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stuck with an ugly bathroom tile what to do!?

last year

Hi there,
we have this awful tile to work with and can't seem to find a color that would complement or draw the eye away from it...
On its own it's not so bad, it's a pastel washed out sage grey. in our bathroom, on the wall it's pukey grey.
We can't change it. My husband doesn't want to paint them over.
We have a waisncotting around the bathroom walls that sits pretty low, its white at the moment we we are not opposed to paint it something else.
so far we tried a dark green and a more subdued grey green. they are both awful.
White make the tiles pop, I sort of like them against black or salamander BM, but husband is categoric against dark colours and black...
I should say the room is oriented north and doesn't get much natural light, there is a bush right out the window.

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