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Ceiling texture --Any contractors here that can express an opinion?

julia garcia
last year

knockdown texture for ceiling - is this is disaster?

As part of our remodeling, we replaced the kitchen ceiling and put up new drywall. We did all the prep, and originally planned to apply a knockdown texture ourselves (we have never done it before). We read a ton of info and watched a bunch of videos. We applied primer to the ceiling.

Then we decided to hire a contractor to do the knockdown.

Well, they came out today, they sprayed it on our ceiling (what looks like a pretty thick splatter), but they couldn't knock it down because it is not setting! They waited an hour. They claim this is because the texture is going on top of primer. But everything i read shows that it should only make a difference in minutes of drying time.

Anyway, they waited an hour, and it is not setting. Now they are telling me they have to let this dry completely, come back tomorrow to spray AGAIN and to then knock that down.

This is very odd. It goes counter to all that i read.

Have anyone heard of this?

Should i just have them scrape this stuff off and cut my losses?

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