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Stain options in engineered and solid wood floors

Hi all,

I'm looking to install engineered wood floors in my dining/family room that's on a concrete slab on the main level of the house, and I'd like to install solid hardwood in the living room and bedrooms. A tiled kitchen will be between the dining/family room and the living room leading up to the bedrooms. Only the dining/family room is on concrete. The rest of the house is not. Ideally I'd like to have the floors match color-wise. Whatever manufacturer I search, I can't seem to find matching stain colors in both flooring options. Is this the norm? Is there any way around this other than installing engineered wood throughout the house? I really want the colors to match. I'm in PA if that helps, so there aren't really any climate issues etc.

Also, which brands should I be looking at? I've looked at Bruce, Mullican and Armstrong. I know these are available in flooring stores near me and I could easily obtain samples. If there are any ones we should stay away from, please let me know.


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