Storewall, Handiwall, etc ?

3 months ago

I need to do some organizing in our gym, garage, shop and mudroom. I'm thinking that slatwall is probably the best option to standardize on. From what I've read numerous products such as ProSlat, Steelcase and Gladiator are more proprietary than standard. Many accessories from other manufacturers will not fit on them so you're stuck paying their prices for their limited selection.

Storewall, Handiwall, Uline and GarageTek seem the better options for standard slatwall that most accessories from a variety of mfr's will work well with.

ULine is a type of MDF that might not be best for the varying temps/RH of a garage? Might be a good option for gym, mudroom and shop? Too great of risk of breaking? From what I've seen it looks the best aesthetically - at least when new.

Seemingly Storewall is the better PVC option but also the most expensive. It's thicker than Handiwall and apparently holds its shape better. Panel joints are doweled to keep them aligned and it's also possible to get up to 20' pieces.

Handiwall is the more affordable PVC option. It seems strong enough but also might get wavy which aesthetically wouldn't be great?

Garagetek doesn't say on their website what it's made of but sounds like PVC. I'm hoping to have a quote from them later this week so don't yet know the cost.

Thoughts on these?