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Help with furniture arrangement in long, skinny living room

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Our living room is 10' x 24', with a fireplace, two radiators, two wide doorways, and an extra wide staircase. It's frankly the most poorly designed living room I've ever seen. I've attached a floor plan and then some pictures of the current lay out. Our furniture is in storage, so what you see in these pictures is not what's staying. The sofa and end tables and coffee table we have in storage are smaller and the sofa and both end tables would fit against that far wall where a sofa currently is. We're open to purchasing different furniture as well.W
We have the room sort of divided into two spaces right now, with a seating area on one side and a desk/play/work area on the other. It looks horrible and my wife hates it, but we're trying to figure out how to make it look and work the best it can while we're here. The biggest issue other than how random it all looks is the lack of seating on the one side. It's very awkward.
Pictures in comments since I can't figure out how to attach them to a post. Thanks!

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