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Paint the wainscoting and trim?

Alyssa Lindsley
2 years ago

Hi, we recently purchased a 40yr old home that has a wooden "theme" running throughout the entirety of the home. I am struggling with whether or not to paint the trim and wainscoting in the family room and formal dining room (as seen in the picture below). Two bedrooms have floor to ceiling built-ins, but all rooms have the wooden trim around windows, doors, baseboards, crown molding, etc. I do appreciate all of the wood, but feel that it gives it a dated look and to me it reads very orange. These two main rooms both have porches outside of the windows, so they get some light but not a ton of natural light. I know it would all be beautiful painted white and would lighten the rooms a lot, but am struggling with bringing myself to paint it because I know there's no going back once I do.

We are remodeling the kitchen, which is also the same orangey wood. I love and am always drawn to white kitchens. My husband says that if we do a white kitchen that it will look out of place with all of the wood in the house. But at the same time, I hate to put more "orange wood" into my kitchen when I don't exactly love it. If I painted all of the wainscoting and trim in the two adjoining rooms, I feel that it would make it blend more and feel more modern and updated.

So the question is, would you paint it? Or do you have any ideas of of to modernize and downplay the orange of the wood?

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