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Help with custom home HVAC planning

3 years ago

Hi All - I hope some HVAC experts here can give advice on what systems would work best for my home.

I am building a 3600 one-story home, and all ductwork/furnace, etc will be located in the basement. The house is grouped into three areas - the left wing with 2 bedrooms, the center of the home with the main living areas/kitchen, and the right side with a couple more bedrooms.

I met with an HVAC sales person today to go over what would work best for the home and was given three options for systems (good, better, best):

  • Trane XB 14 80% Furnace 14 seer AC
  • Trane XR 16 80% (single stage) Furnace 16 seer AC
  • Trane XV20i with XC80 Communicating furnace and variable speed A/C 20 SEER

In all cases, there would be two units (4 ton, 2 ton) with the 4-ton unit zoned for the left/center areas of the home, and the 2 ton dedicated to the right.

There is a HUGE cost difference in between these options, and some research led me to learn that the first option of an XB 14 is actually a discontinued model!

Understanding the large footprint of the home and the desire to have 3 areas separately temperature controled - can someone please advise a) if these options make sense or is there a better way/brand to do it, and b) is it really worth it to step up from good to a better or best option? Going from good to better is a 6K jump and better to best an additional 8K.

For climate reference I live in GA.

Thank you!

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