What's your favorite of the upright P. pungens cultivars? Hoopsii etc

Smith127 (7b GA)
7 months ago

I found a spot on a slight slope that has afternoon cover and I'm going to try my luck. I had some success with Iseli Fastigate at my old garden, but now I want to grow a full size Blue Spruce here in Atlanta. The goal is for it to be a show stopper and have a moderately long life, and I have the room for it to get 10-15' wide. I figure even if I only get 10 years before it needs to be removced - its probably worth it. Honestly, Blue Spruce is partly what attracted me to conifers so I may never stop trying. By the way - if you haven't seen it already Sara at the ACS wrote a great article on Blue Spruce Diseases.

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