I copied some of these off Pinterest and other sites.

    I like this but it seems pretty steep.

    this looks more traditional

    Today, the hellebores not only in full bloom but a lot of seedlings are coming up from last year's seeds.

    I never thought of the sexes on hellebore flowers. This is only the female parts. Now I wonder if there are separate flowers (like begonias) for the sexes.

    Same plant and here are some of the male parts (pollen bearing) but the female part might be in there as well. I forget if they call this a perfect flower (both sexes on the same flower).

    The Italian arums keep multiplying but I've never seen them bloom or set seed. Maybe I am not that observant.

    Here are the two jasmine plants I bought.

    the open blooms are so sweet smelling. So are my winter honeysuckles.

    My little inch plant from Costco has some very tiny flowers.

    most everything is looking very good. A couple are languishing - I hope the little granular fertilizer is not the fault of that.

    What do people do with this kind of cactus anyway? I got it in a trade.

    the Amazon lily needs a bigger pot.

    a lot of canes are sending up new shoots and hitting the shelf or light above.

    air plants I got in Hawaii (actually a Kalanchoe but they called it air plants probably to sell) are in the lights

    I think this is U400 in bloom

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    9 days ago

    Wow, I posted 30 photos in the reply and crossed my fingers.

    Johnny Jump Ups this day.

    Bracken ferns are coming up. I think they will be killed by late freezes, though. They will still send up many fronds this spring despite late freezes.

    Moss pole anyone?

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    9 days ago

    I forgot to add this:

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    9 days ago
    last modified: 8 days ago

    it’s raining but not cold..we have a 71 in our forecast next week..

    I have invasive shrubs (burning bushes) that I purchased legally and planted 15? to 19? years ago..a neighbor had them..they looked nice..I thought “I’ll get those they do well here”..I love the screening and don’t want to remove them..

    yes managing money is tricky when there’s less money!..young and dumb is an expression for a reason Lol..but we made it didn’t we?..

    I love the idea of thyme but doesn’t thyme need sun?..

    I won’t buy any more climbing hydrangeas..they were bargains and I grabbed them..the foliage is pretty on the big tree trunk..

    glad your wife doesn’t need painkillers..

    apparently the coast keeps the temperatures warm enough not to kill the buds on big leaf hydrangeas..there’s a fine line between life and death on the climate is death 😢..

    for some reason I think of orange, turquoise, lime green and yellow as hippie colors..I was curious to see what I’d find about hippie colors online..I found this..but I think almost any color could be a hippie color!..

    we DID get some use from the pavers all these years..and it didn’t cost a dime..but as a woman I’m using my right to change my mind..😜

    to me (as you said) the drivers passing a school bus have NO excuse..they are in the sad along with lots of things..

    I think you’d enjoy the hosta did say “many other interesting plants”..if I could I’d meet you there!..

    agree that Seinfeld was well written..some episodes were very funny..

    a great idea to wrap the dumbbells..

    I agree with you..some parents give their children too much freedom..I wish my Mom would’ve told me to “slow down” when I was in the backyard last summer!..if only I could turn back fall was a drag..

    I put my 2 potted hydrangeas on the back sidewalk to catch some rain..I really think one is dead..just my opinion but you DON’T need any hydrangeas 😂..I could get some and leave them in pots..I do have garage space to overwinter them..

    yes we’ve shown we’re suckers for plants!!! must be purchased..

    I didn’t know you grew that many irises!!! neighbor has some by her mailbox that don’t bloom..that’s a sunny spot compared to my lot..hers could also be planted too deep from what I’ve read..did the buyers of your old home appreciate the garden?..the buyers of my old house destroyed the garden..I saw my old next door neighbor at Menards and he was sad about it..

    St Crotch?..that’s awful 😜..

    by my niece’s age (46) I knew plant names..she’s not completely uninterested in plants but not in our league..

    there’s a white hosta (‘White Feather’) that I would never usually dies..

    when I see garden photos I think about accessibility to maintain the plants..I’ve had plants that were hard to reach and I hate that..

    a long time ago (25? years) I bought a discounted plant at Smith and Hawken..very fragrant..I bet it was a jasmine..that store closed..

    your plants look good!..if only we could fast forward to May..won’t it be wonderful to move our plants out?..

    pics taken yesterday in my backyard..

    surprise lilies..the daffodils are up too but I didn’t take pics of daffodil buds yet..

    is the article implying cold weather killed the hydrangea buds so there will be fewer blooms?..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    8 days ago

    We had a few heavy downpours early this morning but the rest of the day should be clear and warm. I didn't have to move the thermostat up this morning (I got up at 3:30 and it was 71 in the living room).

    Spring is around the corner. The warming trends will have everything in bloom sooner than we'd like. At least I started weeding this year early!

    I love burning bushes when they are "burning red". Mine are okay - too shaded to glow red in fall. A mass planting of them in our median strips along the interstates are very effective in fall. I wouldn't want too many and I hear they are super invasive. There are so many other plants that are 100x worse than burning bushes. Have you seen Kochia? That is another burning bush that is an annual (not sure if it is recommended as it may be invasive).

    Young and in love gets us through being poor and dumb.

    I don't grow thyme, but you are probably right about needing sun. It is gorgeous in bloom from the pictures I've seen.

    There are faster growing and flowering vines than climbing hydrangea. I may try some annual vines again this year.

    I remember living in Norfolk and there were some days where the temps were so low it chilled me to the bone. I wouldn't think the coast kept anything warm those days. I doubted the folks who say NY is zone 7, but what do I know. I recall folks living in coastal S.C. who were growing tropical plants in the ground saying they were in zone 8 or 9. Well, maybe most years that was true, but one winter they got a wake up call when the temps were in the teens that killed a lot of their prize gardens.

    I wonder if the hippies considered colors to be right or wrong when they were in that group. I think of paisley prints and tie dye shirts as pretty bright (and hippie like).

    You can change your mind anytime you wish! It isn't gender specific to change one's mind, haha!

    It depends on how far away the hosta sale is. I can pick up hostas at the farmer's market (if I went), Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, and our local nursery stores. A sale should be half price, but often they are not.

    I would have to be creative on wrapping a ten pound weight, right? That would be the broken one. After unwrapping it, I would then give him the rest of the set which is not much. He wants my weight bench, cage, and 310 pound Weider set. I think I would rather buy him a new one than give him my old one.

    We just have to learn to slow down as we age. I am lucky I've never broken any bones (cracked ribs playing basketball, but that doesn't count). I've had many falls in recent years - the worst was tumbling down all 15 steps going to the basement and landing on the concrete floor 10 years ago. No broken bones, but it sure did put a gash above my right eye and bruises on my hip. I doubt my mother would have stopped that fall, unless I was a toddler and that would be iffy, as I am constantly reminded by her that I rode my tricycle into a flooded ditch when we lived in Panama (I was either 3 or 4 then and don't recall it).

    I have one hydrangea indoors now. The rest are outside in the ground or pots. I have several that I propagated from cuttings still in their little pots and rooted into the ground through their drain holes. Shame on me!

    As for being suckers for plant sales, I have two adages. 1) Life is short, enjoy it while you can. And 2) He who dies with the most toys wins.

    I rarely go through our old neighborhood. I know the buyers did take a few things out. Most of the irises were already gone before we sold it. I hope they kept the line of daylilies and crepe myrtles. The Japanese maples should still be there as I recall from our last drive through.

    You would have to know some old sailors and their gutter talk to appreciate St. Crotch.

    My youngest daughter is getting quite educated on plants and wildlife. She was going to have a concrete yard painted green when she was in her early 20's. I guess she grew up.

    I guess there are folks who will buy anything from all white hostas to ugly cars. If someone builds it, then someone will buy it. It may not make them rich, but someone will buy it.

    We have a slight slope in the backyard but one of our side-yards is a bit tricky as it is a little steep and banked. It is hard to use a wheelbarrow or cart on that side. Fortunately it is just a small distance to navigate. I am not quite sure when you talk about accessibility, if this means a tricky landscape or just how close the plants are to each other?

    Flowering jasmine comes out for sale in spring. I had one that rooted into the ground in my old greenhouse. It ran the length of the greenhouse (18 feet) and was starting to become a sunshade for the rest of the plants in there. I cut it back hard and pulled the roots out of the ground (still in its pot). That killed it. I've bought it a couple of other times. You cannot let it dry out too much as it loves to stay moist. I wished it was hardy and could plant it in the ground.

    I think I am going to start moving plants out in April this year (the big ones at least). I also want to plant more flowering annuals this year in the front yard - not just pots but along borders and beds.

    Your crocus looks very good. Is that Galanthus (Snow Drops)? I had those at the last house but they never did well. I have Star of Bethlehem that spreads somewhat. Some people say they are weeds.

    I see your surprise lilies are just coming up, while mine are probably two to three weeks ahead. I thought about digging up my pink ones and moving to a sunnier location. The red ones at the mailbox have done wonderful in one year.

    I didn't read the article. I am still surprised that Cape Cod can grow blooming big leaf hydrangeas. Doesn't Martha Stewart have a house there?

    Yep, I am ready to try moss poles once again in my life. I did this about 30 years ago with one philodendron. Time to try it again.

    I doubt I could plant this in my basement and I don't think my wife would let me have it in the great room either.

    I took Rufus to the dog park yesterday since the maid service came to the house. This little dog followed Rufus every chance he got.

    Mostly following his behind, that is! I wished I could post the short video I got of the dogs at play. Rufus was bumping and grinding a bigger dog and this little one would sneak in to get another smell. When Rufus would back up, the little dog would jump back. It was kind of hilarious.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    8 days ago
    last modified: 8 days ago

    my burning bushes have been red at times..I’m in an Indianapolis garden group that discusses invasive plants often..I feel a little guilty when I see the comments but I need to keep mine for privacy..hmmm never heard of’s pretty..

    the coast can be cold but not AS cold as the midwest..

    I think anything goes for hippies when it comes to color..

    you’re right!..everyone can change their mind!..but they joke about women as if we change our mind more..

    true hosta are readily available..

    would a new set have advantages over the old one?..or would he like the sentiment of the old one?..

    I was joking that a reminder from my mother might’ve fall was so sad..😭

    I’m willing to spend more if I want the plant enough!..but I get a big kick out of bargain plants..

    I think it’s rare to go by a previous home that looks as good or better than when you left it..the people I know have had the opposite included..

    sailors DO have a reputation for gutter talk!!!..I’ve heard “cuss like a sailor” my entire life..

    a concrete yard?..where was this?..

    Georgia is slopes aren’t too bad..

    when I say accessibility I was referring to a path by the plants..walking next to them and the ability to reach them..I removed all of the plants growing next to the house..I created service this..

    I didn’t plant it but I think that is Galanthus..

    my Indy plant group hates Star of Bethlehem..I have a lot of it!..

    I don’t understand the appeal for the small dog having his face line up with the back end of Rufus! 😜..

    not warm..high 40’s..but I’m going out..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    7 days ago

    That one burning bush is pretty big (and pretty in color too). My mother's are huge, but she likes to keep them trimmed back.

    I really don't see burning bush as a big spreader. Sure, it seeds here and there, but I have not seen forests taken over by it. I had someone rag me on GW about winter honeysuckle. I do not see this as an invasive as it doesn't seed that readily, unlike Japanese honeysuckle that spreads very quickly (nothing beats Kudzu though). I do love the sweet scent of winter honeysuckle and that is the primary reason I bought it at a local nursery.

    The high elevations and northern latitudes are going to be a lot colder which is understandable. We have the strange weather patterns that make us colder than the north or high elevations, but that is usually rare and do not last very long.

    Were the hippies right? Trick question. It depends.

    Well, a weight set as a gift always looks better if it is new, BUT beggars cannot be choosy. I checked out prices yesterday and like everything else, their prices have gone up quite a bit since I bought mine back in the early 2000's. I will wait until his birthday and Christmas to see what he wants on his "wish list". We can afford to get the grandkids more expensive things than we could 20 years ago. I remember a gift from my grandmother one Christmas - four pair of socks and it would make a hippie blush. Neon green, pumpkin orange, bright yellow, and dark brown (I would only wear the dark brown pair to school). What was she thinking?

    I knew you were joking about your fall and your mother keeping you safe from accidents. We all have accidents in our lives but hope that we don't end up paralyzed, amputated, or dead.

    You sound like my sister on bargain plants. I think she takes that as a challenge to buy a $1 plant and nurse it back to health. But then she often forgets to bring those success stories back indoors when the cold weather arrives.

    I bet sailor's talk is mild compared to what is going on today. Kids (especially in movies) go around sounding rougher than a sailor 50 years ago, I do believe.

    The concrete yard is my daughter saying her idea of a yard was having it poured in concrete and painting it green. We made them mow the grass, help plant, rake leaves in fall, chip limbs and leaves, etc. She is now a nature guru for her children. How age changes our world views.

    Parts of Georgia are hilly and mountainous, but as you head east to the ocean, it becomes fairly flat. Terrain varies over the world as we found out with our travels.

    We have huge shrubs that were too close to the house. I cut the loropetalums back almost to the ground so I could have a "service alley" to get to the house, mainly for weeds growing under the shrubs. I will not cut my camellias back that hard though. I cut them from 8 feet or taller to 4 to 6 feet. I had no idea they could get so big. The joys of gardening, right?

    I looked up Galanthus to test my memory. It sure looks the same.

    I haven't pulled the string yet about the orange member of the star of Bethlehem family. I see it in the spring at a lot of stores (Easter? Mother's Day?) I want it to be hardy though.

    You need to have a dog to understand dog behavior. Dogs for the most part have to sniff each other out (all those private areas). I guess it is akin to shaking hands. I found it funny for the small dog constantly following Rufus around for a quick sniff.

    It was beautiful yesterday. We started out with light jackets on when we went shopping at Costco and then Walmart. At Walmart we left our jackets in the SUV and had tee shirts on. I hope to do some plant shopping today - back to Sam's for two calatheas, Walmart for a philodendron 'Painted Lady', Lowe's, Home Depot, and our local nursery chain store - Pike's Family Nursery. I have one plant in a basket with Amazon and another one at Etsy that I have not paid for yet. So much to do, not enough time to shop.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    6 days ago
    last modified: 6 days ago

    yes my burning bush is pretty big..not evergreen but a great screen most of the year..I’ve ripped out a few volunteers but they haven’t spread like my wild onion!..not familiar with winter honeysuckle..some native plant supporters are fanatics..

    I love color..of course some more than others..I think I agree with the hippies!..

    my grandmother gave all of the grandchildren the same gift depending on gender..a gift for the girls and another for boys..our gifts were similar to your socks..I don’t think my brother ever had socks like yours..

    as I age I’m willing to spend more on plants! 😂..

    when I actually needed plants the price was important because I was interested in quantity..

    I’m past the it’s just for fun..

    I agree..a sailor’s “bad words” when we were young don’t hold a candle to today’s obscene language..

    ahh so your daughter was joking about a concrete yard..

    I love having space to walk around my plants..I’d hate to cut your camellias’s easy to plant plants too close to something..looks right when they’re new but then they grow..a lot..
    agree Galanthus is correct..
    not familiar with the orange Star of Bethlehem..

    I knew dogs sniff I just think it would be unpleasant!..

    can’t wait until May so that I can go plant shopping!..I’m trying to hold off until it’s warm..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    6 days ago

    My burning bushes are okay. I dug them up from where the builder had them and put them on the side yard. The biggest one died a couple of years ago and I cut it to the ground. I did not remove the stump, though. The other one has sent up lots of babies around the shrub itself. I have no motive to move the babies elsewhere.

    Remember black lights and neon paint? Was that a hippie thing? It was kind of cool. I doubt it is a hippie thing as Rock City has their cave art pieces this way for at least 60+ years. I remember going through the same exhibits when I was a young boy.

    Grandmothers! You have to love their gift giving ideas, right? They meant well. I guess I got some of my love of flowers and plants from my granny (that is what we always called her). My other grandmother died when I was 4 or 5. Too young to even remember her. We lived in Panama then for 3 years. My youngest sister was born there. I started Kindergarten in Rhode Island when we moved back to the states. I just know from my mother that she and my dad got emergency leave to go back to the states for her mother's funeral. We were left in Panama with a neighbor for a week.

    I still have a mental block on spending a lot of money on one plant. I think my limit has gone up, but I still think $35 is plenty for one plant. I bought four plants yesterday (two calatheas at Sam's and two philodendrons at Walmart). They were the Costa Farm plants and each was around $20 each. I also picked up a grab bag of black hollyhock plants. I saw black hollyhocks at my wife's aunt's place in KY years ago. I loved those things.

    Sailors can be very colorful in their language but when you see the movies with young kids cussing worse than any adult, it boggles my mind.

    I don't know if my daughter was joking about a concrete yard or not. At that age, she was against doing any yard work. She has changed a lot since then - two kids can do that? I don't know when she changed. Her house has lots of orchids and a few other houseplants. Her backyard is mostly full of the pool, cabana, seating arrangements, hot tub, etc. but she has planted many nectar type plants in the ground and in pots.

    OMG! If I had known camellias could grow that fast and that big, I would've planted them close to the property line instead of close to the house. I should try propagating them for placing in the backyard before I am dead and gone. A gallon sized plant looks small compared to a 10 foot tall and six foot wide plant. Same thing for azaleas.

    I bet you will see the orange star plants out at Easter and maybe Mother's Day. They caught my eye, but I don't want a tender bulb that I have to put away for the winter. I do that with my Caladiums, but I really don't want to do any more. I can make exceptions though.

    Dogs can be disgusting at times. The stuff they eat and smell are literally UGH!

    Don't wait too long on looking through your local nurseries. All the good stuff will be picked over. You snooze, you lose.

    I saw a good photo opportunity this morning when I took Rufus outside. I picked up my camera and tripod after I brought him back inside.

    I then went back inside to swap lenses to get this.

    I selected the moon and copied it from the second picture and put it on the first picture. I wished I could resize it in PS, but I couldn't find out how to do it.

    I went to Kroger's yesterday for my Sunday paper (crosswords)

    I saw this beautiful green ??? in the florist department. The right hand side is probably a dyed carnation, but what is the dark green thing?

    And when I got back to my car, I found this wedged tightly between my car and the next one over. It was pretty tight, but I didn't see any damage. It still makes me mad to see this.

    The dog park yesterday. Rufus is the small one in this entire bunch. The big brown dog (next to the guy in a blue tee) is a Great Dane (10 month old female). She and Rufus had a lot of fun.

    The phone camera is not quick enough to keep up with running dogs. Rufus is ahead but the G.D. is catching up pretty fast.

    Once all the big dogs were gone, more dogs came in about Rufus' size. This dog is a runner!

    and the chase is on.

    Ah, new blood keeps arriving.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    5 days ago

    New plants I bought yesterday 

    Calatheas from Sam's

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    5 days ago

    Phildendrons from Walmart 

    Painted Lady and Ring of Fire

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    4 days ago

    pretty new plants!..

    never had any but I remember black lights..
    the renters across the street have some strange lights in a bedroom..kind of a blue glow..

    not important but with so many grandchildren no wonder we didn’t get expensive presents..I still have one of might’ve been sold as a jewelry box but it was filled with sewing supplies..both of my grandmothers loved plants..I wish I could talk gardening with them now..I had my paternal grandmother until I was maternal grandmother until I was 47..they were both wonderful..

    I agree that even though I spend more for a plant than I used to I’m still frugal..definitely not extravagant..after all..plants can die..

    I love hollyhocks niece gave me seeds years ago..I planted all of them and had some success..too bad I didn’t take pics..this was years ago during the film days..

    today’s language is sad..

    my camellia in CA was as tall as the house..we clipped it now and then..

    I Googled the orange star plants and read they wouldn’t survive our winter..if I see them I could try them in a pot..

    I love dogs but you’re right..they’re so gross sometimes 😩..

    true..look and buy early at garden centers to get the best plants..

    nice shots!..beautiful moon..

    I don’t know the dark green bloom?..I think it’s pretty..

    glad your car wasn’t thoughtless of someone to do that..I’d be so upset to find a cart that close to my new car..I’ll be glad when our car isn’t so new..

    do you ever see anyone at a dog park without a dog?..I’d like to go but I don’t want anyone to think I’m a weirdo!..

    today was BEAUTIFUL..was outside puttering around as usual..I had a great time..I saw a daffodil just starting to bloom..carried 2 Target bags of rock to my neighbor..decided to throw away my old garden clogs..they weren’t sold as garden clogs..they’re leather clogs that came from Macy’s..I bought 3 pairs I liked them so much..brown, navy and black..used the brown for gardening..the navy to run around..saved the black for eating out etc..I ripped the brown when I blood on them..cleaned them but they were stained..wore them for another 8 months but today they went in the trash..I worked outside today wearing the navy ones..they look so much better than the brown..I decided I’m not that poor that I have to wear worn out shoes..😜

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    4 days ago

    Black lights were kind of cool, but not enough to buy. Maybe for Halloween. Seems like Spencer Gifts sold things like that. Are your neighbors growing illegal plants? Just kidding.

    My maternal grandmother died shortly after her firstborn was killed in an auto accident. Having 11 kids had to be hard to deal with. My mother heard that her mother had some heart issues from rheumatic fever when she was young. My paternal grandmother died at 85 and had dementia in her final years. We are not getting out of this life alive, are we?

    It's good that you have something from your grandmother to treasure. I have some fond and some not so fond memories of the only grandmother I was old enough to chat with.

    I think that is why I am very reluctant to spend a lot of money on a plant - they do die. I bought a grafted weeping cherry for $80 on sale (two grafts - the trunk on some rootstock and the weeping part grafted on to the trunk. It lasted maybe two years. I bought a beautiful deep purple rhododendron for $60. It died after a couple of years. I think the next lesson was a $50 paper bush plant (Edgeworthia). I think it died after one year. GRRR! The folks who spend thousands of dollars on rare plants are __________ (Fill in the blanks).

    I had hollyhocks in the past, but never the black one. Hollyhocks have some rust and some pest issues, but with proper care, they should last years and always get new ones from the seed they produce. I just looked up some of the issues and rust is the main problem. I also see some sites refer to Hollyhocks as Puccina. I always knew it as Alcea. Wikipedia still refers to it as Alcea, so I will keep it that way.

    The L.A. begonia convention tour went to the Descanso Gardens which is famous for camellias (I didn't see any that was tall as a house while there, but I don't doubt they get big as I can attest to with my young bushes growing quickly to 8 to 12 feet in a few years). Except camellias weren't in bloom in September, even in sunny L.A. We should've stayed the entire day at the Huntington instead of a half-day.

    That is why I never bought the orange Star of Bethlehem before. I thought they were just another throw away plant after they were done blooming. I guess I could treat them like my caladiums.

    Dogs are fun, but they do have their odd habits. I took Rufus to the dog park yesterday and two dogs instantly started fighting with him. The owner (young woman) leashed them up and I told her to let them loose after I walked up the hill to where she and another young woman with her two kids were. Well, that didn't work out either. She leashed them up again and before she left, she got too close with her dogs, and they went after Rufus again. Rufus was done with the shenanigans and fought back. The bigger dog was standing on its hind legs (being held back by leash and owner) while Rufus was standing on his hind legs with his head reaching the exposed chest of the bigger dog. No blood was drawn on any of the dogs, but I was glad when she left with her inherited dogs from her father (don't know the full story as the other woman told me a little about her conversation with the woman with the two dogs). It was odd that the two dogs were fine with the only other dog in the park. Anyway, two other people came in with their dogs several minutes apart and all four dogs got along peachy. Running, bumping, chasing, etc. All normal dog behaviors.

    I learned valuable lessons over the years on plant buying. If you see something you like, put it in the cart because it may not be there when you return later. Some folks say they won't buy a plant if they don't know the name or the family. Too bad, so sad.

    I am not even sure if the dark green blob is a flower though. It is very interesting.

    I wonder if I grabbed that parking spot when I was coming up the lane might've caused the driver coming the opposite direction to do this. As it was, I could've grabbed a parking spot closer to me, but it was on my right which is a harder turn unless I can swing into the left side of the lane. Oh well, without cameras it is hard to say what happened. My wife thought maybe the wind blew the cart in that position. There was a cart left behind by some less caring customer. I ruled that possibility out as the wind would have to blow the cart six feet or more and hard enough to wedge tightly between cars. Not impossible, but very improbable.

    I feel your anxiety with a new car. Once it gets some paint chips, fading from sun, some dings from parking lots, etc. is when you don't worry about the little stuff. I remember dropping my wife off at the garden entrance to our Walmart years ago (pre-2007 as I still had my old Chevy Silverado when this happened). I drove down a lane to park and a beat-up old Honda sedan had used the entire middle of the driving lane waiting for someone to back out. I decided to inch by on her left side, hoping she would get the hint that she is blocking traffic. I was halfway past her, when BUMP. We both got out of our cars and she went into a hissy fit, claiming I did damage to her car. I thought she was at fault since she may have backed up a little. I told her "Let's call the police and report it then" and "show me where the damage is with all her paint scrapes, and dings and dents already there". She said forget it. I agreed with that sentiment.

    There are not a lot of people who come to a dog park without a dog, but there are some once in a while. Do wear gardening clothes (ones you don't mind getting dirty) as dogs like to greet people and some are not trained to stay down and do wear shoes that you don't mind stepping into dog poop (try to avoid as best you can, it can still happen).

    I had some leather clogs long ago. I thought they were stylish, but my BIL called them "gay blades", so I eventually quit wearing them. I tried Crocs a time or two as well but found out they are kind of dangerous if there is any moisture inside (sweaty feet are not good in Crocs). Crocs just needs some materials that grip the feet better so there is no slip and slide.

    Speaking of shoes, don't you find it so much easier today to own too many shoes? They are so affordable and come in so many styles. I bought two Sketchers slip-ons at Costco (not the same day) in the two colors they offered. I bought a pair of boots at Costco (taupe) and they are okay - not the easiest to put on. They have them in black as well, but I am good with the ones I bought. I bought a pair of tan zip up boots at Sam's. I thought about getting another pair in black, but I have too many boots as it is. GRRR! I think about growing up and having two pairs of sneakers a year (one in spring and one in fall as I remember), a pair of dress shoes just in case, and a pair of school shoes. Oh, those were the good old days. Three pairs of hiking boots and I haven't hiked at all in the last two months, three pairs of boots in the basement for gardening, and 3 new pairs in my closet.

    I saw this on FB this morning and so many people oohed and aahed over it. Do they even think these are fake or just say "beautiful". Silk flowers and some sites say Wisteria. I've never seen any Wisteria like these fake blooms.

    My seed grown cane from my old maculata back in 2009 is blooming again.

    Sophie needs some staking and pruning.

    The canes are bolting, probably from the fertilizer I fed them a few weeks ago.

    I hope these start blooming soon.

    I changed out my flaky light yesterday. This was one my daughter got me 3 or 4 years ago from HD. So much for 5 year warranty. Who keeps dates, boxes, paperwork for these?

    I bought this when I was in Texas in 2022. I thought I lost it last summer as I could not find it. I placed it in too shady a spot and the tops were flimsy and rotting. Thank goodness I found it before it finally succumbed.

    My newest alocasias in front of an old Stromanthe.

    Teen Angel is putting out a lot of new shoots and leaves.

    The Amazon Lily is top heavy. I should repot it soon.

    Starter plants from leaf cuttings (September last year)

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    3 days ago
    last modified: 3 days ago

    I remember Spencer Gift then but today I’d think “what a bunch of junk”..

    11 children would be overwhelming!..I couldn’t handle it..

    I have a few dishes and kitchen items that were my grandmother’s..I actually use them..

    my most expensive plant was a Red Emperor Japanese maple for $’s alive and well..

    my fill in the blanks..
    The folks who spend thousands of dollars on rare plants are…foolish..or rich..or show offs..Lol

    when summer’s over we could toss tender plants but it’s hard for us not to save it isn’t it?..

    Rufus is very social so I’m sure that woman has dogs with issues..they’ll probably hurt a dog (or a person) someday..😢

    this is the plant app result for the green plant..the app photos look like your photo but when you Google the name it looks wrong..

    it was definitely less stressful driving my almost 22 year old car versus the new one..

    need to do a 2 part comment..I posted..then used a plant app..came back to add the result but I want to finish on the Houzz app..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    3 days ago
    last modified: 3 days ago

    I think the shopping cart was deliberately left there..some people aren’t nice..🙁

    my inching by other cars is me the Passport is doesn’t squeeze through a tight space..

    I’ve never had Crocs..I think I prefer leather..

    definitely easy to own too many shoes..I was into shoes for years..I had more shoes than a person really needs..I enjoyed them but I’m over that’s true that when you see a basic item (black shoes) you think you should buy it..the day could come when you need it..and maybe can’t find it..

    your wisteria story reminds me of a stained glass greenhouse was ugly..would’ve blocked a lot of light..people were saying “beautiful”..I said nothing..several comments said it was fake..designed by AI..

    love your photos..I’m ready for summer..

    if you were in Indy tonight Rufus would keep you awake..if the forecast actually happens we’re having severe storms..large hail..straight line winds..we could wake up to a mess..😢

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    3 days ago
    last modified: 3 days ago

    I don't remember the last time I went to a mall and even longer for Spencer Gifts.

    Your mention of your grandmother's dishes reminded me of my mother dividing up some dishes of her mother's to my sisters and me. They are safely stored in a cabinet or the china cabinet. We never use them though.

    That's good that your most expensive plant is still alive and doing well. I made it a rule to just buy 1 gallon JM and move them to a 3 gallon pot for a year. One year's time they are ready for the ground. I think I have a dozen JMs or so and saved at least $40 each by going smallest I could find around town. I wished I had done that with the $60 rhododendron, BUT they don't sell that rhododendron in 1 gallon pots.

    I'm glad you filled in the blanks for the folks who spend hundreds or more on a single plant. It's like the old saying "they have more money than good sense".

    I think the woman at the park with the two aggressive dogs inherited them (her father's if I heard right from the other woman). I think she needs to bring one at a time to get them socialized to other dogs. They may have been aggressive defending her (from what though?) I'm glad they were not aggressive to people (that is the worst kind of dog).

    You could be right on the plant ID. I meant to do that with Google Lens. I just did it and it came up with Dianthus 'Green Trick'. I did not know about this type of carnation in the past. Thanks for showing me your results.

    You should get over your new car stress in a few months, hopefully sooner.

    Inching by other cars is natural for a new car owner. I wished there was a camera feedback for how close you get to obstacles. I have a front camera on my car which is nice for parking but can only be used for very slow speeds (like parking). The sensors are scary too. Beep, beep, BEEP. I finally put it in park and check the front end - I still have a good 12 inches or more before getting close.

    I think someone was a bit angry by wedging the cart between cars. Speaking of cars, when I dropped off my car at the dealer for routine service on Monday (first day my wife drove since her surgery - luckily this is not her driving foot this time), she parked at the Chick-Fil-A across the 5 lane highway so I could get a chicken biscuit. When I came out, I noticed her car was kind of dirty looking and the passenger door was locked. I looked inside and thought the seat color of light gray was not right. My wife says "What are you doing?" right behind me. Whoops! I tried to get in a dark gray Toyota Camry or smaller while my wife's car was right beside this one (her car is a dark gray Avalon with black seats). I was embarrassed for a few seconds but then I had to laugh at myself. Senior moments are coming on quick these days. Later on I will tell you about my sister's admission for doing worse.

    Crocs are good for strolling. They are not good for doing work in or a slope. The bottom grips well (supposedly designed for boaters?) but the interior is what is slippery when wet. A lot of gardeners have Crocs.

    I think part of our shoe obsession is being denied them growing up and being too poor when we started out on our own. Being from depression era parents, we were taught to not spend money foolishly. The younger generations don't have those ties to the depression or war years.

    Stained glass is beautiful if done right, but I cannot imagine having a greenhouse made of it. That is counterintuitive.

    I think we are due some rain here but I hope we don't get any hailstorms. Lightning and thunder is more than plenty to keep dogs anxious.

    I have to go shopping now. Later on I will post some new photos - yard and basement.

    I'm back! I will post a few pictures and then Rufus and I will head to the dog park (before the afternoon rain)

    I sprayed for mildew and pests yesterday. This and another tray are the only things I removed off their shelves to spray (up high).

    I cut these elderberries pretty low last fall and they are sprouting.

    some of the oldest pots need to go to the trash. This one had a big enough hole for a great mullein seed to germinate in the side.

    I doubt this hydrangea will bloom this year. Maybe time to put it in the ground.

    Kerria is cool with the green stems. I must get the old brown dead stems out before it leafs out and blooms.

    Hellebores are weedy!

    This is one that seeded 20 feet away from the main bed and look at all those little seedlings from the last 3 years or so.

    I hope it doesn't shade out my ivy.

    flying dragon orange tree

    This morning I saw some gaping holes (from armadillos more than likely) when I took Rufus out.

    daffs in the front

    I don't know how long they stay on the bush - a day or two, maybe. On the ground still looks halfway decent.

    2 different views of Johnny Jump Ups

    The middle island had a tough go with deer and maybe rabbits. I put Rufus' poop around these plants to deter the grazers. It seems to be working.

    Mailbox is going strong

    This fall I will put 3 dozen there instead of 2. We have crocus interplanted after we put the pansies in and don't want to disturb them (for now).

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    3 days ago
    last modified: 2 days ago

    I went to a mall to find an outfit for my nephew’s wedding..he was married the same day the Colts had a playoff game..the Colts won the Superbowl that year..2007..17 years since I’ve been to a mall!..

    I use this old ladle for birdseed..I never used it for us..was my grandmother’s..

    I’ve also heard “more money than brains”..

    glad Rufus wasn’t injured..

    you’re welcome on the plant app’s a start to nail down the ID..

    I don’t have a front camera 🙁..just alerts if you’re close to something..we have the “economical” (Ha) Passport..

    I opened the door of a car that wasn’t ours..I was at the dentist waiting for my husband to pick me up..he wanted the car while I had an appointment for a crown..a silver SUV pulls up and I go out and open the door..the woman inside says “what are you doing?”..husband pulled up as I explain..I apologize and she was nice..I was embarrassed..when I told my sister about it she admitted she was using the fob and it wouldn’t open HER car..because it wasn’t her car!..

    I really don’t all Crocs have holes in the upper part?..I don’t want holes in garden shoes..

    we have a mindset about money that younger people don’t understand..they feel entitled..they don’t make sacrifices..

    we didn’t have hail..yay!

    chilly the 30’s..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    3 days ago
    last modified: 3 days ago

    I started to add to my comment..a screen pops up that said “something went wrong”..I was so afraid that I lost my comment but it’s still here..was afraid to try another edit and started a new comment..
    I don’t know enough about plant products..I don’t spray anything..
    I don’t prune my elderberries much..I want them tall..
    kind of fun that a plant’s growing on the side of your pot..maybe enjoy for the summer then toss?..
    my hydrangeas look the same only no base of mine is probably dead..
    I don’t mind that hellebores are weedy..I welcome every seedling..
    flying dragon orange tree stems are cool..
    I’m excited to see my daffodils..they’re coming..I have buds..
    come on..spring for some deer deterrent!..Rufus poop next to the blooms is me it spoils the beauty of the blooms..I wouldn’t want to see the dog poop..
    it’s tricky planting new plants with established ones..I’ve hit daffodil bulbs planting shrubs in front..I dug them out and planted in the back even though it was summer..they survived..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    3 days ago

    Do you remember more about your nephew's wedding or the Colts winning the Superbowl that year? Serious minds want to know. HAHA!

    You use your grandmother's ladle for birdseed? What did she use it for? I hope it wasn't for the birds.

    My mother's mother never had small appliances and would make bread every day for 11 kids, herself, and her husband. I heard she could beat the oldest boy in an arm wrestling match. How did she do it every day for decades? I need to ask my mother when her parents got their first refrigerator and if it was before she left home or before. Seems like a lot of old stories go in one ear and out the other as we grew up..

    Google Lens does a great job on most any object or person. I guess I will use them first for ID'ing a plant from now on.

    I wonder what models have dashcams built in today? We have one of those tiny cameras to attach to the windshield with a rear camera that has a long wire. I don't want to run a long wire so we only use the front dashcams. I saw some cop program (The Rookie as I recall) where a rookie gets a subpoena to get camera footage off a Tesla that was at a crime scene. That is neat and scary at the same time.

    BTW, I rarely use the front camera built in since it is only used for very slow movement. It took a while to get used to the rear camera for backing up. My wife is a pro using her back up camera.

    I think we all can tell stories about the wrong car because it is so similar to our own car. A guy in TN came over to us when we were loading mulch into my SUV. He said he was going to confront me about getting into his wife's car. Then he pointed out her SUV in the next aisle over. I asked him if it was the sport version like mine. Yes, the same thing. I'm glad he didn't confront me right away. It happens.

    There are so many different styles of Crocs that I cannot say what has holes or not. My wife has sandals by Crocs that you would never guess who the maker was. The material is what is the same.

    Some young folks may feel entitled but the ones who grew up poor are probably like us. Hard work in hopes of making a decent living. The ones born into money have no idea how 80 to 90 percent of people struggle to make ends meet.

    Well, that greenhouse is attractive, but not functional for a greenhouse. Maybe some other activity but I don't know what that would be. A rocking chair with a small TV or a book and a light source? I doubt I would ever look at that as a serious whatever.

    I just got back from the dog park. It is supposed to start raining at 3 and looked like it would be stormy. No one was at the dog park when I got there. A woman and her dog came about ten minutes later and Rufus and her dog had some fun together. I set a timer for one hour and she was getting ready to leave when my timer went off. Perfect timing. Anyway, the sun came out and got quite warm. Now I wonder if it will actually rain.

    HAHA on the Forsythia. Why did you think of me when you saw that picture? It is in bloom here and I have one bush, but I didn't see any blooms on mine yesterday. I might buy one if I could find the ones that Gibbs Gardens had in full bloom last year (March)


    It was 64 this morning (4 AM) and was 73 coming home. I think the rain will bring the temps down tonight.

    That is what happened to me earlier when I added photos in. "Something went wrong..." I gave up and went to the dog park. Now everything I added is there. Gee whiz.

    I read up on what is available to use for effectiveness and safety. I prefer the more organic things, even if it is sulfur or copper instead of combined chemicals that last forever. I do admit I use Round Up and its generics.

    I got tired of the elderberries shading out the "natural" flowers in that area. I've let them alone with some judicious pruning most years, but last fall I was done with them. They can still grow from the ground and I will play it by ear then.

    I had a wax begonia growing on the side of my clay pot one year - just enough mud splash and wetness to keep it going for a while. Fun for a short spell. I would imagine when it gets hot and dry that the common mullein will curl up and die. So, the answer is, it depends.

    I wish I could dig you up scoops of Hellebore seedlings and send to you. Maybe just send you seeds instead since this would be easier and more successful.

    Flying Dragon is certainly conversational but also very wicked if you happen to land in one.

    Daffodils will be here when they get here. I want to go back to Gibbs in a week or 2, but I don't know if my wife will be able to handle all the walking. I really enjoyed it last year on a rainy weekday. That really cut the crowds down a LOT.

    I doubt you would see the dog poop unless you really looked hard. You would notice it more if you stepped in it, but that is why it is in the island where people's feet DO NOT BELONG.

    That is difficult remembering where the flowering bulbs are at. I've sliced many bulbs in half over the decades. Part of gardening? I want to plant petunias at the mailbox this summer and maybe Dipladenia again. The Persian Shield grew too fast and too large and would wilt in the heat of day. I will keep it in a pot or plant it in a semi-shady spot from now on.

    Pears are starting to bloom now. I like to see them in other yards, but glad I don't have any.

    This is what I spray my house plants with for mildew and other pests.

    I started using systemic for some outdoor plants. Azaleas for lace bugs, rose of Sharon and hardy hibiscus for mallow saw flies, and any shrub or tree that has some bug or disease issue.

    The one on the left is what I used up yesterday. It is from Home Depot and weighs four pounds. The one on the right is from Costco and weighs 12 pounds. Probably the same price (I need to double check that).

    I wonder if it would work for bag worms.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    2 days ago
    last modified: 2 days ago nephew’s wedding and the Colts playoff game (and Superbowl win later) are forever linked..I remember both!..

    the ladle is very worn..there’s a spot where the copper? shows..seems a little bent..but it was charming and my grandmother’s so I took it..

    preparing the quantity of food for a family with 11 children would be so much work!!!..she must’ve been tired every day..

    I think? the higher end Passports have front cameras..

    too bad that some people don’t manage money well..

    the stained glass greenhouse is not for me..for any use..

    thought of you because as I once did they put an N in told me that was incorrect..I wasn’t insulted..and now I know..

    I prefer organic solutions too..

    I’d accept your unwanted hellebores if you lived in my neighborhood and I could walk over..but no need to ship any..I have quite a few and more on the way!..

    you have more plants so there’s more opportunity for insects..I see why you make an effort to control them..

    I’m deleting some pictures in an earlier comment..I think? posting a screenshot of a picture that I don’t ”own” is illegal..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author

    Glad to hear you remember your nephew's wedding date. HAHA!

    Yes, that ladle has seen some good use. Probably did a lot of soup and gravy dishes over the decades.

    I bet women back in the days before "modern conveniences" never thought of the daily chores as tiring, even if they were. Food had to be prepared to feed hungry bellies. A better question is who prepared the meals for a week or two for each childbirth?

    Ah, I see now about the Forsythia! I forgot all about that. I think my co-worker pronounced it like For-Cynthia. I wondered who Cynthia was.

    Insects have to eat too! I don't mind some damage, but total annihilation is uncalled for. That is when I have to spray or sprinkle some defense around the plants I paid for, dug holes for, watered weekly for a couple of years for, and missed a year or two of blooms due to drought or late freezes for, etc.

    Speaking of pests, the pictures I took yesterday of the pansies and Johnny Jump Ups were eaten. The mailbox had two pansies chewed to the ground and one pulled completely up. The Johnny Jump Ups had half the pot mowed to the ground. The island had no damage that I could see. SO! THE LESSON LEARNED IS SPREAD DOG POOP AROUND YOUR FLOWERS TO KEEP THE GRAZERS AWAY. I think this must be rabbits because our Ring Doorbell should've picked up deer since the pot of Johnny Jump Ups are pretty close to the front door. I think I need a better security camera(s).

    I doubt posting a a picture that you do not own is illegal. What is illegal is claiming it is your photo or selling the picture as your own. I see so many photos on FB and Pinterest that are shared and re-shared many times over. In the early days of the internet, people would threaten some web sites for using their photo without written consent. I think the prevailing winds today are if you post a picture online, then it is public property to share. I wouldn't post tasteless screenshots, but I don't see any problem with information or clean jokes, etc. We all spread "rumors" by repeating what we heard or saw around the work water cooler (in other words). The internet is like a giant water cooler today. I've had some of my photos that I used on the internet "stolen". I don't mind that but I would like folks to give me credit for the photo.

    Well, February is about over. And it is Leap Day. Happy Leap Day? I wonder who came off with the brilliant idea of 12 months, 52 weeks, 7 days a week? Seems like 13 months would've been better to keep days per month at 28 (plus 1 month wold be 29). Maybe 13 was considered bad luck way back when they started this? If that is true, then why didn't they skip 13 for each month? Maybe just keep it at 52 weeks with no month? Or 26 work periods of 14 days. Ah, good old legacy systems from timekeeping to measuring weights and distances are all confusing.

    Anyway, keeping with posting some amusing and amazing things on the internet, get a load of this succulent. Big and kind of ugly?

    And a place we've visited since I was a 5 year old kid, but I never saw this view point of Lover's Leap, Rock City, Chattanooga, TN.

    I need to go back this year - spring, summer, and fall.

    The best I had was a screenshot of a video I shot back in 2014. Kind of blah and not the same vantage point - close but no cigar? We are under an overhang so how did this person in the above photo get around the overhang?


    We did the same place the same year except it was super foggy the second time.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    last modified: yesterday

    I guess it boils down to people do what they gotta do..

    I’ve heard forsythia mispronounced forever..

    I’m glad the dog poop worked!..but the idea makes me gag..😂

    you’re right..I’ve seen the same picture on multiple posts..not everyone could be the owner..the proper thing to do would be to say photo by Mr Jones..

    do you ever say the rhyme 30 days hath September figure out for sure the number of days in a month if a calendar isn’t handy?..I have..

    the succulent photo reminds me of an alligator..

    I went to Lookout Mountain as a parents didn’t own a camera 🙁..

    I discovered a new TV channel today..EarthxTV..I recorded a show called Designing Paradise..a guy named Bill Bensley from Bangkok designs hotels..I paused the screen to take photos to show you..beautiful tropical plants..pic#3 has a reflection of our lamp Lol..the last photo is his personal garden..a little quirky for me..but most of it was a lush tropical paradise with gorgeous plants..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    23 hours ago

    Well, here we are into March already. 20 more days until the first day of Spring? For that purpose alone, I made my first purchases on Etsy this morning. Four plants.

    Have you ever used composted manure? I've bought a few bags over the decades and I guess it works well, but not the cup of tea that I imagined. I remember one of the neighbors when we lived in Maryland getting a ton or two (big pile) of horse manure dumped in their backyard. It was kind of smelly. My dad and I cleaned out our ex-landlord's barn stalls one year (the farmer raised Hereford cattle). I don't recall if we spread it on out ourselves (on my dad's big veggie garden) or the landlord had a spreader attachment for his tractor and did it for us. Not a pleasant job. There are dairy farms spread around where my parents live which can be smelly some warm days, but it is NOTHING compared to the pig farms if the winds were blowing the "wrong" direction. I'd rather find something else to deter deer, rabbits, and armadillos, but I haven't found anything that works 99% of the time. An electric fence? Bird netting (has its own problems)? Cage it in with chicken wire? The products that claim their smelly stuff keeps deer and other rodents away is misleading. When a rain washes it off, it can get expensive.

    With AI all the news, we can make pictures that we never had been able to do in the past (most of us are not artists). AI still makes bloopers which is good to see the fakeness of it, but it continues to improve all the time. Anyway, anything on the internet is fair game today, despite it being true or false (some satire is easily recognized, but some could be taken either way).

    I barely recall that old rhyme about days in the month. I found another good memory tool to remind us of how many days there are in each month. Using your knuckles for 31 day months and the valleys between knuckles as 30 day months on one hand and then either going to the next hand or starting over on the same hand is an easy trick. Years ago I recognized there is only one sequence of two 31 days together - July and August. If you wanted to bridge years, then December and January would be the other "exception".

    I was 5 or 6 the first time I went to Rock City. I tried it on our honeymoon but we took the cable car up. Little did I know that we had to take the trolley car to Rock City once we got to the top of the mountain. We went back down to the parking lot and drove up to find that the gates were closing for the day. It would be another 10 years or longer before we did it with our daughters (age 6 and 4) then. It is a great place to visit. When we did it in 2014, it was with our youngest daughter and her family (only one child at the time).

    Thanks for the pictures of your TV show. I would've glossed over the reflection of your lamp on the 3rd photo if you hadn't told me. HA! Bangkok is a mega city with exotic gardens and worthwhile monuments to visit. If I didn't hate (dread) the long flight over there (and back), I would jump on a plane this summer and do it again.

    The hotel we stayed at for the last two nights in 2015 (our second trip) felt like we were in any modern city in America.

    And this is just a small section of the city.

    I watered yesterday (about the only thing I did other than bathe Rufus before I took a shower).

    A small cane with nice white flowers. See the water droplets on the floor? That is the good thing about basements.

    This philodendron is a small piece that broke off from the mother plant 2 years ago, so I put it in this tiny squat pot with another piece of an alocasia (no name). The tiger stripe fern is in another pot, but it may be rooting into the philo/alocasia pot by now.

    This tiny inch plant has tiny white blooms.

    The aloe from Costco, it was one of three pots (the inch plant above was one of the other plants) that came as a trio (mix and match).

    I need to start cutting the old canes to the ground and let the new shoots take over.

    It had been 10 days since I cut four leaves from our last begonia meeting. No roots yet! GRRR! Hopefully I will see some next week.

    Two different Pothos.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    16 hours ago
    last modified: 15 hours ago

    May sounds closer now that it’s March!..

    wow! new plants again 😂 day will come..

    I haven’t used composted manure in a very long time..what I had was lumpy and hard..didn’t blend well..not my cup of tea either..

    I’ve heard lots of people say spraying deer repellent is expensive and tedious..

    I guess if I take a screenshot and use it it’s not the end of the world..

    I forgot about the knuckle trick!..I have heard of it..

    I’m intrigued by Thailand..the HGTV House Hunters International episodes in Thailand are some of my favorites..

    the photos of the skyscrapers in Thailand look like American fact my nephew’s fancy wedding was at the Conrad in Indianapolis..the name caught my eye in your photo..

    watering in a basement with a concrete floor is convenient..going out is relaxing for a trip to the basement relaxing for you?..your plant foliage looks do have a green thumb..

    I found a small burgundy hellebore yesterday..I went out today and grabbed a picture..I noticed a cicada shell and placed it by the hellebore for scale..years ago I found a bigger prettier one..I might’ve shown you the pic of the one from years ago..I think they must be rare..I have a lot of hellebores and have only seen 2 burgundy ones..