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Slippery Corian Shower Pan

3 years ago

We are finishing up a bathroom remodel, and one of the things I wanted most was a Corian Shower Pan. Unfortunately, it is the aspect of the remodel that has caused the most problems- it was the only thing delayed, and then it had to sent back due to improper templating by the installers. When the correct version finally came it was installed very quickly, and perhaps I did not inspect it as I should have. We wanted a non-slip surface, but did not get one. Although it's not much more slippery than a bathtub is, I hate to put a bath mat on my beautiful pan! Can we make this less slippery without ruining it. I know Corian can be refinished, so can it also be roughed up? Google results indicate mixed opinions, especially with dark colors. Ours is a concrete shade. We have the tools, but don't want to mess this up!

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