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old wallpaper adhesive removal help

3 years ago

I have read so much advice on removing the residual adhesive. The wallpaper was a horrible thick paper with medallions flocked in old gold on a whitish background. The house is 1920, the walls plaster, and the wallpaper probably 1960-70? I started the project pre-COVID and am coming back to it. A lot of things I found said the paste for others that remained was sticky. This is/was not ever sticky. Sometimes I can just scrape it off and it flakes off. The walls are not perfectly flat, so have a few gouges.

Safe and Simple does not seem to be available at the moment. I am allergic to liquid fabric softener, so did not go that route. Tried vinegar and hot water. It helped loosen some. Tried a scrubby and it seemed to wear away the top coat of the plaster around the stubborn paste faster than the paste that remained in those spots. Tried some Dawn and baking soda solution. The paste that is tough to get off is hard and slick and the color of Bondo. Now that those test patches have been wet and scrubbed, the edge has totally disappeared and a razor can't even get under it. Any thoughts?

And how do I scrape the fragile dry bits out of tight corners that have less than 2" between wall some trim around a doorway on the adjoining wall? I am going to do as much of it dry scrapping as possible since it seems wetting it with water based solutions makes it harder to get off. What is this stuff? Any other thoughts?

Luckily it is only the top 1/2 of the wall. Sadly the bottom half seems to be a pressed paper wall covering (painted fingernail red) adhered to dry wall that was then... maybe glued to the studs or lath underneath? There are no obvious fasteners visible. What happened to that plaster? Shrug. Who knows.

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