Small windowless bathroom lighting, low concrete ceilings, stuck!

7 months ago

Redoing our small bathroom (5x7). it has super low concrete ceiling (7.5 ft) AND 12" soffit in the shower/tub area as well. Going for ultra modern/minimalist in white/light grey colors (3x12 matte white wall tile, vertical stack and 24x24 very light concrete floor porcelain tile). I just can't figure out the lighting in the bathroom. Looking for something to brighten up the space and that does not look tacky or accentuate the already ridiculously low ceiling. Something contemporary.

Considering many different options:

- creating a mini soffit/ partial drop in ceiling to accomodate mini recessed lights above the vanity/toilet at the junction between wall and ceiling.(maybe 6"x48"x minimal depth)

- adding a corner LED strip at the ceiling/wall junction (but worried it will accentuate the low ceiling)

- sticking to simple vanity lighting (3 lamps) like existing (but most nice ones are downward facing)

- adding a 4ft mirror extending vanity to shower (above toilet) instead of a simple 24" for the vanity

- adding channel lighting integrated the edge of the tub soffit and edge of shower wall tile

- backlighting the mirror

Will do:

- led lights under the 48" shelf that will go above the sink & toilet

Can't do:

- ceiling pendants because concrete ceiling and small space

- dual sconces on each side of the vanity because it seems too small to accomodate

- recessed lights because concrete ceiling.

- remove the soffit (we already looked into it)

Suggestions? I am lost!

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