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Kitchen Layout Questions

Crista VH
2 years ago

Hi everyone. I hope I am posting in a the right spot!

Here is my revised kitchen plan and layout images. Still finalizing this but getting close.

If anyone can please provide suggestions or a fresh set of eyes, I would greatly appreciate it!

(Please note she didn't add hardware to the views yet so it looks a little funny without it.)

Cabinets are Waypoint stone, MSI Calcatta Clara counter, black hardware and faucet. Probably simple white herringbone backsplash.

A few questions I have:

1) In the upper corner is an easy reach, which I love. However, in this revision we went from the 33" to 36" base susan which I wanted so the window moved over slightly. The KD added a narrow 9" upper cabinet which again, love any extra storage, but I'm concerned it looks, well, too narrow or odd. Would you leave it? Or see if maybe floating shelves could go there instead? Or remove the easy reach and do regular blind corner instead to allow for just a wider door next to the window?

2) No matter how we work the island, we can only get seating for three. I'd really like four. Family of five and our dinners will be in the casual dining room just through the doorway. But seating four in the kitchen would be nice.

Thoughts were to add a "breakfast bar" type counter seating on the pony wall facing the sunken family room and shrink the island to two facing the stove. I'm on the fence about that as I don't want the kitchen too busy or crowded. I can't make the island much larger as It would come into the walkway from the DR to kitchen. I would like to keep the walkway from the dining room straight through to the patio door. The kitchen as you can see is wider by the pony wall once you come from the DR opening. Someone suggested cabinets along pony wall and just keep island for three. I love that idea for storage but not sure how it would look with a 10 foot run of cabinets (and this would replace the pony wall so not much kitchen space would be used - maybe 7 or 8 inches). My concern is that then i have a long run of cabinets topped in wood or quartz and it would look odd.

If I don't do cabinets or breakfast bar there and just keep the island, what do I do with that pony wall? Trim it out nice? It just seems like a lot of wasted space.

3) would you do pendant lighting over island? Ceilings are 8 foot. if so, one or two?

Suggestions welcome.

what the half wall looks like now:

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