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Begonia canes in the basement

hc mcdole
2 years ago

The begonias are looking very good this year. Maybe that is due to watering habits or more attention to possible issues.

From today:

Snow Capped with new shoots coming up

Avalanche with new shoots coming on fast

3 different canes

Different canes in leaf size, color, splashes/dots/plain

More variance

Another area of canes (mostly) and some rhizomatous The small leaf one on the left is Miniperba while the bigger one to the right is Irene Nuss (showing its new juvenile splashes - it will turn darker green as it matures). Other canes in the back are Esther Albertine, Teen Angel, Nokomis, a large spotted cane I have no name for, and a couple others.

I wished I had a name for this one.

The blooms were hidden behind another cane I had to bend out of the way to reveal what was behind. The dark green one is probably the bloomer and probably Black Jack.

B. diadema in the middle is a UJR (upright jointed rhizome) is surrounded by canes of several flavors and the big round leaf of B. popenoei. The really strange one is the rolled up leaves of one cane.

I am pretty sure this is Comte de Lesseps but I didn't mark it after I bought it at PHOE in Miami (probably last visit there before it closed its doors for good)

One of the middle shelves is mostly canes and a lot are above the lights now.

One I raised from seed off the mother maculata plant.

Cracked Ice as purchased but it may really be White Ice

Sylvan Triumph

Lana on the right with the silver splashing while the one with dots is unknown and may be seed grown from one of my coccinea types.

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  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    >>I do have Star of Bethlehem..I’ve heard it’s invasive..<<

    Mine are not that invasive but I've seen them at my mother's house and they do seem to spread about quite a bit.

    >>here’s another photo of the plant I’s a snowdrop..galanthus..<<

    I had snowdrops at our last house. Such a dainty bulb in the cold weather. Seems like there is another one that is similar - white flower called snow something or the other. I had it too.

    >>wow 70 sounds great..50’s here but still nice..I was out while my husband got a haircut and went to Target..<<

    Good old weather - warm one day, cold the next. It is 54 on our deck and it is 3:18 AM. Earlier this week we were in the upper 20's in the morning and heavy frost.

    >>I saw yellow tips of a surprise lily (lycoris) clump..they were covered by too much debris..I carefully removed 2 big pots of leaves from several clumps and dumped it in a low spot..I guess I went overboard dumping leaves in that area..they wouldn’t have died but they’re better off now with more sun..<<

    I got some Lycoris bulbs from a begonia member two years ago. I planted them this past spring and I don't recall them coming up. When the weather turned cold this fall, they came up and are still green as ever. I think the color of the blooms is supposed to be red. They are in full sun. My other Lycoris are in deeper shade and I haven't checked anything in the backyard to see what has sprouted. I see my daffodils are all doing well, even the ones I dug up and let lay on top of the soil - most of those sprouted and seem to be doing as well as the ones put in the ground.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    Ah, the other spring flowering bulb with tiny white flowers is Snowflakes.

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    Those are incredible. Any guesses on approximate ages of any one of those amazing examples of perfection. They are all just flawless. What an unbelievable feat. Thank you so much for sharing hc. I really enjoyed each and every picture. I have a Lucerna that is new from cuttings. Just today I was thinking it was starting to look ok. Ahem, not any more. To travel with those plants and their delicate leaves and brittle branches, oh the commitment of this sort of hobby blows my mind. The pruning skill, to end with a begonia shaped like the Looking glass. WOW.
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  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    >>I don’t have Spring Snowflake but I have Spring Beauty..they’re not up yet..<<

    Nice little plant. I have a native on our property and hope they are still around - common name is Meadow Beauty (Rhexia virginica).

    >>when you’re standing they seem white..<<

    A lot of color disappears due to time of day, the skies (blue or overcast), and the distance. I've been watching a line of Okame cherry trees every time we go to the park for a hike. Sometimes they are deep pink and other times a light pink. Yoshino cherries on the other hand go from white to a light pink.

    >>you were up at 3:18 AM?..too late for me..<<

    Yes, I was up then but I actually got up around 2 AM after maybe 2 to 3 hours in bed.

    >>we have the same warm then freezing then warm weather..mid 60’s today..<<

    Enjoy it while you got it. Winter is still here for the forseeable future. I would love to move my plants outside earlier this year so I can clean/clear up my messes in the basement. Supposedly the middle of April is our safe date, but it can still be quite chilly some nights.

    >>went to the library then Costco..then outside for 4 hours..<<

    We did shopping at Target and Sam's yesterday and then a 2 hour hike in the afternoon. It was raining in the morning but cleared up enough to do the hike without any threat of rain (still overcast).

    >>the limb fell last night..saw it this morning..broke 3 small pieces off some shrubs..maybe? 13 ft long..<<

    Nature happens. Better to have a limb falling than the tree. What were the shrubs that were broken? Can they be used for propagation? I rarely try to propagate shrubs, but wished I was more ambitious about doing this activity. I've done roses, azaleas, some conifers, barberry, and the easy hydrangeas.

    >>2 shots of my surprise lilies..

    these were completely covered..

    didn’t bother with daffodil pics..they’re smaller than the lilies.<<

    That looks like a very good stand of your surprise lilies (I call them naked ladies).

    Rhexia last day July 2014. It needs to be restarted to look this good again.

    A stand of it beside one of my banana plants.

    Okame cherry trees 3 years ago at a business we drive by on our way to the park.

    My wife's car (I walked across the street to get a lot of shots)

    These are our own Okame Cherries in mid-Feb 2018.

    They always seem to bloom around Valentine's (well start before then and go for a couple of weeks).

    Okay, this is not a cherry tree but blooming the same day - this is Loropetalum 'Purple Gem' which was billed as a dwarf but when it got to 15 feet tall, I had to take the hedgers to them.

    Flowering Quince was blooming the same time.

    My purple magnolia was opening then as well.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    >>I don’t have Meadow Beauty..<<

    Mine came with the property. Nothing to rave about, but I will keep it going.

    >>up at 2 by choice?..I was thinking probably not..sorry..<<

    Never by choice. I just know when I can't get back to sleep, it is time to get up. Woke up at midnight and read until 2 and then got up. I still had maybe 3 to 5 pages to read, but could not stand laying on my side much longer. Finished it last night but could not find a new book to download - too tired to continue browsing.

    >>isn’t this funny?..and true..I have about 80 days until my plants could go out..<<

    Oh yeah, that is cute. I will have to find another meme I found pretty cute on line as well.

    >>the limb broke off 2 4 or 5 inch pieces of forsythia and a 3 ft? piece of a bush honeysuckle (invasive)..the honeysuckle is screening the lattice and until I get a replacement I don’t want to remove it..<<

    Some folks have hedges of Forsythia. They are pretty in bloom, but after that - meh. I started one from a cutting a few years ago. I thought I was cutting the right bush for Weigela, but it would be 3 years or so before it bloomed with yellow blooms. I then went and got several cuttings off the right bush and have it in the backyard too. Good thing I found out, because the guy who bought the house and gutted the insides for a makeover, had his crew cut all the shrubs down next to the driveway (bye-bye to the Forsythia and the Weigela).

    The Weigela I started by a couple of cuttings.

    My winter honeysuckle is so sweet smelling and not a vine. I love it, but some people just think it will kill the environment. I bought it at one of our local nurseries a few years ago when I smelled it on one of our hiking trails.

    >>I‘ve heard lycoris called naked ladies..and surprise, magic and resurrection lilies..I like them..<<

    All kinds of nicknames for the same plants. Probably a regional nickname for most parts.

    >>nice banana..still have it?..<<

    Surprisingly I do still have a banana tree from that particular plant. I got this years ago from one of our club members and I started planting in the ground where it would grow so much bigger. Each fall I would dig it up and divide it in spring for more and more banana trees. One winter I put the culms in a cardboard box and did not water them. They all died. Luckily I kept four tiny starts in 4 inch pots and that is where I am today. Lesson learned - do not dry out banana culms. Do cut the tops out as they will died anyway - the old culms will sprout new plants (and culms) from the mother culm. They do grow fast.

    2018 when I moved my planting spot

    2017 when I just dumped them on the ground - Empress Wu was bigger than the starts in late July

    September 1 same year

    I would advise keeping them in a trug so you can add just a little water to the tub.

    Late October 2015

    This was the original back in late August 2009 - it grew and multiplied many times over the years.

    Callaway Gardens with a huge greenhouse if you want to have fruit.

    April 2014

    >>could be wrong but I think here we have more redbud and crabapple trees than cherries..<<

    That is a shame you don't have cherry trees there. We have lots of redbuds, crabapples, pears, dogwoods, and others here. Ornamental cherries come in 3 basic flavors here - Okame, Yoshino, and Kwanzan. I have all 3. There are other ornamental cherries too such as Sargent, weeping, etc.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month
    last modified: last month

    >>hope you slept well the following night..<<

    I usually do better but sometimes it may be 2 or 3 bad nights in a row.

    >>your cartoon is funny!..<<

    I thought it was too. Humans are hard to please. Here is a new one I found this morning.

    >>I hate cold more than heat though don’t you?..<<

    Oh yeah. Heat is for gardening, swimming, vacationing, picnics, cooking out, etc. Cold means more indoor time - TV watching, etc.

    >>agree that forsythia are meh after they bloom..but they tolerate my shade and block the neighbors so I’m fine with them..<<

    A lot of plants are that way - we enjoy them for their blooms instead of their foliage or structure. So many bulbs and perennials are that way.

    >>pics 2021 or 2022?..mine are thin compared to ones I see in full sun..<<

    Are you still talking about Forsythia? I agree that the ones in sun usually have more flowers than the ones in shade. I really don't like the ones that are hedged - looks too perfect as if they grew in that shape. Even worse, are people who hedge azaleas to look like pom-poms. I had a co-worker who called them Forsynthia. I told him I didn't know that there was an "N" in the name. It sounded like someone grew a plant "for Cynthia". HAHA!

    >>not knowledgeable enough to recognize cherry trees..we probably have them here..just haven’t noticed them in my wooded neighborhood..<<

    Atlanta loves their flowering trees. It took me a number of years to be able to ID most of the flowering ones.

    >>I love your bananas..<<

    I had a much prettier one that I bought from Walmart years ago. Unfortunately I thought it was hardy and left it outdoors. It wasn't and I never found another one like it (locally that is).

    It had a lot of red in it.

    >>the lilies and daffodils semm to have grown 2 inches in 2 days..they look bigger when I look out the window..<<

    They do put on a lot of growth in a short amount of time. Daffodils are so hardy that the ones I dug up last summer and left on the ground are sprouted and a couple already in bloom. Lilies bloom later but I see a lot of my lilies are sprouting (it will be weeks before they even start to bud).

    >>and it’s only 28..grrr..<<

    I think we will get below freezing tonight but Thursday we are expected to hit 81 for a high. That is absurd. No wonder the plants bloom too early.

    >>in person I can see the daffodils and lilies well..I think those are doves in the birdbath..we put a saucer in the’s cracked and’s 20 years old..I looked for a new one..didn’t see any that I like as well..🙁<<

    My wife has 4 birdbaths. One in front and 3 in the back. She finally cleaned the ones in the back yesterday and put fresh water in there.

    Some pictures around the yard yesterday.

    My Flying Dragon Orange trees are growing quite a bit since I got them as seedlings (or rooted cuttings off eBay about 3 to 4 years ago). I love the thorns on these.

    The Star Magnolia blooms too early as far as I am concerned, but if it bloomed later then the blooms would look all wilted (the sun definitely affects how perky they look)

    It has a mild fragrance.

    Hellebores are blooming their fool heads off.

    I wished they would hold their heads up though.

    Bracken Ferns are coming up from the dead. They get to be 4 to 6 foot tall and could be considered invasive (spreads pretty quickly)

    I don't remember planting this pink Dutch Hyacinth in the back. It may have come with something I dug up from the old house.

    Wood hyacinths and Arum Italicum are up and at 'em. The brown stems are from last year's bracken ferns.

    winter honeysuckle bushes (2 or 3 of them now). The scent on a warm breezy day is intoxicating. The only reason I have them is for the winter fragrance.

    Teeny tiny blooms. We used to hike climb Kennesaw Mountain when we lived at our last place. Between Little Kennesaw Mountain and (big?) Kennesaw Mountain, there was a lovely scent in February. It would take me at least 3 years to follow my nose to where the scent was coming from. It was winter honeysuckle.

    Two clumps of Naked Ladies.

    Thornless flowering quince doing its thing.

    I let the Nandinas keep their fruit this year and I hope I am not going to regret it.

    Yucca 'Color Guard' is a bright variegated plant.

    Some daffodils that are open in the front yard

    This camellia is doing well.

    One of the hyacinths in the front yard is in full bloom. More bulbs are close.

    One of my other camellias is doing okay, not great.

    Speaking of Camellias, the ABG is having their annual camellia show this weekend. I have a begonia meeting tomorrow, so Sunday we will go downtown to see the gardens and the camellia show. There is only one more camellia I want if I can find it - I think it is 'Black Magic'. I have six named varieties but only know for sure one of the names and it is 'R.L. Wheeler' (probably the best known of the camellias)

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    >>’s true that people see things differently..<<

    Comments on the glass half empty meme or the weather?

    >>yes the photos are my forsythia..I’m one of those that thought there was an N in the name (heard it pronounced this way forever) until you told me..glad you did..<<

    Forysthia and flowering quince are planted next together at some homes because they bloom around the same time - yellow and red.

    >>I prefer shrubs with a natural look too..<<

    For the most part I prefer natural but boxwood and some yews look better hedged into pompoms or square boxes.

    >>some people shouldn’t be allowed to prune plants..<<

    Ain't that the truth? HA!

    >>that was a very pretty banana..<<

    I thought so too. I had one at our last home that was almost as nice. Oh well, live and learn?

    >>from freezing to 81 in a few days is absurd..our weather is equally absurd..<<

    We only shopped yesterday as it was semi-cold but blustery wind made it feel a lot colder. It is 25 here this morning. I can't wait until Wednesday and Thursday for those high 70's, low 80's. Of course, that can change in 24 hours.

    >>they say you’ll attract more birds with water than with food..the birds enjoyed the birdbath today in spite of the cold..

    at your house the birds get water and food!..<<

    We used to just do food, but then my wife started with birdbaths. What gets me is how they crap in the water. I don't mind when they take a bath, drink water, but why do they poop in the water? Maybe it is some other critter, but I don't think so.

    >>your plants are ahead of mine of course..<<

    That makes sense. Kind of like Florida is ahead of us and Mexico ahead of Florida. That said, there are some plants that will not grow in warmer/hotter zones.

    >>took a screenshot of a honeysuckle like mine..I think yours is probably not this one..I never noticed much of a fragrance on mine..<<

    I am no honeysuckle expert, but I only grow the winter-blooming sweet-smelling one. I am trying to layer my mother's Major Wheeling red honeysuckle (that she got from me at our last house). It has no scent but so nice to see in full bloom. If you like your honeysuckle (I assume you do?) then I would keep it. I try to remove all the wild honeysuckle vines, but I do enjoy their scent when we encounter it in our hikes.

    >>fyi..mine has opposite leaves, hollow stems and red berries..<<

    I suppose all honeysuckles are this way for the most part. I do have two miniature, variegated Loniceras too. One is Baggesen's Gold.

    >>I had 2 camellias when I lived in CA..a white and a pale pink..they were there when I moved in and there when I moved out 5 years later..<<

    Can you grow Camellias in your zone? They seem to be very hardy here. My grandmother tried it in TN but unsuccessful I was told. Back then, it was a lot colder than it is now.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Well, shoot! First thing this morning was Firefox froze on me so I had to shut it down. Luckily I copy your text and my replies into Notepad so I can copy and paste once I am back up in Firefox and GW. Then I tried posting some photos in a second reply and hit the backspace on my last photo and I get the ubiquitous reply from GW "Oops, something went wrong" GRRR!

    I am going to try again by adding photos first and commenting later in an edit.

    These photos are from late April 2015 at my parents' house. My dad passed later

    in September but his gardens still looked good that spring.

    Yay, the pictures posted so now I can add some comments.

    first two are Major Wheeling Honeysuckle

    next two are old fashioned snowball bush

    next two are of the same rhododendron

    good sized JM in full sun

    two of the hosta bed

    burning bush that has been cut many times over the years

    last one was of a JM that died over the last few years. There was a big red maple that gave it some shade and it was removed, so we wonder if it also caused the demise of this magnificent JM.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    Here are a couple pix of a Japanese honeysuckle I allowed to grow up a volunteer willow on the property for the twisted trunk only. The willow blew over and the vine is across the fence - Ruh-Roh.

    The small leaf Lonicera I have (this was from 2014 when I planted it. It is still there but dwarfed by all the other plants around it.

    Here is one on one of our hikes. I like the color.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month
    last modified: last month

    This is my last Lonicera I got a couple of years ago. Sorry no personal photos that I can find.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    >>I slept from 1 to noon today!..I was tired..we worked hard yesterday doing things inside..trying to get ahead before my husband will be recovering..for instance we pulled the refrigerator out and cleaned behind it..<<

    That must be nice. I got up at 2:30 AM and went to the begonia meeting at noon (left the house around 11). Got back at 3:30, had a quick bite, and then did a leisurely 2 mile hike. Went to bed at 9 and up a little after midnight. Sleeping patterns are all awry.

    >>your parents home and garden remind me of the former homes of my parents and sisters..large park like yards..all of them owned riding mowers..they moved years ago to downsize the yards and have newer homes with easier maintenance..if your mother ever moves you should take some of the hosta..they would have sentimental value to father removed plants to avoid mowing around them!..I would find out too late..the deed was done when I’d hear about it 🙁..<<

    The hostas look nothing like they once did. I guess my dad kept them weeded out and fertilized more than I thought. Your father is like my mother - she would rather mow everything than weed the beds.

    >>the variety in the plant world is amazing..look how many honeysuckles!..variegated leaves..blooms of different colors..mine is a volunteer invasive..was here when I moved in..native plant purists would hate me for leaving them but I need them for now..<<

    TRUTH! The botanists/growers continue to find new plants and breed more excitement all the time. Yep, the invasive Japanese honeysuckles are not welcome in my yard but they don't hold a candle to the very invasive KUDZU.

    >>I have a new leaf on my alocasia..<<

    I bought the Silver Dragon a couple of months ago from Sam's (in TN) and it has a new baby plant. I thought if the pot ever fills completely then I will separate some of the newer plants and give to a few special people (mostly in the begonia club and my daughters if they want one).

    >>the black colocasia in the brown urn at the top of the photo don’t overwinter well..they never have..they start growing when I put them out..I love this urn and don’t leave it out during the winter..this urn deserves a better plant..I plan to put the black colocasia in a smaller pot this summer..the alocasia in the dining room..<<

    I typically keep my colocasia moist in winter (if I didn't leave them outdoors in the ground that is).

    >>good thing we don’t use the dining room..😜<<

    Oh, NO! My wife made the ground rules at this house that I was not to turn all the rooms into plant rooms. That said, I have one AV in our bathroom on the master tub (we don't use the tub except when our grandkids were toddlers) and a baker's rack in the kitchen that has 4 plants on it right now (it had more a few years ago). The rest are in the basement. I guess it is a good thing she put down the rules as I would probably use all the rooms upstairs, but then climbing the stairs to water them would be a challenge as we age.

    >>sunny and 40’s today..maybe I’ll take a stroll in my yard..<<

    We started at 25 yesterday morning and by the time I got home to eat a quick bite, it was 54. I went on our hike in a long sleeve lightweight shirt. Some folks were in shorts and tees, while others had jackets or vests on. I can't believe it will be 81 here on Thursday (yes, I can).

    Wow, I had to look back last year to find the Silver Dragon Alocasia. I actually bought this in early October.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    last month

    I remember that your wife didn’t want plants upstairs..I didn’t really ask my husband if I could bring plants in Lol..

    fortunately we can function with the plants inside..but I really do look forward to mid May when they go out..

    I was out today for several hours doing my typical clean up..mid 50’ was pleasant..I needed some relaxation before tomorrow..

    we’re each taking a bag tomorrow..I’ve been mentally packing for a few days..

    surgery’s at 12:45..we need to be there at 9:45..a 2 and a half hour surgery..he’s staying one night in the hospital for sure..they think he’ll do well and should only stay one night..I’ll be gathering and packing tonight..

    I admit I’m sad and we’ve said before aging stinks..🙁

    we can only push through the misery right?..we have no choice..

    we’re both actually glad to put this behind us..

    I’ll comment when I can..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month
    last modified: last month

    >>I remember that your wife didn’t want plants upstairs..I didn’t really ask my husband if I could bring plants in Lol..<<

    Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission type person? I used to do as I liked (I still do to a degree), but I try to keep the peace as much as possible.

    >>fortunately we can function with the plants inside..but I really do look forward to mid May when they go out..<<

    The joys of houseplants means they need winter shelter.

    When I kept a few houseplants on the main floor.

    Begonia Shamus next to the living room window (2007). The cat bed is next to it.

    Martin's Mystery in the kitchen corner by the door to the deck.

    Cheaper baker's rack in the kitchen back then

    Our cat sniffing out Art Hodes. He and the carpet are long gone.

    Bare rhizomes in winter - not that exciting, is it?

    >>I was out today for several hours doing my typical clean up..mid 50’ was pleasant..I needed some relaxation before tomorrow..<<

    It's always good to get some things done, no matter how small before the big day (I guess the big day is over). I hope you and your husband get some rest tonight.

    We did a hike yesterday and today. Yesterday was simple with the smallest trail and the hills are not too strenuous. Today was longer with higher hills and I was carrying my big camera, a backpack with lenses and filters, and a small tripod.

    >>we’re each taking a bag tomorrow..I’ve been mentally packing for a few days..<<

    It's good to pack some reading material, clothes, overnight personal hygiene items, snacks, etc. when going to the hospital.

    >>surgery’s at 12:45..we need to be there at 9:45..a 2 and a half hour surgery..he’s staying one night in the hospital for sure..they think he’ll do well and should only stay one night..I’ll be gathering and packing tonight..

    I admit I’m sad and we’ve said before aging stinks..🙁

    we can only push through the misery right?..we have no choice..

    we’re both actually glad to put this behind us..

    I’ll comment when I can..<<

    I hope everything worked out well for both of you today. It is a tough day for the patient and loved ones. We just went through this last year (the last day in January) and by the time she was out and ready to go home, it was 8 PM. Very long day.

    I actually did a reply this morning but was looking for a photo to add. By the time I got back from our hike, good old MS booted my computer and all was lost. I cannot blame this on GW, and I really don't think it was my fault other than waiting too long to get back to the reply. GRRR!

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    >>great timing!..husband’s dozing..caught up with my texts and could play on the phone and saw your reply..

    he’s doing very well!..Dr said ”no problems whatsoever..his rotator cuff was pretty good”..he had a nerve block and his shoulder, arm and fingers are numb..he also has a pain pack with a catheter dispensing he’s not in pain for now..

    he’s walked..had breakfast food for dinner..sat in a chair for over 2 hours..doing great..

    I’m staying here tonight..he would be fine but I want to’s educational for me..learning how to help him..he’s not supposed to move that shoulder for 2 weeks!..for now his physical therapy is opening his hand and spreading his fingers apart..and tapping his thumb on each of his fingers..<<

    That is good news. Glad everything went well and he is walking and eating (hospital food is not the best, is it?)

    >>nurse is here to go for another walk..

    more later..thanks for your good thoughts..

    we did 2 laps..he was as steady as a rock..the nurse told him to slow down!..part of it is he’s tall and takes big steps..<<

    HAHA - he is ready to get out of there. Follow the doctor's orders and everything should go according to plan. Some people rush recovery and find themselves in the hospital again.

    >>I’m sure both of us with long term marriages ARE thoughtful of our mates..we make joint decisions almost me the plants were a no brainer..I don’t want them to die so they have to come in..Ha!<<

    It's give and take. We have to bite our tongues at times, and yell in private at other times.

    >>I think your baker’s rack is cute..<<

    It worked for years and years.

    >>I think? over the course of the day today the highest temperature on my phone was was sunny and beautiful..would’ve been out if I was home..<<

    We were at 71 today so I wore shorts on the hike. Glad I did. I forgot that it is a holiday and was surprised to see how many folks were at the park. My wife reminded me of the reason that it was so busy. I think it will be similar tomorrow and Wed and Thursday it is going to be 80. Orlando at 91. Wow!

    >>forgot this..they took him back at hour and 15 mins ahead of was great..<<

    It is easy to forget the small details when you're stressed out.

    I was stressed out a little setting up my camera on a tripod (in water) with a Big Stopper on the lens and trying to calculate how much time to hold the shutter open.

    I had some luck, but should do better the next time.

    daffodils on our way to the back of the park.

    The scene I thought came out pretty good. That was six seconds at f/11 ISO 400.

    Same scene with my phone. Quite a difference.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    >>a rough night..Dr was here this morning..says his surgery was fine and this pain is not unusual..he sent an anesthesiologist..after an ultrasound he gave my husband another nerve block..after monitoring him a few hours he was discharged..<<

    Sometimes it takes more pain meds to get the patient on the road to recovery. When my wife had her big toe operated on last year, the anesthetist recommended a block that would block pain up to 3 days. They highly recommended it. After 3 days it started to wear off and she had to start hitting the Advil (she didn't get the prescription filled as it was some kind of opioid). I cannot remember if she ever broke down to get the prescription filled or not.

    >>I’m a little nervous but my husband is sleeping in his recliner as happy as a clam..<<

    It's good to get some sleep and be happy as a "clam". Beats tossing and turning in pain.

    >>”yell in private” Lol..<<

    Biting my tongue as I am yelling in silence.

    >>that is a lovely peaceful creek scene..would love a creek on my own property..

    the color is prettier on the photo taken with your photography equipment but the phone photo isn’t terrible..<<

    That creek would be a great addition to any backyard but it is probably 1/3 of a mile long from the big pond to the river (they call it a creek but it sure is wide for a creek). The phone camera often paints an unreal image. My first time of using the Samsung Note (the original) at my grandson's pre-K school (that was 9 years ago) was a bright blue rug that the kids did their little act for the parents/grandparents on. My eyes were deceived as the real color was a dark, dingy blue.

    This was Walmart back in 2015 taken with my old Note 4. Very colorful. This year the balloons were mostly missing. I thought their Valentine displays were so colorful that I snapped a few photos. I think the phone made it even more colorful.

    This might have been the blue rug I was talking about (my memory is not what it once was). It looks bright blue here, but in reality it was quite dingy.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    last month

    I got my new phone today. What a bear it was to get all my stuff transferred from the old phone to the new one, set up all the passwords/apps, and the calendar and email were the two worst to get to sync up. The salesman thought he had transferred most everything but I had 65 contacts out of 250 or so. I was missing my mother, my daughters, and several of the folks I deal with locally. I found some help on line on how to do it, so I got it started and it only took ten minutes to transfer everything. The rest of the time was getting the passwords entered for several apps, getting the calendars synced, and getting my email set up once more (could not do it from either phone but the good old laptop came to the rescue). Now I can take my old phone back to the store to get $1,000 credit.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    last month
    last modified: last month

    a tough night..offered to go back to the hospital but he didn’t want to..he did sleep for 2 hours and then 5 hours..better sleep than at the hospital..

    he has nerve pain..his meds don’t stop it..called the Dr when the office opened today..they gave him a drug for nerve pain (gabapentin)..was discussed in the hospital..could kick myself for not bringing it up again before he was discharged..we got it fast today..sister picked it up..he took it at 10 am..sleeping now..

    a wet gloomy day..glad we’re home and don’t need to do anything..

    my surprise lilies look bigger..

    what Samsung did you get?..I’m sure it’s great..I was a hot mess at the hospital using both of our phones..going from android to iPhone all day..but I did it!..used group texts but still used the phones a lot..

    setting up a new phone is a bit of my case a lot of work..Lol

    I’m used to my phone now..had a very tiny bit of frustration using his..

    your old Walmart photos are decent..from what I read..if you bought a Samsung S23 Ultra..they say it’s the best phone camera for close ups..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    27 days ago

    >>a tough night..offered to go back to the hospital but he didn’t want to..he did sleep for 2 hours and then 5 hours..better sleep than at the hospital..<<

    I know you posted this 3 days ago, so I hope he is doing a lot better. What is happening today?

    We went to TN on Wed and came home yesterday. Between lots of driving, poor sleep, and working my new phone, it has been better.

    >>he has nerve pain..his meds don’t stop it..called the Dr when the office opened today..they gave him a drug for nerve pain (gabapentin)..was discussed in the hospital..could kick myself for not bringing it up again before he was discharged..we got it fast today..sister picked it up..he took it at 10 am..sleeping now..<<

    That sounds like a much needed relief. Sleep and rest is often the best things for recovery.

    >>a wet gloomy day..glad we’re home and don’t need to do anything..<<

    It was HOT in TN on Thursday (81 to 83) so we did get a lot of yard clean up for my mother. Friday it turned chilly and it rained. We visited my MIL at the assisted living place on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, she told my wife that she didn't need any snacks or coffee, but Friday she called and said she did. GRRR! It is a 50 mile round trip from my mother's house. Friday afternoon we visited my wife's sister at her new home (that was about a 90 mile round trip). Nice new home, but you would not like it as the yard is kind of blank. Two big trees in the backyard with a good sized lake (big enough for canoes). The lot is flat as a pancake.

    >>my surprise lilies look bigger..<<

    They tend to put size on each year (clumping), don't they?

    >>what Samsung did you get?..I’m sure it’s great..I was a hot mess at the hospital using both of our phones..going from android to iPhone all day..but I did it!..used group texts but still used the phones a lot..<<

    The S23 Ultra. Why were you using both phones? Were the phone numbers distributed between the two? I know I don't have all my wife's contacts and she definitely doesn't have all mine (a lot of mine are casual, mainly email). The transfer at the phone store didn't go very well, so I was glad he mentioned I could take my old phone home with me for 30 days without losing the trade-in value. I had 65 contacts when I got home, but was missing some key people (including daughters, wife, etc.) Within 10 minutes, I had transferred everything over (over 230 contacts, 1300 messages, and no telling how many photos). I just did a master reset on my old one and will probably take it back to the store tomorrow. YAY! We hiked 4.4 miles this morning (that was grueling) and now ready to head over to Best Buy to look at phone cases. I want to see what they have in drones and new computers too (I am thinking of looking at the new Mac laptops as I hear they are so fast - more for photo processing than anything else). I was disappointed that Walmart and Sam's Club had nothing to offer in the way of protective cases for the new phone, but they had lots of cases for iPhone 14. I was also dismayed that there was no Best Buy in my old college town (we did look at their Walmart and Sam's, but it was like here).

    >>setting up a new phone is a bit of my case a lot of work..Lol<<

    In your defense, you had to learn a new system (this was your first iPhone, right?)

    >>I’m used to my phone now..had a very tiny bit of frustration using his..<<

    I find the iPhone too much to deal with switching to different apps to get information (such as a texted code to input into another app OR an email message to get a code from it). Android handles that case so much better. Maybe I am missing something on the Apple devices.

    >>your old Walmart photos are decent..from what I read..if you bought a Samsung S23 Ultra..they say it’s the best phone camera for close ups..<<

    The old Walmart photos were from my first one or two Samsung Note phones (I had the original, the 4, and the 8). Then I went to the S20 Ultra nearly 3 years ago. The new Ultra comes with the stylus (the Note types had the stylus - not a big deal, but came in handy once in a great while).

    Some photos from the new phone this past 3 days.

    Some daffodils at my mother's

    My mother had this huge tarp and a small one. We made the mistake of using the big one to begin with. I got sick the first day and only did a little work. Later in the day, I was able to help pull this pile (and a lot more that my wife piled on it) to the burn pile (in the back of the trees shown).

    close to sunset the first day

    at the assisted living place, I saw these bird feeders in front of these units.

    I had not seen this before or been told about it. A simple slinky makes a good squirrel baffle.

    I think this was on Friday when I took Rufus out for his first potty break. A flock of large birds were clicking/clucking their way across my mother's backyard. I knew in a few seconds these were Guinea hens. Must've been 30 or more and they moved as one group to begin with before fanning out. Rufus was a bit wary and I left him outside while I went and grabbed my new phone. I wished I could post a video of their noisy entrance.

    The second day at the assisted living home with a large pond close by.

    We ate with my wife's sister and her family at this restaurant (next to the golf course) and the outdoor dining had these cool clear glass garage doors on 3 sides. Maybe six length-wise and 4 width-wise. I thought this would be a very cool greenhouse (a roof to keep the hot sun off the plants and clear glass doors that can be opened at any time). I blurred the faces to protect the innocent (haha)

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    27 days ago

    2 of 2

    just 3 more photos..daffodils coming in the front..the neighbor’s boxwoods look terrible..mine looked better than theirs but I’m glad mine are gone..

    the brutal cold left my hellebores looking the worst they’ve ever looked..I started cleaning..what a job..

    I was out for 3 hours..can you see the area above the stones next to the sidewalk where I started cleaning? will take me a long time to tidy this up but that’s how I work..s-l-o-w..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    26 days ago

    >>husband’s doing great 🙂..don’t get me wrong..his shoulder hurts..but he’s coping really well..<<

    That's good news. I am sure the shoulder hurts and will for a while.

    >>he connected the battery charger to my car while I was asleep yesterday..started on the first try..I’m going tomorrow to get a new battery..the current one was installed 11-6-2014..then I helped him replace a bulb that just died in an outside light fixture..I think that could’ve waited but he wanted to do it so we did..<<

    I would say you got your money's worth out of that battery. Five to seven years is great for any car battery.

    >>we’re very organized with his medicine..I write it down..I want to keep track of it..<<

    You can set timers on your phone for the meds. After my cataract surgery, I set four alarms (as I recall) for the 4 different eye drops I had to apply (seems like one med went a full four weeks with it dropping off from 4 times a day to 1 time a day per week).

    >>he slept 6 and a half hours last night..not bad!..<<

    That sounds really good. I got up twice last night with the second time, just giving up and coming to the living room. I took some Advil PM at that poing and eventually it kicked in (maybe 4 AM - I got up at 1:30) and I fell asleep on the couch until almost 9.

    >>wow 83!..not here..I’m wearing a fleece coat when I was out yesterday and today..<<

    Weather is so weird. Look at California with record snowfall (and mudslides) and tornadoes in other states.

    >>awww your MIL made me smile changing her mind about snacks..but it was inconvenient 🙁..<<

    The things we do to help out our aging mothers. Maybe one day we will be there and need help.

    >>”you would not like it as the yard is kind of blank”..true!..I need trees to be happy..a lake would be pretty..<<

    I could kick myself for not taking any photos of the house (inside and out) and the lake with the two lone trees.

    >>my lilies today..the ones I posted a few weeks ago..and a group I uncovered today..<<

    Those are lilies? They might be Lycoris?

    >>too many leaves on these when I planted them last fall..<<

    They may have to go further to break ground (or leaves) but they know it is time to start growing again.

    >>I would’ve bought the same phone as you if I’d stayed with an android..<<

    I doubt I will swap phone manufacturers this late in life. I could never go back to Apple, unless it became so superior or Samsung got really bad.

    >>yes calls and texts were coming in on both phones..easier to use both..<<

    Oh, I remember those days (work) where I had my work phone, personal cell phone, home phone (served as my office phone as I was a telecommuter), and two weeks out of six with the duty phone. What a pain in the rear those years were.

    >>it feels great doesn’t it when a new phone is set up..<<

    Well, it feels good to have it set up and working. Now, great is a word I reserve for over the top.

    >>I bought a phone faster than I found a case..<<

    There are a lot more choices in a case than a phone. You chose Apple, so you had to pick out the size, and color, and memory configuration. Simple. I knew I was going to get the S23 Ultra so I had to choose color (some kind of green) and memory configuration (I think it was 256 GB as it was the smallest I could get this time around - the last time it was 128 GB). The problem with the case is all the stores had gobs of cases for the iPhone, but precious little for the S23. I don't know if that meant 1) the S23 was selling out like hot cakes or 2) the stores didn't think there would be enough demand for S23 cases. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

    >>yes buying an iPhone did make the switch more complicated..but I’ve adapted..<<

    It's adapt or die. Well, not that extreme, but enough to make one wish they could undo their choices.

    >>I have friends and relatives (my own husband!) with androids..androids dominate worldwide..<<

    I don't know what the numbers are today. Seems like back in the early 2000's, that iPhone was leading everyone by a factor of 9. I think their big mistake was not making bigger sized phones for a number of years. That allowed Samsung (and others) to chip away at Apple's clout over the smart phone industry. Remember the iPod? That was so popular, that it seemed like they had a lock on the entire industry. I think the iPhone helped kill the ever popular iPod.

    >>my neighbors in back burned debris yesterday..wish they’d burn the lattice and fake ivy Ha!!!..<<

    Ah, life is too good to wish your neighbors to do the "right thing".

    >>some of my daffodils have buds..<<

    The daffodils at the hiking park are over for another year. Gibbs Garden opens on March 1st and I hope they have a good display as I want to see "Daffodil Hill" this time around.

    >>a slinky for a baffle sounds like a great idea!..<<

    I wished I had seen this "life" hack months ago. I don't know how many poles, baffles, and other ideas to keep squirrels off the feeders we've gone through. Oh well, I think we finally have the squirrel problem under control. The Slinky idea (if it works) would've saved a lot of time and money.

    >>thought of you when I saw this..<<

    Oh yeah, I copied that picture of half greenhouse and half house off FB and sent it to friends and family a few weeks ago. Great minds think alike.

    >>the doors in that restaurant would be wonderful for greenhouse doors 👍..<<

    I thought so too. I wonder if the neighbors would object if I did something like that.

    >>scared to add more pics..<<

    I do not blame you. I've often posted too many photos to have the entire reply go off in the ether and die.

    >>just 3 more photos..daffodils coming in the front..the neighbor’s boxwoods look terrible..mine looked better than theirs but I’m glad mine are gone..<<

    Some of my mother's shrubs lost all their leaves due to that bitter cold snap around Christmas. I think they will leaf out with all these warm days upon us now.

    >>the brutal cold left my hellebores looking the worst they’ve ever looked..I started cleaning..what a job..<<

    I never cut my hellebores' leaves as they always disappear eventually while new leaves come on. My mother is like you - she likes the old leaves cut off.

    >>I was out for 3 hours..can you see the area above the stones next to the sidewalk where I started cleaning? will take me a long time to tidy this up but that’s how I work..s-l-o-w..<<

    It starts with a step - one foot in front of the other. Or so the experts of the old adages say. It seems like it will never get done, but days or weeks later, it's like magic - it is all done. Time for a new project.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    26 days ago

    Some photos from this past week up to today.

    Our purple magnolia with 24-105 lens (first one is 24mm)



    Walmart having seed classes for children?

    They don't have a lot of plants at this time but the cyclamen looked nice

    Home Depot today - these are all outside photos. I am surprised they have this many houseplants outdoors in late Feb (despite the nicer temps)

    Hike yesterday (4.4 miles) - resurrection ferns on a rock

    Trout Lilies are up and blooming

    Way down there is the river (or very large creek)

    Turtles are out enjoying the warmer temps

    Today, we separated for a short while (wife took Rufus for a hike and I took photos with the new phone)

    big stand of crane fly orchids

    It was misting to begin with - hence the cheap rain gear.

    I can't remember what this tiny wildflower is. I noticed the Bluets were blooming yesterday in the meadow.

    At least the flood waters subsided so I was able to get to the bottom.

    I love these block like boulders on the other side. I wonder how they came out to be so "cubic"?

    So tranquil at this spot.

    The stairs back up have become much harder this year. Knees, hips, etc.

    This pile of boulders is a favorite spot for kids and young adults to get their pictures made.

    My hyacinths are doing well and the lilies are coming up strong.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    25 days ago

    >>rained most of the day but we had a good day..called the Dr’s office to ask for pain pills..picking them up tomorrow..<<

    I suppose your husband had pain pills already to get him through the rest of the day and night.

    Sunny here - supposed to get to 78 (may have already). We did a good hike this morning - glad to get that over with.

    >>the first time leaving my husband a new battery at the Honda dealership then picked up Chick-fil-A..our battery was 8yrs 4mos old Lol..<<

    That is a long life for any battery. An original battery usually quits before you get the thing paid off these years.

    We went to Chick-Fil-A on our way home Saturday (out of our way by 3.1 miles). Sometimes nothing else will do. Filled up with gas, and asked Google for the nearest Chick-Fil-A to us and it was in the same town, except it was not close to the interstate. To get back to the interstate, it was over 6 miles - guess it was not the closest way to home instead of the exit we got off at.

    >>tomorrow the pharmacy and Aldi..and then I can go out!..the forecast says 53 and sunny..<<

    Go out? Shopping? The backyard?

    >>I considered the alarms on my phone..since we basically never leave I keep tabs on the time easily enough..and I’m writing it down (for now)..after tomorrow morning he’s finished with antibiotics..🙂<<

    That's great that he will be finished with his antibiotics. When (and if) you get cataract surgery, you will have a regimen of eye drops to take. Setting up multiple alarms is easy on the smart phone (including putting in the exact prescription if you so desire). I have had alarms to remind me to move plants back inside during cool/cold months, take the trash out on trash day, doctor appointments (of course), and other events to remind me of.

    I also downloaded a free white noise app. I go to brown noise as it seems calmer than white and only use it at hotels.

    >>the weather is weird..<<

    No doubt about it. We met a man on our way down from the high hills earlier today and had a small chat with him. We were talking about weather (how nice it is and how California had freak snow storms). I said no one of our age can deny that climate change is real. He agreed and was talking about weather back home in England. He said "you know I am from England, right?" I hate that form of a question (right?) so I said "No, I was not aware you were from England." He said "I moved here when I was 15, so my accent is not what it was when we moved here". (Makes sense to me) Anyhoo, he said that he visits the old town he was from and it is normally 75 in summer, but this past summer it was 100 or more and most folks don't have A/C. Bummer.

    >>we‘ll all need help someday..😔<<

    If we live long enough.

    >>that IS surprising that you didn’t get pics of the new house..maybe busy talking?..<<

    Could be. Maybe I was not that interested when we got there, but now I am kicking myself. I bet we will visit again in the near future, despite the distance.

    >>I said lilies but they are lycoris..<<

    That is what I thought.

    >>I switched because of my sisters..<<

    Reasons could be anything, doesn't really matter why, but that you did it for yourself and are happy with your decision.

    >>right at this moment..I pulled out my Samsung..googled begonia forum..didn’t sign in but tapped your post and now I can write without scrolling since I see the post on my old phone 😂<<

    This is the first time I traded in my previous phone. We usually held on to our old phones like we would find a use for them. Then the next time we upgraded, we would donate the old phones (usually Target store) and keep the previous one. AND REPEAT. It feels good to get rid of the previous phone this time and get a good credit for it.

    >>I’m glad my new phone feels normal now..

    ”adapt or die” 😂😂😂..glad I conquered it..<<

    I tried to get my mother to get to a smart phone last month (we were paying for it), but she liked the comfortable feeling of the old flip-phone. She still has issues with the basic flip-phone. I showed her that the red button will take her back to the previous menu, etc. She claimed that the phone "froze up". NO, it didn't freeze up, you just need to keep hitting the red button to take you back to Home. GRRR! A smart phone is so much easier once you learn the icons of your favorite apps such as THE PHONE. HAHA!

    >>just a joke about my neighbors burning their yard decor Ha!..I say things to you and I do hate their garden style (?)..but I refuse to let them spoil my garden joy..and they don’t..<<

    I understand. We all have our pet peeves. I don't like certain drivers and some politicians. My wife thinks I obsess over these two items.

    >>if I were your neighbor a greenhouse with glass overhead doors wouldn’t bother me in the least..<<

    If I could hide it with evergreen shrubs or trees, it might just blend in.

    >>I love garden cleaning (just like your mother)..removing old hellebore leaves is satisfying..they look so pretty afterward..<<

    To each their own. I am the lazy gardener at times. I say "Let it rot."

    >>Wow!..33 photos!!! never stop taking pics..but spring and summer beauty make pics extra fun!..<<

    Yes, it even had me holding my breath on that previous post.

    >>to me magnolias equal the south..<<

    At least Southern Magnolia (M. grandiflora). The magnolias I have are from Asia. I think the southern one is native here.

    >>love to see children involved in gardening..<<

    I think children have a little curiosity about nature and growing plants from seeds is one big mystery.

    >>the cyclamen are sitting on tables like mine!..sturdy, practical and I can’t believe what I paid for them Lol..<<

    Where did you get your tables? I like plastic sturdy tables for outdoors - no rust, no rot.

    >>your Home Depot pics made me time will come but I’m jealous..<<

    If we get a killing frost before mid-April, I won't be surprised. HD has the bucks to dispose of frozen mush. I wonder if the grower takes a hit if that happens. I heard that the plants at Walmart are the grower's problem if it doesn't sell. That makes no sense to me.

    >> long does your 4.4 mile hike take?..nice that it’s so warm..<<

    About two hours. We (or I should say I) have slowed down. My heartrate is getting higher on the uphill climbs and my glutes and thighs are burning as never before. Something is going on - arthritis, heart issues, or just old age?

    >>I took a jacket today but didn’t wear it in the car or take it into the lounge at the dealership..<<

    I always like to have extra outerwear if the weather is unpredictable. I can always take off outerwear, but I can't put it on if I didn't bring it with me.

    >>the turtles are adorable..<<

    They are amusing to see. Not a lot of action like birds and mammals though.

    >>were you satisfied with the close shots of your new phone?..they look nice to me..<<

    I haven't taken any real close ups with the new phone until today. Bluets are blooming so I got pretty close to one earlier today.

    >>I don’t know the white wildflower..<<

    I should but my memory is blank. I know I look this stuff up each year, but I forget about it until the next year.

    >>I like ruins and boulders Ha!..<<

    Me too! And it changes looks with the weather and seasons.

    >>those stairs do look tough..that’s why eventually everyone wants a one level home!..<<

    They aren't too tough until you start having problems with joints, heart, and lungs. I used to run steps (a long time ago) and could walk these without a lot of heavy breathing, but yesterday I was winded.

    >>nobody would offer this..but I’d allow dumping of free huge boulders on my property..<<

    You never know. You could put an ad in one of your media sites and say "Free dumping of boulders in my yard". You might have a problem when they dump it in your driveway though.

    >>I never planted them but just never bought any..<<

    A few Dutch Hyacinths are nice to have planted. You might do better with them than I do due to colder weather in your region.

    >>feels great to take care of my car longer having a trip to the dealership hanging over my head..<<

    We usually take our cars to our respective dealerships and drop them off for the day (or two). So convenient to let them do the work while you do the things you want to take care of.

    >>I hope both you and my husband sleep well tonight..I hate that he needed shoulder surgery..😓<<

    It was another bad night for me (got up at 2:30) and fell back asleep around 5:30 on the couch. I hope your husband did better than me. At least, shoulder surgery is fairly safe and helpful today. Can you imagine surgery before "germ theory", anesthesia, diagnostic equipment, and trained surgeons and nurses?

    >>could be worse..<<

    It can always be better or worse. I will take the current situation over worse any day.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    25 days ago

    Two greenhouses I found on Pinterest earlier this morning.

    I will take one of each. HAHA!

    Bluets from earlier today.

    Can you see them all? They are super tiny.

    Okay, I got down to about an inch away from a small one. Not great, but not bad either.

    Bluets from last year with the previous phone (S20 Ultra)

    My neighbor's weedy bluets (full sun) and may be a different type.

    The wife and Rufus headed to the return portion of the trail (downhill from now on)

    A rock outcropping below the "cave" at 1x optical zoom.


    10x is of no interest, but here it is anyway

    Carolina Jasmine is blooming (not a great specimen here), the leaning tree is a maple that is now full of seed, and the tree on the left is probably a maple in bloom (not sure until I see the flowers close up).

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    24 days ago

    >>I just lost my fault..but I’m annoyed!!!..I’ll try to recall my thoughts..<<

    It happens to us all, from time to time.

    >>had a nice day..errands and a haircut..didn’t go out but I will tomorrow..<<

    I haven't done anything gardening wise. I need to water downstairs.

    >>ever notice some record highs aren’t recent but from 100 years ago?..kind of confusing..<<

    That's why records are kept - to keep us grounded in facts.

    >>should probably check with your Dr about the health changes you’ve noticed..<<

    I will one of these days. I have an MRI next week and a biopsy a few days later (prostate). Old age is not for sissies or so I've heard.

    >>my plant stands are considered retail plant displays..they were available through Amazon but cheaper from the manufacturer..googled just now..didn’t see the place where I bought mine..I saw them on Displays2go..let you know if I find it..I might have a receipt..posting in parts..<<

    I can find cheaper versions of Walmart stands (not as dense or sturdy IMO). If I bought any of these stands I would have to do a lot of leveling the ground to make sure they don't fall over.

    >>we have several old phones too..<<

    So, what are your plans to do with them? We have zero old phones today. Yay. My wife even got rid of our old laptops and tower computer recently. The one thing I've kept is some old cameras with no intention of ever using again (my last film camera for example). Why do I hold on to things I will never use again?

    >>my Dad complained about the phone we bought him..I hope I can be adaptable as I age 😂..<<

    What were his complaints about the phone? Too many options? I love the smart phone and cannot imagine living without one today.

    >>I leave debris but I want it to be neat Lol..<<

    How do you make debris, neat? HA! Do you align it or stack it neatly?

    >>comments are out of order but oh well..<<

    Ah, it doesn't really matter if they are out of order. It's not a thesis where the thoughts are organized and laid out in progression.

    >>we don’t have wide open spaces so heavy equipment and boulders wouldn’t be won’t happen but I love the look..<<

    If there is a will (money), then there is a way. One of our neighbors had a pool put in their back yard (the fence was erected before the pool). This was a pool already formed. The pool company came in with a backhoe, tons of gravel, and a front loader to do all the prep work. When the formed pool was delivered (I didn't see the semi it was on or how it was laid on the bed), they had a huge crane lift the pool off the semi and reach over the house/fence to put the pool in the prepared hole. I wonder what the charge was just for delivery?

    ??my husband didn’t have a good night either..he didn’t sleep as long Mon night as the last few days..was like he took 3 naps..<<

    I know what that is all about. I went to bed at 10 last night, and was woken by a dream (it is always a dream) around 12:30. Couldn't get back to sleep due to a headache and stomach didn't feel all that good. So, I got up and took some Advil PM and Alka-Seltzer. Finally fell asleep on the couch after a couple of hours until 5:30 (wife got up at 5 to get ready for her volunteer work at Meals on Wheels). I am sure I will get a nap later on today.

    >>awesome greenhouses..<<

    A simple matter of money. They are worth dreaming about.

    >>zoomed in for a better look at the bluets..<<

    Some of the close ups from last phone came out pretty good.

    >>the close up is clear..on my old phone I’d take close ups but then deleted lots of them..<<

    I try to delete blurry photos and photos that make no sense (trees for instance - but I am sure I shot the scene for some reason when I was there). I have discovered I can still rescue dark photos in the digital darkroom (Photoshop and/or Lightroom).

    >>not sure if my phone has a 10x setting?..<<

    I looked up the settings on the iPhone 14 and it only has a 3x Optical Zoom.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    23 days ago

    >>I knew instantly after I switched screens that I blew it..and my comment was gone..😡<<

    I have started using Notepad to do my commenting so my diatribes are not erased by GW. I copy your replies and denote them with the >> and << signs. I can then comment at leisure, copy and paste into GW. I had to stop and take the recyclables to the recycle center. Good thing I was not typing this in GW.

    >>aging IS rough..<<

    Yep, it isn't for wusses, is it?

    >>my husband is he was on the floor on his good side to change the water filter on our refrigerator..he uses a foam knee pad that I bought end of summer on clearance at Target over 20 years’s been useful..I handed him things but he did the hard part..he has the date it’s due on the calendar on the desktop..<<

    Couldn't changing the refrigerator filter wait until he is better? Anyhoo, glad to hear he is feeling well enough to do some of the tasks at hand.

    It sounds like my mother's refrigerator - her filter is at the bottom left of the refrigerator. Her filter is a pop-out while ours is inside and to the top left corner and a quarter turn. We change ours out in Jan and July. The reminder light is kind of iffy, so I have decals stuck close to the filter as a reminder. We run around 2 gallons of water through after changing either filter (as I recall).

    >>I had an aha moment at Walmart when I saw their stands..”these would be great for me”..found them and bought them..<<

    You reminded me to search for them this morning. I will post two screen captures next.

    I would like the legs to be 24" instead of 12" though.

    >>I find my old Samsung phone plans for the others..<<

    I don't think I ever used any of our old phones, EXCEPT I tried using my wife's old iPhone 6 as a tracker for our previous dog. The only problem is the cheap arm band holder I bought for the phone was not that secure since the phone slipped out and was lost. The next day I went to the visitor center to see if anyone turned in her phone. They did have it but the battery was practically ruined. The only way to fix it was to get Apple (or authorized repair shop) to replace it. We were not going to spend any more money on it so donated it to the recycle bin at Target.

    >>Dad’s wasn’t a smart phone..this was years know what I think he didn’t like..that he was interrupted! mother would call checking on him..I think he was flustered if it rang when he was he stopped carrying it..<<

    I hear you. We bought my parents their first cell phone as an emergency phone. That was the way it was back in the late 90's. Over time, they upgraded every few years (smaller flip phone) and only turned it on when they wanted to make a call. I told them to leave it on, just in case we wanted to reach them (sometimes they were not home and I wanted to know if they were okay). They did that but often could not hear it ringing in my mother's purse. Win some, lose some?

    >>by neat debris I meant that it’s clipped so when I scatter it it lays branches with side shoots sticking up..<<

    Ah, cool.

    >>“not a thesis” Ha!..yeah random comments aren’t a problem..<<

    Another cool.

    >>yep money makes things possible..<<

    Money isn't everything, but it sure makes life easier.

    >>husband slept 5 hours..I heard him on the stairs and woke up..he wanted to stay downstairs so I went up..I slept until 10:17 Lol..about 5 hours..he took 2 recliner naps today..when I came in at 7 he said “I think I slept 3 hours”..I was glad..<<

    I slept in to 6:30 this morning and only had one bathroom visit. Yay. Naps are great too.

    >>is this right?..I can take a photo 3x optical zoom but enlarge a photo 15x?..<<

    Hmm, how to explain this. I don't know if enlarging 15x (zooming in with your pinch gestures) will start to pixelate or not from your phone's pix, but this is a form of digital zoom. The 3x Optical zoom is the max magnification you have on your phone (no digital zooming in other words). 15x digital zoom is actually cropping into the scene (software enlarging). In effect, you can take a picture at 3x optical (think binoculars or telescope), download your photo and blow it up to it just starts to pixelate, crop what portion of the picture you like and save that as a new image. If you do not download your photos, I think there are tools on your phone that you can enlarge and save the enlargement on your phone as well.

    The old cameras that were 4x5 inches could take a picture of a parrot flying in the forests of S. America that might be a small dot on the total scene, BUT when the area around the parrot is cropped into, then the image size might be the same size as a 35mm negative. That is an expensive way to get an excellent photo for you or me, but Nat Geo has a big budget for their photographers (or so I read or heard).

    I found out this morning that I can use voice command or gestures (like a hand waving) to activate my phone camera to take a shot (after a couple of seconds). Cool thing. I would like to have a voice command to zoom in/out smoothly as the pinching is jerky if and when I video record.

    >>was out for hours was beautiful..was wearing short sleeves..<<

    We did a short hike yesterday as I was carrying my big camera, lenses, big backpack, and my monopod to take photos of the turtles. I found out that I am getting weaker (hips started to hurt carrying that much gear), and my photo techniques need more work with the big lenses. The monopod is good but a tripod is 3x better. Out of 95 pictures, I kept 55 and could probably delete more. It was 78 degrees and I was wearing long gym pants. I wished I had worn shorts instead.

    These are all the original shots (downsized for the web), but can be cropped into.

    To give you an idea, here is what they looked like at twice the normal size (50 mm lens is normal and this picture was at 109 mm)

    Rufus playing keep away with the stick in his mouth.

    Carolina Jasmine in bloom (is it South or North Carolina) It should be called Southern Jasmine since it is everywhere.

    Kind of an overcast day, but you have to take what you can get.

    I didn't see him going in full depth, but he must have gone in neck deep at one point.

    Back home - Dutch Hyacinths, new skinny iris (what are they?), Asiatic lilies, and bearded iris. Te tiny Johnny Jump-Ups are looking halfway decent after deer browsing a few weeks ago.

    >>tomorrow’s not bad but today was better..<<

    Same here. It was raining on the way to the recycle center and a bit more coming home. I think we are stuck inside today. Oh well, I have a zoom meeting at 2 and need to water downstairs (it has been a week).

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    23 days ago

    The turtles were all done at one spot (there was two more spots I didn't include) were done with my 100-500 mm lens and the big 800 mm lens. All the shots except the next to the last one were done with the 100-500 with different focal lengths. The next to the last one was with the 800. I cropped into that particular photo by zooming in with Windows Photos and doing a print-screen. I cropped out what I wanted and saved it using Photoshop.

    Here are the two crops (the last one is at 100% (there is software where you can go beyond the optical resolution, i.e. extrapolate using software such as Topaz Gigapixel). PS I still had to downsize these for GW and web posting as each file was almost 40 MB.

    100% resolution

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    22 days ago
    last modified: 22 days ago

    >>you made me laugh with ”my diatribes are not erased by GW”..trying to duplicate comments that we took the time to write is infuriating..<<

    Trying to find a better way of keeping my comments before GW clobbers them is what I have been trying to perfect for a few weeks now.

    >>I thought and said the same thing..couldn’t the refrigerator filter wait?..he said “I don’t want to”..I bet we have your mother’s refrigerator..I hate the freezer (small)..but I wanted water and ice and this is the one that fit our space..<<

    Is your refrigerator a side by side? I think her refrigerator is a GE, but I could be wrong. Yeah, a couple weeks difference in a six month recommended schedule won't be too bad. I think my mother waits 3 years before she remembers to replace hers. She remembers when I am there so I can go buy her a new one and replace it too. HA!

    >>my table legs are 18”..for me the 24” legs made it harder on my shoulder to water the a perfect world several sizes would be great..taller stands for small pots shorter stands for large pots..<<

    That is a good compromise. I like the legs to actually be 36 inches so they are closer to observe the flowers/leaves and to water, but I would accept 24".

    >>I can’t imagine functioning without a smart phone now..but to our parents a mobile phone is a hassle Lol..<<

    They do so many things today and getting better each iteration of hardware and software.

    >>I think I follow the concept of your explanation about zooming..<<

    It is fairly simple when you see it in person. Go take a picture with your phone at 1x and 3x. Upload those to your computer and zoom in on the 1x photo until it looks like the 3x photo. You can see that the 3x shows more detail than the 1x when you "zoom in". The optical zoom should look neat and clear while the digital zoom (the 1x photo zoomed in 300%) looks a bit pixelated.

    >>before I came in today I took some close ups of buds on shrubs..some of the buds are out of focus..I was cold and in a hurry but the photos aren’t clear..

    4 buds top to bottom..#2 is fuzzy..and the stems on the right are fuzzy..guess I need more knowledge and practice..

    the crocus pic is better..

    the crocus were adorable earlier in the day..should’ve taken pics first not was cold..wore a coat..

    I do need to remind myself not to compare my phone camera pics with professional equipment pics..<<

    It is harder to get a close up with a phone because you cannot predict what the phone is choosing as the focus point. The best thing to do is put your hand behind what you want to focus on (the phone may focus on your hand but it won't be that far away). Practice helps, BUT you can take multiple photos of the same subject from different distances and viewpoints too. The beauty of digital. Practice moving the camera in small increments away from and to the subject to see it come into focus.

    The crocus are nice - looks like they are ready for warm weather.

    Phone cameras have come a very long way and have pushed out the compact camera makers because they are that good, can make phone calls, can post photos, and are always (most always) with us. I will show you some I did today at Gibbs Garden (I took a lot with my camera and a few with my phone).

    >>a voice command to activate your camera?..that is idea if my phone can do that..still need to learn more..<<

    Yep, that is what I read. I will have to experiment on that. I like how I can connect almost all my cameras (compact, GoPro, DSLR, MILC) to my phone and set some of the parameters, trigger the shutter, and a few more functions. That eats up the camera battery to put it in WiFi/Bluetooth mode, but it is built in, so why not use it?

    >>can’t remember if we talked about the terrain too rough to use a wheeled bag to haul your equipment?..<<

    I believe it would be inconvenient. I have seen a few folks try a baby stroller, a wagon, and even a wheeled bag at the park. I can't imagine pushing a baby in a stroller up a hill. We also see petite women having a baby strapped to their back and hiking. I could never do that - afraid I might fall and crush the baby.

    >>so cute how the turtles sit together on the log..<<

    Another turtle scene the same day (further down the shoreline). This is at 24mm

    105 mm (the lens was a 24 -105)

    and the 800

    I guess they like to "hang together" on logs and rocks.

    >>you sure gave Rufus a fantastic life..<<

    And so many dogs need a home, but I don't think we could do more than one at our age.

    >>if only I had the energy to educate myself about the camera functions of my phone..I want to but it’s easy to be lazy..just point..shoot..shoot..shoot..then delete the worst..😂<<

    That is what most of us do. Learn the basics and shoot away. When you get more interested in some other techniques is when you start looking for other ways to create more. YouTube is excellent for lots of things, including photography in its many forms.

    >>went to Costco today..<<

    Did you buy the store out?

    >>tomorrow won’t be nice..<<

    I haven't looked at the forecast for tomorrow. I just wanted to make it to Gibbs before the daffodils were over. I know I rushed my wife this morning to get ready and go. We stopped for gas and there must've been an accident right where we wanted to go. That kind of worked out. Then a little further up the road, I was hungry and had her go to Chick-Fil-A where we dined in. Anyhoo, I was glad that we didn't get rained on during our hour at the gardens. It rained some going up and more coming home. Rufus was snug and dry.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    22 days ago

    Gibbs Garden (a few shots this morning)

    My wife in a raincoat ready to go in

    welcome center and where to present your pass or buy a day pass

    cute little waterfall

    rainy Friday and not a lot of visitors - YAY

    follow the signs for the daffodils

    The ponds will look great when the waterlilies come on and in the fall to reflect the Japanese Maples changing colors.

    Another pond

    a few people out. We are about to lose our power for good. We've had several blinks so far.

    I talked to this guy 2 to 3 times. We have the same camera, but he decided to carry a tripod and the big lens (100-500 that I left at home).

    They had several test beds with IDs.

    The Forsythia had larger flowers and were extra dense compared to what I see closer to home.

    These must be late as they were coming into bud while other drifts/beds were about over.

    White flowering quince. They also had bridal veil spirea coming into full bloom as well.

    Knobby knees of the bald cypress are pretty cool too

    We didn't go very far today as my goal was to see the masses of daffodils in bloom. Took a few more photos on the way back to the exit (bought two bags of daffodils as the final gesture)

    with the phone - the drive back is gravel - UGH!

    The phone camera did pretty good and none of these were altered in the least. The ones from the big camera are RAW and needed minor tweaking before saving as JPG.

    Flowering crabs at a church back home (drive by - wife was driving her car)

    Redbud in bloom next to a stand of bamboo in our little town

    I don't know if these Bradford pears are on private property or part of our HOA entrance.

    I think I have 30 photos on this post. I hope it all goes, despite the blinking lights and light rain (some thunder)

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    22 days ago

    Are you on a slab? Crawl space? We had a sump pump put in our basement for the bathroom we had the builder install. We've replaced the pump twice ourselves - not a huge deal, but still an aggravation.

    Leaving the Walmart parking lot a little while ago was beautiful. The phone made it look like daylight so I had to tone it back a lot to resemble what I thought it looked like.

    full moon (or close to it)

    This may be somewhat true as this is the west side where the sun had already set.

    Headed back home (wife driving her car).

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    21 days ago

    >>the left side of the house (garage and lowest level) are on a slab..the right side (entry, liv, din, kit - middle level) is on a crawl space..husband has replaced a pump..but last fall we had our hvac company replace a working pump for peace of mind..<<

    Where is the pump located? Under the house or close to it? Ours is in the big utility room in the basement. The well was there (requirements these days?) and after we said we wanted a bathroom in the basement, they put a pump in plus all the other plumbing for shower, commode, and sink.

    >>we have a dry forecast for the next 6 days,,just what I want..<<

    We do too, but it is much cooler. The high will be 67 and tomorrow morning it will be 41 (I can live with that). The rest of the week looks great - 70's for the highs.

    >>husband’s doing great..sleeping right now in the recliner..<<

    That's great to hear about your husband. I take it that he is over most of the pain then?

    I had to lie down on the couch after our long day yesterday for half an hour. Mr. Rufus slept behind me and close to my feet. I don't mind that, but I hate it when he lies in my lap for too long - he is kind of heavy (not like our previous dogs of 85 and 92 pounds heavy).

    >>yes our refrigerator is a side by side..a Whirlpool..18 years old this month..bought it when we moved in March 23 2005..husband replaced the icemaker last year..still going strong..<<

    We had to replace our refrigerator in 2017 (I think it was a Whirlpool side by side as I recall) so it was just 13 years old. We got an LG with French doors and a big pull out bottom freezer. We wanted the double drawer pull out, but we needed a refrigerator ASAP, so we settled for the one drawer (Best Buy delivered the very next day). That was a big year for everything going bonkers - my camera, the refrigerator, and a new laptop (my previous one fell on the floor and damaged the motherboard).

    >>you’re miles ahead of me when it comes to photography..but I love playing with photos..<<

    I've been dabbling in it for 50 years and only in the last 20 or so, did I start studying it in more detail. It is amazing what you can learn online from other folks, whether they are enthusiasts (I like to put myself there), artists and pros, and even the folks who fancy themselves as the engineers who built these amazing cameras today.

    >>in theory a wheeled bag/cart sounds good but maybe in a natural setting not so great..scary thought about falling with a baby on your back..<<

    If the terrain isn't too steep or too risky, a wheeled cart/bag does sound like a great idea. For instance, a wheelbarrow makes a great tool for most landscapes, but if the terrain is steep and banked then it might be best to drag or carry smaller loads to the destination.

    >>the number of animals that need a home is heartbreaking..😪😪😪<<

    Life can be cruel at times. The lucky ones don't know they are lucky.

    >>we were almost out of cashews! I went to Costco knowing bad weather was coming..I didn’t ”need much” and still spent $100..<<

    That is one of the things about the bulk items at Sam's/Costco/and others - we often think we save a bunch of money buying in bulk, but storing these items became an issue for us. Also some things found at Sam's are not found elsewhere, so we have bought some items on impulse. We bought computers and TVs there but our last few have been at Best Buy for about the same amount of money.

    I had to go back and look at my photos from yesterday because I remembered I tried out my super wide angle lens (16mm) to see how they came out. I only took 3 photos with that lens. It really isn't much wider than the 24-105.

    Here is the first of the 3

    This second shot is starting to look a little like a fisheye lens.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    20 days ago

    >>the sump pump is in the crawl discharges in the front..the way the land slopes it was the logical choice.<<

    I'm sure the builder and plumber follow code (or hope they do). I certainly would trust them more than a non-builder or non-plumber.

    I'm fortunate I've never had a crawl space but know family and friends that have them. My sister's house's crawl space is almost tall enough to walk in (maybe 4 to 5 feet) while other folks have exactly that - a crawl space. I recall when I worked for a builder for a couple of weeks and had to "crawl" under the house with a carpenter to level the main floor. I was 24 then so it wasn't too bad.

    >>was out quite a bit today..worked in the front..<<

    One day I shall get around to some garden chores. No rush on my part.

    >>husband’s doing well..the pain is manageable..he’s made an effort to cut back on painkillers and he’s coping very well..<<

    That sounds great. If I remember right, my wife cut off the opioids a day or two after her nerve block (or whatever they call it) wore off. So about five days after the surgery, she was just using Advil for pain relief.

    >>sweet that Rufus wants to be near you..<<

    He is a keeper.

    >>my parents and one of my sisters have the freezer on the bottom style..I like the drawer freezer but would miss the water and ice on the door..<<

    They didn't have water and ice in the door despite the drawer freezer? Ours has that - the door ice dispenser is much smaller than the side by side model, but then we have a large drawer in the bottom freezer with lots of ice. Yay, 2 ice makers. We did not opt for the door in a door (for cold drinks) or even worse, a computer screen built into the door (that is taking things just too far).

    >>I’ve been interested in photography since Jan ’79..we bought a 35mm on the drive to move to 44 years..<<

    I delivered the base newspaper in Puerto Rico (Roosevelt Roads) when I was 4th grade. Saved my money and bought a Brownie camera, some B&W film, and started a photo album. Bought my first SLR when I was in the Navy in 74. Bought two more over the next 10 years or so. Got the Kodak 3MP, 2X optical zoom in Dec, 1999. I was hooked on digital since that time.

    >>I’m not sure that I’ve saved much money but I like Costco!..sometimes for 2 people we’re better off with a smaller size of something from Aldi..<<

    We have saved money at Sam's on a lot of things, but over time our spending habits have changed. Used to buy a lot of clothes there and still buy some here and there, just not as much. A Lee canvas jacket (looks like a Carhartt) for $35 or so. Lots of dress shirts, sweaters, jackets, gym wear at ridiculous low prices.

    >>I’ll be out again tomorrow..<<

    To Costco? In the yard?

    >>I feel bad for people that spend very little time outside..maybe it’s their choice but I’d hate living my life inside..<<

    Yep, that's the choices we all have. Live inside or outside and follow your dreams and passions.

    We met a woman on the trail yesterday and I said she looked like she was prepping for a long hike (backpack that looked loaded and two walking sticks). She said she was. I asked it was for the AT. She said it was the low hills in S.C. for ten days. I said I liked that idea but don't like sleeping on the ground these years. She said she loves sleeping in the great outdoors. I just hope she does not do this on her own - she said her friend said she was going to come, but her friend often pulled out of these kind of activities when it came about.

    >>agree there’s a slight fisheye lens look on photo #2..<<

    I agree. I used my phone yesterday to do a panorama of the catch basin of the big project near the Blue Trail. It came out very warped. I guess going 180 degrees will look warped. Maybe next time, I will shoot 120 degrees or thereabouts and see if that comes out better.

    The horizon looks nice and straight but the foreground and middle look like a very wide V shape.

    The park service finally got around to cutting the middle of the huge tree on the path. My wife walked under it for weeks, while I had to stoop a lot to clear it.

    Due to all the rains in the previous days, the water was raging yesterday.

    a volunteer choke cherry (I think it is one) in our side yard was full of blooms and bees yesterday

    Taken with the phone at super wide (0.5 X) 23mm equivalent to a 35mm camera

    normal - 1xn (69mm so I zoomed in a tad)

    and long tele 10x (230 mm so I was wrong that it was a 10x of normal view but it is 10x of the super wide starting point = 23 x 10) This is portrait view

    and landscape view (orientation) I guess I can zoom in more or walk over to the tree and get more shots.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    20 days ago

    I think I've gotten old, like within the last month. Legs feel fatigued on hikes, winded easier going uphills, and I decided I can no longer carry a pack of lenses after today. As it was I didn't even break out my tripod (the light weight one) or any of my two bigger lenses. If I had my big lens on the camera while hiking to the back of the park, I could've gotten a small herd of deer (think there were five at one time) on the other hillside. The problem with that is stopping and taking off my camera, my tripod, then my backpack, and taking off the normal zoom lens and putting on one of the bigger lens I carried. By then, I am sure the deer would've moved on. GRRR! Anyhoo, I got some photos in the back of the park with the normal zoom lens and never used the tripod or the bigger lenses. We met a pair of young women - one had a backpack with a baby in it (maybe 4 months old and it was sound asleep). The one carrying the baby had some nice walking sandals on (maybe Teva). I have a feeling they swapped the load from time to time. They got to the back which is mainly downhill. Now they had to go back uphill or struggle along the rugged shoreline. We told them to NOT go back the way of the Brown Trail (although it will save nearly half a mile) due to how steep it is.

    The Aronia with my 16mm lens. The house is throwing some shade on the tree at this time and my silhouette is out there.

    I was probably two inches away from the center of the picture.

    I used the flip out screen to shoot this as it is much too low to get down there.

    I didn't see the aphids on the leaves of this JM until I zoomed into the picture.

    The water is higher than usual, so we had to find a way through these small poplar saplings. The branches scratched my face to begin with.

    Not a lot to see today.

    I probably took as many photos with my phone as the big camera. A big tree fell since the last time we went on this trail. It took down one or two smaller ones with it. The rest of the photos are with the phone.

    Most trees are still leafless, but it won't be much longer as the days are much warmer.

    We had to leash Rufus up since the bench (on the left edge of the photo) had a couple coming from there).

    We talked to them briefly and I warned them about the fallen trees ahead of them. I am sure it would be a small detail after climbing up this steep hill (the Brown Trail)

    Ahead is where we are headed - the river beyond the park.

    Carolina Jasmine on the shoreline (and throughout the park)

    The tiny yellow violets are blooming furiously right now before the trees shade them for the rest of the year.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    20 days ago

    Here are the aphids from the wide angle lens (cropped from the original).

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    19 days ago

    >>our crawl space isn’t tall enough to stand in but decent head room when on your hands and knees..I’ve never been in it and don’t plan to be..Lol..<<

    I don't blame you for never being there. If you can afford to pay someone to do work in your crawl space, then do it.

    >>my relatives have older refrigerators..the ice maker is in the drawer and no water dispenser..<<

    Remember the old days with an ice tray you filled with water and put back in the freezer compartment? Also the old models you had to defrost manually every few months? Those were the good old days. The old metal ice trays were replaced with plastic twist trays (so much better, but now look at all the plastic stuff we have today). Our first apartment was not cold and we kept losing milk. Our landlord stuffed rolled up newspapers in the hollow gasket - that did the trick. It looked like something out of the old "I Love Lucy" sitcoms.

    >>new refrigerators are over the top!..I dread the day that we need a new one..<<

    Why dread it? Embrace a newer, better model with some cool innovations. You don't have to buy the top model with computer screen built in to tell you the weather of the day, news, emails, etc. I've been looking at a new computer this past few weeks and getting closer to deciding what will suit my needs - it isn't a refrigerated one though. HAHA!

    >>I bought a Kodak Instamatic (?) when I was 13 with my babysitting parents had the pics I took..when we shared the pics after they died I took them..<<

    Good memories of our childhood, right? We got our 3 oldest grandchildren their first digital camera when they were grade school. I think they were about $50 or so - little digital Canon snapshots. I am sure they are long gone as they all have iPhones today.

    >>I think Costco has fair prices..just seems that everything is pricey these days..I sound like my parents and grandparents..Ha!<<

    My parents couldn't get over the prices of fast food for the longest. I told them to look at what other things cost, then it isn't too bad. My dad didn't like Cracker Barrel because he thought they were too expensive, but liked IHOP because you could get a big omelet and a stack of pancakes. All things considered, I think they were close in price. I found out that the big omelets had pancake batter added to the eggs to make it look bigger. That turned me off then and there. I also thought their bacon, sausage, and ham were not as good either.

    >>had a nice time outside doing my thing..this place feels huge when you tidy up the yard..<<

    I bet it feels huge when you start cleaning up after winter (and as we age too). It was a big job even when we were younger as well - we just recovered a lot faster.

    >>maybe when the warm weather hits you’ll feel more limber..I think heat helps me..<<

    I don't think the weather has anything to do with it. We are going to slow down as we age. I think it has accelerated for me this past year. I had my MRI this morning and it was horrible. I can't remember it being this bad last year. They said half an hour and I think it was closer to an hour. Laying in place in a chamber for that long is too much to do this again. We did go to the park, but I took a short route to photograph turtles again while my wife and Rufus were dropped off at another spot in the park so they got a good walk to where I was shooting pictures. I thought if they wanted more walking that they could go back to their drop off spot and I would drive back there to pick them up. It worked for us both (or three). I did 0.6 miles while they did nearly 2 miles. I just don't know what has happened in a year or less - last year I was carrying more gear for several miles (drudgery) while this year it is exhausting.

    >>I was young when I lived in CA but still didn’t love walking the hills in San Francisco..<<

    Why not? Seems like there would've been many avenues to explore. My boss and I did a bit of walking when we did a job there. He knew more of the area than I did, so I just followed his lead.

    >>can’t wait to have my trees back..<<

    Huh? What happened to them? Did they die? Or are you talking about leafing out?

    >>not yet but I have those yellow violets in my yard..<<

    I find these small violets lovely. The common blue violets are thugs - sure they look great when they all bloom, but given a few years of spreading seed far and wide, they are hard to get rid of in a yard.

    >>a good photo of the aphids..but ugh..I don’t think I’ve had any on my Japanese maples..<<

    I was surprised to see the aphids in the photo. I sure didn't see them with the naked eye. You might have to do a close up study of your own trees. I try not to spray for bugs until they are out of control.

    >>I want to take more close ups this summer..<<

    Yes, experiment every day with your phone camera. Wide angle, close ups, videos, subject of the day, etc. I meant to get to the store in our shopping area to get the Carolina Jasmine that usually blooms very well there. I may miss it if I don't follow through in a day or two. Oh there are so many things blooming now that it is hard to pick and choose. Loropetalums, azaleas (coming on), wisteria, dogwoods are getting close to opening, redbuds, pears, cherries (our Yoshinos will be in full bloom next week or maybe this weekend), and so many others that I don't know what to plan for.

    I shot with a tripod today but it is a smaller cheaper model. The 2x extender was too blurry to keep photos for the most part. I could try it again with the big tripod and also boost my ISO in order to push the shutter speed (reducing blur).

    The log on the other side is where the turtles congregated. My hand towel in the tree and my walking stick propped up for scale.

    The normal lens I have on is extended all the way. Lots of turtles but hard to see.

    the big telephoto lens and I can only get sections

    The next two photos are with the 2x extender added in.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    19 days ago

    >>we don’t need to go in the crawl space much..did I tell you that my husband installed a camera there so that he can see the sump pit and sump pump?..<<

    There is no reason to go into a crawl space unless there is a problem. I never thought of putting a camera in a crawl space, but the cameras are ubiquitous today. I thought of getting some trail-cams for the backyard (and maybe the front one too).

    My wife had "nanny cams" installed at her workplace to find out who was stealing the cash co-pays (she worked at a doctor's office). The least likely suspect was the actual thief and was let go when discovered. We have thought about installing a nanny cam at my MIL's assisted living place to see if anyone is stealing her snacks and K-Cup coffee.

    I asked the young lady at Best Buy yesterday if she had any WiFi cameras that also had a memory card, just in case an Amazon Driver jams the WiFi signal so that we still could see them on the memory card. GRRR!

    A hoot owl was in our backyard earlier (I got up at 1:30) and I could hear distant hoots too. I would just like to record their calls in this case. I guess some cameras can see in the dark. I thought I had an audio recorder on my old phone, but if I did, it was not transferred to the new phone.

    >>oh yes I remember metal ice trays and refrigerators with frost..believe it or not my parents bought a refrigerator with an icemaker when I was young (10?12?) cousin would spend the night in the summer and she loved snacking on ice..she could have as much as she wanted unlike at her house..<<

    Heavens, that must've been a boon to have an ice maker when you were a kid. At our first house, it was the buyer's responsibility to buy the refrigerator so we opted for a side by side with the ice-maker dispenser in the door. That was in 1983 - what fond memories.

    >>I dread replacing the refrigerator because the fixed space that encloses it doesn’t accomodate the new large refrigerators..I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it..<<

    Ah, I see. All of our refrigerators have been oversized and stick out several inches beyond the builder's allocated space. In fact, the first house, we told the builder we needed a good 36" width as I recall. Did he listen? No he did not, so, he had to get his carpenters to move the cabinets over an inch or two to make space. When the refrigerator was delivered, I had to take off the quarter rounds to squeeze the refrigerator in. What a memory.

    Anyway, I thought if we got one of those very wide refrigerators, we would have to put it where our pantry is and have a pantry match our cabinets installed where the refrigerator would normally go.

    >>we were both blessed with great childhoods 🙂..<<

    Kids don't know better though. We grew up not knowing the difference between good and great, rich and poor, born on third base, in other words. I cannot complain.

    >>on our family trips my Mom packed food..we didn’t stop to eat out very often..there weren’t many choices between Indiana and North Carolina in those days anyway..<<

    That was the rare times we might get to eat at a diner - on a very long car trip (12 hours or so). More at the insistence of my mother than my dad agreeing to it. His idea of eating out was getting snacks at the gee-dunk store (his words) and a soda pop at the gas station. I saw his point on some of my long car trips when I was an adult. Get there ASAP. HA!

    >>I had a great time outside today..sunny and warm enough for short sleeves..still working on I said I’m slow but neat..Lol<<

    I wore gym shorts to the park yesterday. Short sleeves is the norm here for the past few weeks. Wear a light sweatshirt to begin with, but have a short sleeve shirt on underneath.

    Slow and steady wins the race, right? I never work on my hellebores - they are on their own.

    >>sorry to hear that you suddenly feel worse than you used to..I hope there’s a solution to help you feel better..<<

    That's life. I wonder if I have bursitis (never knew it could happen in the hips). I will bring it up at my annual physical next month.

    >>I’ve never had an MRI..the thought of it gives me the creeps..<<

    It isn't creepy unless you are claustrophobic. It is just boring to lay there for an hour with the loud sounds going on throughout. They give you a panic button and thank goodness, I didn't have to use it. I did get a couple of itches on my face that I thought would never go away. I actually have a bigger problem thinking of a colonoscopy (my last one was horrible). UGH!

    >>the SF hills are steep!..not fun at any age..not a nice city anymore..unlikely I’ll ever be there again..<<

    There are many places around S.F. that are good for walking. I never lived there, but have been there twice and to Monterey. Tours in the city and outside - not a problem. The one thing I didn't like was the chilly temps in summer. It just didn't feel right. Why do you say it is not a nice city anymore?

    >>yes trees back as in leafing out..the difference is night and day..<<

    That is what I thought you meant. You have to take everything as they are though. I enjoy our winter and early spring hikes because the leaves are gone and we can see so much farther than summer. Take advantage of all that nature offers.

    >>we have the short purple violets everywhere in the ”lawn”..the grass doesn’t grow so they don’t bother me..<<

    I like the wood violets when they bloom in mass, but detested them in our yard. I don't know how many I dug up, but could never eliminate them. It was all my fault too as I dug a few out of my parents' yard (that they got from my grandmother). My mother warned me about them, but I thought I could manage them. I was wrong.

    >>you didn’t see the aphids with your naked eye?..I might distance vision is poor but I see up close well..>>

    Unless you are deliberately looking for them, I doubt you would have seen these. My camera was literally on top of the leaves (maybe 2 inches or so) and I didn't see them. It was only after I downloaded the photos and zoomed in full size that, "lo and behold" (my mother's and my friend's adage that I hated but find myself using more and more), I saw those plant lice.

    >>I noticed today that my macrophylla hydrangeas have green leaves at the base..I see buds on the trees and shrubs..yay spring!!!..<<

    Yep, most of my hydrangeas are leafing out from the base to the top. I fear a hard frost will nip some of these. The macs is the ones that can get nipped in the bud as Barney Fife used to say.

    >>so happy that those turtles are enjoying their life..<<

    Hmm, I never thought of turtles having much emotion. I guess they enjoy life as much as any living creature?

    >>tomorrow we see the surgeon..the first time since the surgery..I know nothing about recovering from this surgery but to me my husband’s doing great!..<<

    Follow up appointments (more ka-ching for the doctor) is one of those necessary evils? More than likely, he will ask how are you feeling, answer any questions, and schedule a future follow-up. I like to think if I am not in pain and doing okay, then I will call you and not the other way around. Except it never works out that way, does it?

    I had to go back two years to find the excellent stand of Carolina Jasmine near one of our businesses in town (auto tire store or eating place as I recall). This was March 28th though.

    our dogwoods and wisteria were blooming nicely then (the wisteria is getting in full bloom NOW and the dogwoods are budding)

    My Kerria was heavy in bloom as well.

    The one year old Chinese Viburnum was putting on some massive bloom heads.

    We had adopted Rufus that month too.

    Volunteer willow blooming as well.

    Back in town is a hedge of Loropetalum. I don't know if I prefer them loose or hedged.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    17 days ago

    >>a full day yesterday..stepped out and took a few pics..helped husband clean up..went to his Dr’s appt at 2:00..xrayed his shoulder..Dr said “looks good”..starts physical therapy in 2 weeks..then we went to return a library book..I haven’t had a library book in ages..this was a new gardening book that I heard about..was ok but not that wonderful..I own lots of nice books if I’m in the mood to read..don’t intend to go to the library again..then to the grocery store..then a late lunch/early dinner and I went to our annual HOA meeting at 6:30..husband wanted me to go..the same reminders that the offending neighbors didn’t hear because they don’t attend the meeting Ha!..I was so tired I went to bed at 9:30..slept until 7:30..<<

    Good news on your husband's surgery. PT should help a lot. Just in time before spring cleaning gets going.

    I don't know the last time we went to a library. It is a pity, but also one less thing to think about. I usually just buy a book for my Kindle when I finish a book or get bored with the one I am reading.

    That is another thing we haven't done in a while - go to a HOA meeting. Boring...

    >>leaves on a doublefile viburnum..

    my worthless barely blooms macrophylla hydrangea..

    I have a few daffodils now..

    it was morning but the crocus weren’t open..<<

    Looking a little like spring! So many trees are leaving out now that I think I will start moving my larger houseplants outside under the deck. I know it is early, but the old timers say it is safe when the oaks start leafing out and they are very close if not already.

    >>cameras are a great way to catch a thief..<<

    Just read an ad about Roku's indoor camera - $20 and has a siren too. Hmm?

    >>our owls are still hear (did you mean "here"?) them..<<

    I'd love to get some photos of our owls - they can be quite loud. The moon was so bright when I got up at 2 AM, that the deck was very well lit, but no owl hooting this morning.

    >>it was great to have an icemaker in a family with 4 mother loved iced tea..drank it year round..that was probably the motivation to buy that fancy refrigerator that long ago..I wonder what it cost??..we weren’t well to do..I’m sure it was a big decision to buy it..

    wouldn’t you think that planning enough space for refrigerators would be simple and possible? should be..<<

    My dad always had ice ready to go and if one of us kids didn't fill the ice tray back up if we used it, we'd know about it very soon. That was his automatic ice maker. HAHA! He used gallon milk jugs to freeze water for long trips too (in the basement freezer). Very thrifty.

    I bet the architects design space for most home owners (apartments too) based on the "standard" refrigerator. We got the biggest ones we could afford and continue to do so, so we adapted what was in the house for the oversized refrigerators.

    >>so true that life is unfair..I know now that my childhood was good..I know my loving parents did their best for entire family misses them so much..I saw an old man in the waiting room yesterday and I nearly cried thinking of my Dad..<<

    I think most people have a good life (law of averages or standard deviation or something like that). Some have horrible childhoods and some of those never make it to see their teen years - that breaks my heart. Some have it all given to them and think that is normal (billionaires' kids don't know about the real world).

    >>my Dad was also the one that watched mileage and time when we traveled..always calculating how many hours left to go..<<

    The role of a dad. HA! One reason I keep the GPS running on a trip is to see how much time is left and the number of miles. I know the roads, but I like to stay informed about how much longer the trip will be.

    >>the Dr’s office walls were covered with posters of hips, knees, shoulders, backs etc with diagrams of replacement parts..sure seems common these days..<<

    Depends on the specialty, doesn't it? I am not wild with the charts at the urologist. They could scare me if I gave it much thought.

    >>I am claustrophobic..I didn’t panic but I didn’t enjoy our underwater cruise..the idea was a submarine like boat where you looked out the windows into the ocean..I’d lean against the window and look up to see the sky..was happy to get out of there..<<

    How long was your trip? Think about the submariners who go out to sea for 3 months at a time on secret routes - no contact with the outside world (maybe for an emergency). No windows either. Nuclear missiles aboard. I am glad I was never on one of those.

    We were on a glass bottom boat in Key West which was kind of cool. I didn't think that Key West would have a lot of reefs, but apparently they do. We also went on a glass bottom boat (row boat more or less) in a cave with a 4 acre lake (largest lake in a cave?) - The Lost Sea in Cleveland, TN. They turned the lights out on us while we were out in the middle of this "lost sea" and it could be terrifying.

    >>according to the news SF is dirty..full of drugs and homeless..sad to see..<<

    What news do you watch? I am sure each and every city (and town for that matter) have a "dirty section". I know that S.F. gets bad press from a certain political party so I dismiss whatever they say without going any further.

    >>I could live without winter..I just don’t like it..<<

    If only we had forged with Mexico long ago so we could move about without borders, currency exchanges, and language barriers; then I would've probably moved down there long ago.

    >>yes our macs get nipped in the bud every year..notice all of the dead stems that have been removed in my hydrangea pic..<<

    Do you ever get them to bloom? I am lucky that most of my macs do bloom, some years better than others.

    >>I would prefer the lorapetalum loose..I don’t go for a clipped look on any plant..<<

    I let our Loropetalums grow naturally and then have to trim them back once or twice a year. They are fast growers and NOT dwarf.

    >>a few more pics..

    this bloom was very small..not sure what it is..I think my phone got a decent pic of it..I dumped debris here..that’s a piece of a clipped up hellebore leaf..

    a volunteer celandine poppy that popped up a few years ago..not in a good spot..hopefully I’ll move it this year..

    a sedum..I’d plant more if I had more sun..<<

    They are lovely plants. They all add to the miracle of nature, big and small.

    >>still some water at the lowest point..probably a little less today..<<

    Looks like a good spot for water loving plants (boggy conditions?) Ferns, Astilbes, carnivorous plants.

    >>a screenshot of a plant app result..looks right to bloom does have dark stems..<<

    I hadn't seen or heard of this plant. Erginia bulbosa looks cute and I like the common name (Harbinger of spring)

    >>hellebore bed progress..

    see a difference?..I’ve filled the green pot with debris at least 10 times..the middle of the bed is tough to reach but I’ll get it eventually..and I’ll clip the stems too..when I first cut the ratty leaves I leave the stems long..this bed is in front and I like to keep it tidy..<<

    It does look tidier but the blooms also add a lot of impact that are not present in the first photo. If the fallen leaves would just rot before spring, wouldn't life be sweeter?

    Well, I ordered my new computer this morning. Already have the monitor delivered while I was at my hair cutter's place. WOW! The computer is supposed to be here Saturday. I don't remember what they said about the mouse and keyboard (I have one in a drawer somewhere).

    We did a small hike this afternoon - no strenuous hills. I took my camera and a heavy lens. Thank goodness that I said I would go but only if there were no steep hills involved.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    16 days ago

    >>loved the library my entire life..I’m the firstborn and my Dad would take just me to the library..I loved books at an early with technology there’s plenty to read..I don’t want the responsibilty of returning’s rare for me to go to the library..<<

    We used to go as kids and as young parents ourselves. I don't know exactly when we quit going. I don't think it was due to the internet though.

    >>our HOA meetings are lively..we’ve lived here longer than anywhere in our entire lives (including our childhoods) so we know the neighbors..<<

    What do you mean by "lively"? Fighting? Jokes? Song and dance?

    >>yes looking a little like spring!..<<

    I looked out the kitchen window a little earlier and was kind of shocked to see how many trees are coming out. Most of the JMs are leafed out (maybe not fully, but not emerging either). Azaleas are blooming while most are getting close.

    >>too early for houseplants outside here but it is warmer where you live..<<

    I may move out my bigger plants under the deck. I hear the weather forecast last night and we may be getting close to frost next week.

    >>our grandparents and parents were thrifty and clever..didn’t have our conveniences but didn’t seem to mind and managed without them..<<

    It was a different era. I know my parents (probably yours too) were Depression children and WWII teens. They had to eke by the best they could.

    >>I hope more people than not have a good life..<<

    That would be nice, except there is still too many people in the world (and even in the USA) that are in extreme poverty (and war). I just watched the documentary "Descendant" this morning on Netflix - I enjoyed it a lot and recommend watching it. It is about the last known slave ship (Clotilda) in Mobile, AL in 1859. I didn't know that slaveships were outlawed in 1808 and anyone caught running slaves could be executed for this crime. That did not stop the current slavery in the southern states though - they had to rely on the people already on American soil to supply slave labor.

    >>just like my Dad I like knowing exactly what’s behind and ahead of us on a roadtrip..<<

    I remember our long car trips as a kid and relied on paper maps and the towns we were driving by. Some states had exits number 1 through X, where X was the last exit of the state. Other states used mile markers as their exit numbers (I like this so much better and I think all states have gone to this system today). Anyhoo, that was one of our games to guess how much farther we had to go to our exit or our final destination. A little math in our heads back then.

    >>urology office posters would be unappealing 😅..<<

    Most anatomy posters are unappealing. To think that such structures lie under our skin could make me squeamish.

    >>that ”underwater” cruise was maybe an hour..just an excursion when on a cruise..

    a submarine would traumatize me..<<

    A submarine ride for a couple of hours would be okay, but to stay aboard for a night or a week would be traumatic.

    >>I’d like a glass bottom boat..<<

    They are kind of neat. I think I used my movie camera on that tour.

    >>never heard of The Lost Sea..I’ll Google..<<

    I wouldn't make a trip out of my way to see it again, but if I had some company who wanted to see it, then I would oblige.

    >>not sure where I saw video and SF stories..when we hear SF it gets our attention since living near it..<<

    I am sure you would, but I would discount all the horror stories about it. Some political news always wants to scare folks about the other side.

    >>I’ve seen some pretty places in Mexico on House Hunters International..stopped at Cozumel on a only visit to Mexico..<<

    What we saw in Cancun and the country side was for the most part, quite beautiful. We did a day trip to Cozumel (snorkel, lunch, shopping on our first Cancun trip). We liked Belize too, but the roads were horrible.

    >>I get very few blooms on my macs..I saw them everywhere when I went to NC last September..I’m sure GA is the same..<<

    Some plants just cannot be grown outside their zones, can they? We certainly do not grow Lilacs here, but in N.D. they were small trees.

    >>the water in my woods has disappeared..<<

    It will be back during downpours though. I recall some of the places we lived where small ponds popped up for a day or two.

    >>Harbinger of spring is cute..I love the wild plants on my lot..<<

    So many tiny wild flowers this time of year. I guess that is before the trees leaf out, taking away their spot in the sun.

    >>the old hellebores tend to smash the new ones so I like to cut them off..<<

    Why not move the new ones if you like a lot of Hellebores? I let them be and the strongest will survive.

    >>enjoy your new computer..<<

    Oh, I am looking forward to it. The keyboard and mouse are supposed to come in today, the computer on Saturday, and my tripod bag on Sunday (ordered before the computer - go figure).

    >>my husband saw a squirrel attacking the light purple crocus..he says “look at that squirrel chewing your plants”..grrr..they’re ruined..<<

    Be glad it was a squirrel instead of a deer - you would have nothing left if that was the case. Kind of like my Hostas = totally destroyed last year.

    >>I Googled and watched a video about The Lost Sea..if I ever knew about it I forgot..not sure I’d love the low ceilings and going so far underground..a unique place..<<

    I don't recall a low ceiling there and I am 6'2". There is Ruby Falls in Chattanooga too - the tallest waterfall in a cave. Not my favorite thing to visit, but still neat if you wanted to see it. We've also been to Carlsbad Caverns in Carlsbad, N.M. That could be very scary as some of the pits look bottomless.

    Flying Dragon Orange tree yesterday

    It was blooming on one side but here is a close up of the blooms.

    Cinnamon ferns are waking up

    a cute wildflower

    Red buckeyes are starting to bloom

    Mayflowers are coming up too. And bloodroot is up but they are small in this park.

    I like the composition of the big pine in the background with the red maple beans near the pedestrian bridge (where I shot this from). I wished the sky was pretty yesterday, but at least it was not raining.

    The day before with just the phone. The green arrow arum is waking up. It is near the shrub on the right edge.

    Can you see it now?

    Okay, how about now? I actually shot this first and then the middle shot, and finally the wide angle (1st photo) to get the scene.

    That is a lot of turtles on one log.

    Native azaleas will be blooming pretty soon.

    Beyond the azaleas

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    16 days ago
    last modified: 16 days ago

    good news!..went out to give the squirrels peanuts and noticed the neighbors have removed the lattice!..I hope it’s a permanent removal..was white when installed but then spray painted black while hanging..hope they didn’t decide to remove it paint it and rehang..

    lively as in not boring..

    forsythia has a few blooms..this close up was the best one but has in and out of focus blooms..

    brunnera is coming..this close up is clear..

    our forecast has overnight lows in the high 20’s in a few days..

    yes a different era and a different mindset for our parents and grandparents..

    you said ”I think most people have a good life....”

    I was trying not to be negative and said ”I hope more people than not have a good life..” but is this wishful thinking?..

    I agree that for me The Lost Sea isn’t worthy of a trip dedicated to see it..

    I don’t believe everything I hear..but I’ve seen video of SF that was ugly..hard not to believe a video..

    right plant right place..fighting Mother Nature doesn’t work..macrophyllas don’t thrive in a zone lower than 7..

    I do intend to move some hellebores..

    looks as if you’re enjoying the new phone..👍

    we went to Target today..looks like summer!..bathing suits, beach towels, flip flops, garden furniture, pots, etc..was fun to see!..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    15 days ago

    >>good news!..went out to give the squirrels peanuts and noticed the neighbors have removed the lattice!..I hope it’s a permanent removal..was white when installed but then spray painted black while hanging..hope they didn’t decide to remove it paint it and rehang..<<

    Yay! Hope it stays that way.

    >>lively as in not boring..<<

    I can imagine senior citizens getting down. HA!

    >>forsythia has a few blooms..this close up was the best one but has in and out of focus blooms..<<

    I didn't even check on my Forsythia. Most Forsythia is over by now. I just wonder what variety that Gibbs Garden grows - the most intense, most floriferous bushes I've seen.

    >>brunnera is coming..this close up is clear..<<

    I love the looks of Brunnera, but I think it is too hot here for it to do well. Maybe the newer hybrids do better.

    >>our forecast has overnight lows in the high 20’s in a few days..<<

    We will hit some 30, 29 degree mornings next week. It stands to reason, because the dogwoods are blooming. Then we will have one more cold week probably two weeks later (blackberry winter).

    >>yes a different era and a different mindset for our parents and grandparents..<<

    Each generation has their challenges. I wonder what the next generations will have to say about "baby boomers". They (the younger generation) uses "baby boomer" as an insult to us today, if they don't like the way things are going.

    ??you said ”I think most people have a good life....”

    I was trying not to be negative and said ”I hope more people than not have a good life..” but is this wishful thinking?..<<

    I really have no answer to this eternal question. I hate the answer "It's always been this way and it will never change." That answer is like saying "Why bother trying to change? It won't make a difference." GRRR! It can change, but it takes extraordinary measures by people and governments to make that change. Things have improved over the centuries and it is true that some things never seem to change, but some things have changed for the betterment of people in general.

    >>I agree that for me The Lost Sea isn’t worthy of a trip dedicated to see it..<<

    If you were driving down I-75 between Chattanooga and Knoxville, and had a couple hours to spare, then I would try "The Lost Sea". We've driven up to Gatlinburg many times over the years and have never felt a need to stop and see it again. If we had some guests with us and they had a desire to see it, then we would accommodate them.

    >>I don’t believe everything I hear..but I’ve seen video of SF that was ugly..hard not to believe a video..<<

    Pictures are more compelling than audio or text, but even then, pictures and video can be doctored or not showing the entirety of the situation. I am sure S.F. has ugly areas, just like Atlanta and Indianapolis. When I take pictures, I try to capture the beautiful or unusual instead of the trash and ugly.

    >>right plant right place..fighting Mother Nature doesn’t work..macrophyllas don’t thrive in a zone lower than 7..<<

    Guess you need a cold frame or greenhouse if you want big beautiful macros to succeed in your zone?

    >>I do intend to move some hellebores..<<

    You could scatter some seed where you want them. When I visited one of our members' home years ago, she had Hellebores all over her front yard beds. Seeds were the answer, she claimed. I have a few that have popped up farther away than the bed I have them in now, but they are an exception.

    >>looks as if you’re enjoying the new phone..👍<<

    Pretty much. Finding out some things (or should I say "trying new things") about this phone that I didn't use or need with the last one. Doodled with the stylus for a short while, figuring out some of the things I can do with it. I doubt I will use it much. My new screen protector is not useful for my fingerprint (boo), but I do like to have some protection on the screen (out of all my cell phones, I had one fall and hit a gravel which broke the screen - once that happened, I have always put a screen protector on).

    >>we went to Target today..looks like summer!..bathing suits, beach towels, flip flops, garden furniture, pots, etc..was fun to see!..<<

    Crazy, isn't it? I told my wife she needs to get her bathing suit before they all sell out. HA! I think the last one she bought was probably five years ago when we went to Thailand the 3rd time. St. Patrick's shirts and hats and green cookies and cake. Next week that will be all swept aside. Easter treats have filled up 3 aisles at our local Walmart. Target's is much smaller.

    Good news here - got my monitor the same day I placed the order for the new computer (two days ago), the keyboard and mouse came in yesterday, and the computer is supposed to arrive today (up to 8 PM) instead of tomorrow. The bad news is it is UPS delivery, and they don't give a window of when it will arrive. They don't even give any information about where it came from and its many stops along the way - just the date and time stamp. So, I know it went out for delivery at 2:23 AM today. Wow, thanks a lot UPS! I guess I am confined to the house until it shows up. I don't want to miss the delivery (they may have instructions to take it back to the facility if no one is at home or just leave it on the front porch). It's been raining since yesterday afternoon, so I doubt we will go on any hike or a visit to the dog park. We may go to a store to pick up something though.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    15 days ago

    Some spring pix of the backyard

    sedum bowl I got at Walmart a day or two ago

    Chinese viburnum next to the purple magnolia that is about over.

    a horizontal branch of the C.V.

    Tiger Lilies


    variegated Weigela

    Japanese Maple (think this is the coral bark)

    Saxifraga aka strawberry begonia. Nice ground cover, so I don't understand why folks like to use this as a houseplant.

    Humpback Whale (hope the deer stay away for a bit)

    This is the gap the deer have been walking through. Kind of small, don't you think?

    JM 'Pygmy'

    I don't know if he was looking or smelling something at this point.

    Hardy begonias

    Cannot remember where I got this hosta last year. When I found out that the deer were demolishing my ones in the ground, I decided to keep this in a pot for a while. Well, here it is a new year.

    A lot of azaleas are budding or blooming now.

    I know you liked Persicaria last year so I took some photos of some of mine that are up already.

    Clematis in bud

    a blizzard of variegated Alstroemeria around this hydrangea (Purple Princess of LA Dreamin' but I doubt it is either - got it and the other one to the left of it from Lowe's with those tags)

    Mildred azalea (the name of our boss' wife when we were out of HS or in HS)

    I am not happy with our Loropetalum this year. Maybe the very cold temps at Xmas did some damage to them. Oh well.

    Under one of the Yoshino cherry trees - my neighbor's house across the street.

    This is not pretty but I like how dogwood, wisteria, and redbud overlaps this time of year. There used to be a fine example of all 3 together, BUT the owner sold the small farm for development and the first casualties are always the trees. Our redbuds are too tall because they have to compete with our neighbor's native pines, sweet gums, and poplars. If only he would allow me to cut those down, then I would plant his side with something prettier.

    Our mailbox is pitiful. With the super cold temps in December and the marauding deer, I am surprised it looks this good.

    I was experimenting with manual focus from the deck. Not too bad, but not great either.

    Scarlet Storm flowering quince.

    One of the red fine leaf JMs

    Pygmy JM

    He wouldn't look at me for this shot. He was sitting on a bed of green leaf Liriope (came with the property)

    Creeping phlox is starting to bloom. Just hope the yard service doesn't stunt them again like they've done for 3 years in a row.

    one of the limbs of a Flying Dragon Orange tree. I might have to cut some of the saplings down (I got 10 off eBay and the seller sent me 16). I planted two to a hole. They are about knee high or higher now. I find them conversational when they get big enough.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    15 days ago

    Yay 30 pictures posted at one time! And my computer was just delivered. I would've been livid if I waited until 8 PM and it was not delivered today.

    This is what UPS posts for their tracking today. It certainly wasn't delivered at 12:59 unless that is PST.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    15 days ago
    last modified: 15 days ago

    yes sure hope the lattice is gone for good..

    I have no answer either about whether most people are living a good life..sadly some are not..

    yes every city has ugliness..SF was pretty when we lived in CA..I know people still living in the Bay area and they say SF has declined..

    I do have hellebore seedlings scattered around the lot..I did plant them in front and back..

    retailers are always ahead of the seasons..

    wow GA is full of color!’s amazing how fast nature goes from dormancy to leaves and blooms..I appreciate the start of spring here..

    agree that looks like a coral bark maple..

    yes that fence gap does seem small for a deer to walk through..

    Rufus is focused on something..Lol

    hosta in pots would be good for there a place they’d be safe from deer?..

    I do like persicaria..hope mine returns..

    Mildred is the name of the street where my husband grew up!..the builder named the streets after his daughters..also Deborah and Patricia..

    I like your tall redbuds..

    does your mailbox have any permanent plants or do you plant it every year?..

    love your JMs..

    that pic of Rufus is a hoot!..he looks so guilty Lol..

    I have Liriope that came with my property too..

    maybe you should rope off the phlox?..

    Flying Dragon Orange tree is interesting..

    UPS does make a mess of their tracking Lol..

    it was a cold gloomy day here..went out to the mailbox..then took a look around the backyard..I took pics of the bulbs someone gave me that I planted last fall..there were several kinds..anxious to see the blooms..

    he said they were lycoris and daffodils..

    a surprise today..a curcuma pip..coming up in my dark entryway..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    14 days ago

    >>yes sure hope the lattice is gone for good..<<

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    >>I have no answer either about whether most people are living a good life..sadly some are not..<<

    So many people struggling to make ends meet, have a safe place to go to sleep, food to fill their bellies... We will never know the full story of the broken and hurt people in the world.

    >>yes every city has ugliness..SF was pretty when we lived in CA..I know people still living in the Bay area and they say SF has declined..<<

    I know a few people in S.F. and I haven't heard anything bad come out of their mouth. Maybe they prefer to make the best of their situation. One is very well off, so I doubt they ever encounter the ugly part of the city.

    >>I do have hellebore seedlings scattered around the lot..I did plant them in front and back..<<

    Such and easy, hardy grower that rewards us with winter flowers.

    >>retailers are always ahead of the seasons..<<

    Are they getting further ahead each year? Or is it me? Seems like they start the Christmas season in October these last couple of decades. Bathing suits in winter is pushing it.

    >>wow GA is full of color!’s amazing how fast nature goes from dormancy to leaves and blooms..I appreciate the start of spring here..<<

    Spring is gorgeous here most years. Our camellias were not great this year - maybe the extra cold around Xmas. My R.L. Wheeler dropped all its buds and it is the largest flower of my six camellias. Oh well, next year.

    >>agree that looks like a coral bark maple..<<

    I am sure it is, but the coral bark seems to only exist on the current year and the last year's growth. Is that what you have experienced too?

    >>yes that fence gap does seem small for a deer to walk through..<<

    Yet, that is the only place that we can see where three deer walked across from our side to our neighbor's side as though it was magic.

    >>Rufus is focused on something..Lol<<

    He can be in a fugue at times - only has attention to the smallest of details. Sometimes he is right, but the other times it is a nothing burger.

    >>hosta in pots would be good for there a place they’d be safe from deer?..<<

    Best thing for me is to have a high enough hurdle around the perimeter. I thought about the foot high electric fence, but then I may get shocked or Rufus. If my wife got shocked, then that would be the end of the electric fence. I thought about hiding them among plants they won't eat (I still have a Blue Angel between two big azaleas that have not been touched). But the azlaeas are shading the hosta in turn.

    >>I do like persicaria..hope mine returns..<<

    How did you get yours in the first place? Buy it? Got it from somebody? It showed up as a volunteer? Anyway, I am sure you will start noticing a lot of new plantlets if it went to seed last year.

    >>Mildred is the name of the street where my husband grew up!..the builder named the streets after his daughters..also Deborah and Patricia..<<

    Wow - I've heard people naming plants after family and friends, but a builder naming streets after his children is something new. Sometimes, I forget Mildred and substitute Margret. My wife gently reminds me that I am wrong when that happens.

    >>I like your tall redbuds..<<

    I prefer them closer to the ground and bushy. These are reaching for the sun due to taller pines and other trees.

    >>does your mailbox have any permanent plants or do you plant it every year?..<<

    We had fringed pinks there for a few years (from seed), but the weeds started to invade pretty bad - vetch and Bermuda grass to name two. I thought about Clematis like at our previous home where we had two different vines. We could cut it down twice a year, and get twice the blooms.

    >>love your JMs..<<

    I should take better care of them, but they do okay for the most part. My Full Moon ones are the worst of the bunch.

    >>that pic of Rufus is a hoot!..he looks so guilty Lol..<<

    He can be skittish at times. We haven't figured out what spooks him when that happens.

    >>I have Liriope that came with my property too..<<

    We let ours do its thing and it spread by clumps and seed. It needs a haircut in spring (I usually use a hedger or the weed whacker).

    >>maybe you should rope off the phlox?..<<

    Maybe some lattice would do the trick? HAHA!

    >>Flying Dragon Orange tree is interesting..<<

    The contortions are very neat and the thorns add a little extra oomph.

    >>UPS does make a mess of their tracking Lol..<<

    I've had four packages dropped off this week. All were ordered by Amazon. Two delivered by Amazon, one by UPS (yesterday), and my last one today while we were hiking (USPS). UPS was the least satisfying on tracking.

    >>it was a cold gloomy day here..went out to the mailbox..then took a look around the backyard..I took pics of the bulbs someone gave me that I planted last fall..there were several kinds..anxious to see the blooms..<<

    Winter is still here. It was 36 here this morning but it warmed to low 60's after lunch. Anyway, spring will soon be here and then summer. YAY! The plants coming up now are a good reminder of what is to come in the near future. The spring bloomers arrive in a hurry and are soon gone due to the heat. I wonder what the wild tulips in Turkey looked like 400 years ago (or longer).

    >>he said they were lycoris and daffodils..<<

    I agree with that - they do look like Lycoris and Daffodils.

    >>a surprise today..a curcuma pip..coming up in my dark entryway..<<

    I should see if my Curcuma is emerging. It shares the pot with a pineapple plant (a top I cut off and rooted). I don't think I watered that pot since I brought it indoors this winter. I need to go downstairs tomorrow and water most everything (and check my caladium pots too). I am ashamed that I haven't done a good job this winter in caring for my hundreds of potted plants.

    Crossing the bridge this morning, and the woman on the left with two dogs wanted my wife to go back to the entrance of the bridge, because one of her dogs was unfriendly to other dogs. My wife agreed with that, but I thought we had as much right to cross at the same time. I told the woman that she should get better restraint on her dog. She said she did. I let it go, but I can see she will have future problems with the dog if she doesn't get a better handle on it.

    Maple beans from a shrub maple near the river. So colorful.

    Witch's Broom on a limb. I think this may be a hornbeam tree.

    Catkins on the same tree or a similar one in the area.

    Afternoon shopping at an outlet mall. These redbuds are so colorful that I had to take a few photos of them.

    close up

    The other side of them. I think this must be an improved cultivar of the native species. Maybe 'Oklahoma'.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    12 days ago

    >>glad people you know haven’t complained about SF..<<

    I don't dwell on other cities (or even my own).

    >>I have 5 hellebore patches..and lots of scattered odd ones..4 groups in front..took pics this morning..they’re wet and the house..<<

    I wouldn't mind getting some other colors and doubles in my collection, but there are too many other plants I'm interested in.

    >>other side of the sidewalk..all volunteers..

    by the living room window..I’ve been cleaning and clipping so all of the patches look bare..

    right side of the front path..and in the path..

    see the bit of snow?..

    hard to see in this pic..the patch in back behind the birdbath..<<

    Those poor Hellebores are naked without their leaves. HA! At least you only see flowers this way. That is a tiny patch of snow, but I do see it. Definitely hard to make out what that is behind the birdbath. The tree with the leaves still hanging on dominate that composition.

    >>my persicaria was a volunteer..<<

    You will have lots of volunteers if you don't cut the seed-heads off. You've been warned.

    >>street names can be beautiful..or not!..<<

    Yes, they can be weird or not too.

    >>I know where you might be able to get some lattice!!!..Ha!<<

    Thanks for the friendly offer. I think I will pass though.

    >>UPS did an inefficient job returning something for there eventually but really slow..<<

    I think I've had problems with them all. I prefer USPS or Amazon to UPS or FedEx.

    >>I’ve been less attentive to my indoor plants too..I’ll be excited again when they’re outside..<<

    I was talking to a friend earlier today about when to move our plants outside. I told her I was thinking of this month, but since we will have the next 3 mornings below freezing, I think I will wait until April to be safe(r).

    >>I would’ve done the same as your wife..better safe than sorry..the woman needs to take her dogs to obedience school..<<

    I still think that was presumptuous that you can ask someone with a dog to back up off a bridge to let you pass with your own dog first. Get a handle on your dogs before taking them out in public. GRRR! I took Rufus to the dog park today while my wife stayed home to answer questions the new house-cleaner might have. Gee, that was a long time for cleaning - nearly 3 hours. I just wonder how long this one will last before my wife says she doesn't clean it like she would do it.

    >>pretty redbuds..<<

    I love some of the hybrids/cultivars of redbuds the last few years. I really liked my Forest Pansy before it blew over last year. Lavender Twist was nice but didn't last too long on our lot. Here are a few more names I just found out about: Flame Thrower, The Rising Sun, Carolina Sweetheart, Merlot, Ruby Falls, and probably many more. I had Oklahoma at our last house but it was a very slow grower (beautiful blooms though).

    >>saw hosta pips yesterday..

    these are burgundy/purple..<<

    It's that time for a lot of perennials to start showing their new growth.

    Hosta 'June'. I put the limb in there last year to hopefully ward off deer (it worked or they were not interested)

    I am trying to pick out my next gadget - a drone. Just when I think I have it narrowed down to one or two, I see other suggestions and find those better than my previous picks. Seems like nothing is easy these days with all the choices we have.

    I just downloaded a few of my 3 minute video clips from my Dash-cam. Out of 745 clips, I kept 8. Mostly for drive-bys of scenic areas (lots of wisteria). I went and got some blood work earlier today for my upcoming biopsy. I had someone blow their horn at me as I was trying to get across a four lane and trying to determine if it was behind me or coming in my direction. So annoying. I wished I had the ambition to hook up the rear view dash cam, but running a long cable from the front windshield to the rear bumper is more than I want to struggle with.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    11 days ago

    >>I haven’t bought hellebores for 15 years..the few I planted the first 3 years multiplied..I like them so I’m happy to have more..they do look happens every year after I clip off the flat tattered leaves..<<

    I don't remember the last time I bought any. I do marvel at some of the new introductions - colors and doubles, but not enough to buy.

    >>persicaria volunteers are welcome too..this rustic setting can use more plants..<<

    I like the bright variegation on Painter's Palette, but they can be weedy.

    >>it does seem like the polite thing to do would be turn around with your unpredictable dogs rather than asking a stranger to turn around..<<

    If I had been walking our dog, I would've ignored the woman's request. There are much tighter paths than the bridge, so would she ask a stranger to turn around and walk back on one of these paths? If she did, she might get some pushback.

    >>never happened but I wanted my nephew to bring his drone and take aerial video of our lot..<<

    When we had our roof done last year, the young guy(s) in charge of the sales, came by after a few weeks to get the check (no down payment at all) and showed us some of the things they did on the roof and discovered damage (very minor). This was done with a drone which was very fascinating.

    >>we have flurries but very little accumulation..<<

    Good news, right?

    >>it’s cold..currently the 20’s overnight..<<

    We were at 27 yesterday morning and got to a high of 49. We did a lot of shopping in the morning because of the cold. We did a small hike in the late afternoon and it was chilly when the wind kicked up.

    >>I hate it that my new spring growth is out in the cold..<<

    That's nature though - warm up to start the early plants (trout lilies for example come up fast, bloom, and last for a few weeks until next year), and then a cold snap (dogwood winter), and back to warm with some minor cold nights after that. I try to not let it bother me these years. My biggest and newest camellia lost all its buds this year - I think it was due to the cold spell we had around Christmas but I could be wrong. Oh well, next year. No wisteria last year (late hard freeze, yet camellias did fairly well)

    How it looked in 2021 (R L Wheeler)

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    6 days ago

    >>you’re right..we can’t fight why stress?..<<

    May as well sit back and watch the grand show from spring to winter and let Mother Nature handle it. We plant it and hope nature cooperates.

    >>all of my shrubs have buds and look ”thicker”..<<

    That is what we all hope for. I think my Okame cherry is dead, so I will have to cut it down. I hope the water sprouts (that I've tried to keep cut back) will produce the next tree for us.

    >>more wildflowers and some trillium are coming..<<

    I should sow some seeds that like cool weather to germinate. I remember that the farmers would plant tobacco seeds in March in a cold frame and set those out in May (got sunburned one year helping set plants for them).

    >>out yesterday and today for a little..<<

    We haven't done a thing today other than go to Publix for poblano peppers (I picked up some bread and almond milk for myself while there). Seems like poblano peppers are in short supply since we checked Walmart, Target, and Kroger the last two days. The peppers at Publix were not quite the right shape but I will have to accept it as the real thing. We needed two and they only had three to choose from.

    >>Wed husband had a physical therapy consultation/evaluation..took range of motion measurements..completed a questionaire about what he can and can’t do..we don’t have appointments yet for the therapy..expected them to call today but they didn’t..<<

    You may have to call them back to remind them of what they said they would do.

    >>after the appt went to Lowe’s (to pick up a tool husband ordered) then Aldi..didn’t look at the plants at Lowe’s..I need to care for what I already own..<<

    I bought an azalea at Kroger yesterday and will set it in the ground later on. Picked up one begonia at our club meeting yesterday and probably should've passed on it too.

    >>today went to the grocery store (Meijer)..<<

    We don't have those here.

    >>raining at the moment..was nice yesterday and earlier in the day today..<<

    Seems like it rained on Friday into Saturday morning. The meeting took up the afternoon and we went to Kroger after I got back home. Cold this morning and the high will be 46. Very breezy, so that makes it seem even colder.

    >>temperatures will be low again on the weekend..<<

    Winter doesn't give up easily, does it. I saw we will hit 80 later this week. Crazy temps.

    Our 3 Yoshino cherries with azaleas and daffodils under them.

    This is the smaller wisteria vine with Kerria on the right edge of the picture.

    My Chinese viburnum is loaded but has a bent to it due to the purple magnolia spreading far and wide.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    4 days ago

    >>just when my plants were waking up..freezing weather was here Sat 🙁..

    a few pics before Sat..

    a hosta in a concrete urn..used as filler with annuals last summer..<<

    Pictures help preserve the moments before calamity. Hope most of your sprouts weather the cold temps. We've had two mornings of 25 or so and most are okay. I hate it when it happens, but that is nature.

    >>a shrub had 6? 7? feathers stuck in the branches..and a couple on the ground..don’t know what happened..<<

    What kind of feather do you think they are? Maybe a squabble with other birds, hope it wasn't a hawk.

    >>a pic taken Sat..<<

    A little snow beats a lot of snow? I hope our cold temps are almost over. I think we will have at least one more cold spell, but I hope it is above freezing this time.

    >>husband has Dr’s appt Wed..therapy Thurs and Fri..<<

    Should be easy after having the surgery and getting past the pain. Hope he is doing well.

    >>decent today..50?..nearly 70 soon..<<

    We got to maybe 62 today but it was breezy on our hike. Tomorrow is 70, Thursday 81, and Friday 82. Monday back to 69. Warm up, rain, cool down - rinse and repeat.

    >>I’m ready!!!..<<

    I think most of us are. There are some that would prefer the poles though. HAHA!

    The trail was dusty and dry with bluets left and right. I found these two small stands in front of this boulder kind of neat.

    The bigger tuft close up.

    Rufus got some free time when we got to the back.

    I would love to explore the other side but we don't have hip waders.

    The poplar saplings were not chewed down to the ground this winter and are in our way. Nature anyway!

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    4 days ago

    >>love what you said..”pictures help preserve the moments before calamity”..true..<<

    Have you ever seen those sites that show pictures moments before disaster struck? Usually people doing their usual things, and the next moment they are killed. You just never know.

    >>we hear owls and hawks..googled feather photos of both..they’re nearly identical..could be either..🤷‍♀️<<

    It would take an expert to figure out what bird the feathers are from. Speculation at its finest? A trail cam would help in this case.

    >>from what I’ve read..the snow Sat was a good thing..snow insulated plants..<<

    Only if the snow is deep enough to cover the entire plant, right? Exposed to the air is not insulated. I've seen articles where a freeze is expected overnight and growers will turn on the sprinklers to encase the fruit (oranges and strawberries for two) in ice. 32 degrees is warmer than 22, right?

    >>husband’s doing well..appts for the next 3’s ok..raining anyway..<<

    Having surgery on your own terms helps in speedy recovery AND doing it in the "off season" helps one to be ready for the "play season". My wife elected to have her bunion surgery in Jan, 2022 so that she would be ready to hike, go on vacation during the spring and summer months. Emergency surgery is another matter - it must be done, and it must be done soon (broken bones for example).

    >>no outside time today..went to Costco..dropped off a few groceries for husband’s sister..laundry..<<

    How's Costco going? At our begonia meeting last week, a newbie mentioned that Costco had a set of clear boxes that could or did serve as terrariums. I was interested in seeing this, but my wife did not want another membership. I looked it up on line and they were shoe boxes. They an be bought at Amazon as well. I would still like to see them in person before I would purchase any. They must have a removable top for watering and maintenance. The front door flap is kind of cool. I also found out that our nearest Costco is not that far away from our Sam's Club (maybe 3 miles max).

    >>great news!..the last section of ’fake ivy’ came down yesterday! the fence is just a fence without stuff hanging on it..🙂<<

    Very Nice! I hope they don't put up something in place of the fake ivy that is worse. We drive by a yard with silk flowers in a garden bed. It is so fake when you see it in winter. Now there are tulips blooming in the same bed. GRRR!

    >>looking forward to the day when my plants have leaves and blooms like yours..🌿🌾<<

    It won't be much longer. So many plants have already come up, bloomed, and gathering enough energy to disappear again for another year. It is a pity, but more plants will soon be blooming that will take our minds off what is past their peak.

    I am thinking of buying some more top soil and spreading some seed ASAP. Take advantage of the cool weather before it gets to HOT.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author

    >>ahhh..true that our snow didn’t cover much..<<

    I bet you are nice and warm today and yesterday. We hit 83 yesterday.

    >>I remember seeing the process (icing citrus) on TV when I was a kid..I was confused by it and didn’t understand it..<<

    It does seem weird, but science...

    >>we go again in 2 weeks to see the surgeon..we showed him the pages of exercises we were given..he marked off 2..said ”don’t do these” Lol..kind of scary isn’t it?..<<

    Hmm, guess I would listen to the doctor/surgeon for best results - the PT folks have better practical experience though. My therapist recommended acupuncture (think it goes by another name for therapy though) but needed the doctor to prescribe it. When I told the doctor, he said "NO". He would have his practice do that therapy if he thought it would help. My therapist said I should get another opinion, so I went to a podiatrist who did sign off on that order. I got the therapy at the PT place and it did help some.

    >>I’ve found things I like at Costco..don’t laugh..I’ve never been to Sam’s Club!..have no idea if I’d prefer Sam’s vs Costco..<<

    They are very similar. We joined Costco a couple of days ago and today was our first shopping trip there. Our closest Costco is bigger than our nearest Sam's Club which is older. We bought some groceries at Costco today - shrimp cocktail, stuffed salmon, praline pecans, roasted chicken, strawberries, blueberries, and a couple other things that I can't recall now. I looked at the sound bars there and they have about the same thing as Sam's. Still undecided which one to buy. I just want wireless speakers for the rear tweeters (our last sound system required wires which I am not doing). I just need to get my research done before buying. I don't want the best or the worst, just something in the middle that will last for years.

    >>Costco had a large display of packaged ”bulbs” today..I saw some alocasia labeled as ”upright”..didn’t buy anything..<<

    Me neither. We went down the packaged soil a couple times Wednesday and once today. There is some kind of organic fertilizer that stinks to high heavens. They should move that outdoors. I saw some plants that looked like the things I buy at Walmart and Home Depot. They did have coral bark JMs in the store for $62. I just don't think I need anymore JMs at this time.

    >>fairly certain the fence ”embellishments” are they tossed grass seed and straw around..<<

    Good news!

    >>if I thought grass seed would grow I’d buy some..but in my shade it’s a waste..<<

    Most grasses like sun, but I suppose there are some shade loving grasses as well. My dad sowed creeping red fescue 50 years ago and it was very fine bladed. I think most of it got crowded out by weeds over five decades.

    >>we have a rainy week ahead..not sure if I can get any nice pics..<<

    Rainy weather is an opportunity to get some excellent photos. A lot of folks recommend spraying your plants with a hose before taking photos to simulate rain. It does add a little extra pizzazz. I doubt it will rain non-stop all day either, but then I don't know your rain patterns. We get downpours at times, but in between we might get full sun. Even overcast days are better for plant pictures than full sun (harsh shadows).

    yellow eyed grasses on the trail yesterday (we did 4.5 miles)

    We blazed our own trail yesterday. I've wanted to do this for the last 3 years. I'm glad neither of us had a slip and fall on it as it is a long way down.

    It is hard to convey on a site such as this, but in the middle of this photo is where the earthen dam is for the small pond. I made sure before I moved the opposite foot that the other foot was firmly placed. I don't want any slippage on leaves, rocks, or rotten limbs.

    An old fence post. We could see the other fence posts further down. I think the land was divided for cattle and neighbors sometime in the distant past. I wonder how steep a hillside a cow can walk down. We saw that in Maui too and some hillsides were quite steep.

    Loved this old tree. I could sit on that low branch without making it sag (too much). HA! Not as elegant as some of the live oaks along the coast though.

    stopped for gas at Kroger's on the way home. The houses have really gone up fast here.

    Siding is up on this building. Still can't figure if this is going to be condos or apartments.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    yes we’re much warmer..but very wet..

    we liked the physical therapist..he‘s the director?/manager? of this office..worked as a therapist for 14 years..we would side with the surgeon in a difference of opinion..

    hope you find Costco useful..I know people that belong to Sam’s Club and like it..I almost bought those pecans..probably will someday..

    did you see a Miracle-Gro raised bed mix?..I didn’t buy any (too early) but I think I’d like it for containers..

    I have areas where even weeds don’t grow Lol..

    the heavy rain has made strolling in the yard impossible..there’s mud and standing water..I can see from the windows that everything’s growing and more daffodils are blooming..

    that land is steep!..

    I love that tree too..

    LOVE live oaks..

    Costco sells gas..haven’t tried it..

    my guess is apartments..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    16 hours ago

    >>yes we’re much warmer..but very wet..<<

    It is 85 in our kitchen, 90+ on our deck (official temp may be 80). We may turn our AC on before April. I know several of our neighbors have it on already. I think some run it year round.

    We got a lot of rain and thunderstorms this morning. Rufus got me up around 5 AM due to the faraway lightning and thunder. We watched 3 more episodes (we watched the first five last night) of Netflix's "The Night Agent" this morning and then went on a 4 mile hike before it got too hot. Finished the last two episodes when we got back home. We just got home from Kroger where I get my Sunday paper and I needed some more bread.

    >>we liked the physical therapist..he‘s the director?/manager? of this office..worked as a therapist for 14 years..we would side with the surgeon in a difference of opinion..<<

    It's always good when you have a good rapport with your doctors and other medical specialists. A lot of times you have a gut feeling if you aren't getting the straight information. Blunt diagnosis is sometimes better than mollycoddling.

    >>hope you find Costco useful..I know people that belong to Sam’s Club and like it..I almost bought those pecans..probably will someday..<<

    I wished I hadn't bought the praline pecans now. So good and the jar is too big. I have to pace myself on eating these. Some are a little hard, but still so good.

    >>did you see a Miracle-Gro raised bed mix?..I didn’t buy any (too early) but I think I’d like it for containers..<<

    I might have tried it a few years ago. I just get the green bag that says "garden soil" for staring new beds.

    >>I have areas where even weeds don’t grow Lol..<<

    You have caves? HA! If a little bit of soil is in a crack of a rock, then a seed that happens to land there will typically start growing.

    >>the heavy rain has made strolling in the yard impossible..there’s mud and standing water..I can see from the windows that everything’s growing and more daffodils are blooming..<<

    Don't you have some mud boots/shoes? I don't usually stroll after a huge rain these years either - been there, done that. I used to check for damage, water in pots, seed growth, etc. Not anymore.

    >>that land is steep!..<<

    It looked steep to us, but with careful foot placement, and looking for the paths that look safer is the best motto. We went slower due to the unknown, but didn't feel threatened either.

    >>I love that tree too..

    LOVE live oaks..<<

    Some trees are just magnificent. I would love to see the baobabs in Madagascar, Africa, and Australia.

    >>Costco sells gas..haven’t tried it..<<

    We have bought gas at Sam's a few times, but the lines have to be short. I hate waiting 10 minutes to save 15 to 30 cents a gallon. Time is precious too.

    >>my guess is apartments..<<

    We aren't sure yet. My wife said there was a sign today that listed 1 to 3 BR flats. It doesn't look like it will be townhouses, so either condos or apartments. When they open for showing, we may have to go see for ourselves. If we ever lived in something like that again, it would need elevators.

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