Ideas to childproof floor window?

7 months ago

I need some help with ideas or products that will child proof my window. It's in my 4 year old's bedroom, the window is brand new with safety glass but it gives me anxiety to know that it's placed in his room on the second floor.
I have attached photos to give a clearer picture of what I'm working with. My fiance originally wanted to place his dresser in front of the window to close off that area but I feel that the heavy weight of the dresser would create a safety hazard and be more likely to break the glass due to the dresser's weight in case something slammed into it.
I've read some people buy a gate but that's a last resort for me since I don't like the appearance of a gate which would be seen on the front of the house. (window is directly above the front door).
I'm open to all ideas, just not sure what other people in the same situation do.

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