cold damaged plants

greenmanOK (Zone7)
3 months ago

Hey everyone. I hope folks managed to get through the big freeze with no major damage to your homes or selves. Our plants, however, may be another story. Curious to hear if people are losing some tender or borderline hardy perennials or shrubs after having -10 degrees in central OK.

I was terribly worried about my figs, society garlic, lantanas, prickly pears, Japanese Aucuba, and Carolina Jessamine. A lot of that I managed to cover up (even the Aucuba), and so when it got another foot snow dumped over them, I think they were insulated enough to survive. My Jessamine vine, however, is in very bad shape, as it was too large to be protected from the cold. I was wondering if anyone had any idea about trying to save it. Do you think that if I cut it off at the ground it will come back? It took me 5 years to grow it up over my trellis but now the thicker vine trunks are all split open and the leaves are slowly turning brown. So heartbreaking.

What other plants or shrubs may be affected by the cold snap last week? Even my hollies and boxwoods look stressed...

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