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Help me design/color scheme mid century modern living room decor?

2 years ago

I recently moved into a mid century tri-level and I'd like to keep the midmod spirit alive in design. Right now the room is quite bare. I bought a midmod style sofa and I'm still searching for the perfect vintage credenza to go beneath the TV. But in terms of where it's at now, I feel like I really need a rug, some new throws, and art on the walls to make it feel more alive and bold. I really really want to do like chartreuse (maybe this: ), but I'm worried if I do a green rug over a neutral I'll be kind of bound by it forever (until i invest in a new rug). I'm also uncertain if I do a green rug will it be too bold to go bold with throws and art?

In the next months I will be replacing the current fireplace mantle/facade with stacked stone (although i haven't determined which color) to the ceiling so pls ignore how ugly it is now. Also the art on the mantle is just leftover art that I moved with, I really don't intend to incorporate it now. Please help me figure out what sort of rug/throws/etc. to use to pull this room together. Thanks!

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