Open plan living room layout and design

Steven Steinberg
6 months ago

Hi there. We are super stuck as we are trying to decide on a functional and attractive layout for our open plan living room, dining room. It's a relatively small room in a co-op apartment. We committed to placing the dining table in a particular spot which we really like but it makes furnishing the living room complicated as the table is basically in the living room. My wife is leaning towards placing a sectional in the windowless corner of the room. I understand it's the most logical place if we want a decent amount of seating and it will keep the space as open as possible. It also allows us to keep clear the area in front of the patio door . I'm just having a hard time with that choice because it doesn't allow for creating much interest and, frankly, pushing the sectional into the corner seems to be a bit boring. While I'd prefer to float a sofa away from the walls for some visual depth and to create a focal point (with some shelves, plants, collectibles, artwork), there's not much room for that unless we divide the already small space with a sofa cutting across the middle of the room.
I'll post some pictures in the next post. Any and all thoughts on how to make the corner sectional work or an alternative will be appreciated.

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