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To grid or not to grid.....

2 years ago

We're in the final design stages of this new build. I'm struggling with the windows - size, grid pattern.

This house has a modern farmhouse/ coastal kind of style? It's being built in a community 1 blk from lake. Probably go to white windows (black is so expensive!) with a light board & batten exterior, light washed shakes in porch area. Black accent light fixtures. Could grid just top part of each window? or leave clear.

Starting from top left - large windows on second floor are in the open foyer (too big?- they won't have window treatments - need grid pattern? ) Small square windows are high in loft .

Main floor 10' ceilings - front door, narrow window in stairwell area (I'm thinking a circle window instead?). Large window above sink (8x4) Then 3 large windows on right look into dining/living ( 4 x 6) They will be centered on wall 2' above floor and 2' below ceiling - drawing is wrong.

This house is on a corner lot so garage faces other street. Left deck for garage suite (airbnb) and deck above dining is off of loft for us. Glass panels for deck but maybe railing would look ok? Overhang at back for outdoor patio.

Porch posts probably will be simpler design but beefed up a bit? My husband is a cabinet maker/finisher so can do all the finishing around windows etc.

I've heard that if you can only afford the grids between glass not to do them - they'll look cheap.

Any suggestions? I'm open to all opinions/ideas - thanks!

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