Can You Improve My Mudroom/Laundry/Pantry Plans?

4 months ago
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I've been working on coming up with a good plan to (re)design the back room of our house. Right now this room is severely underutilized. The main house dates to around 1880 or so, and this room is an addition that was tacked on about 20 years later. Right now it has three rooms in it. A 6x6 "laundry" room (where the proposed powder/small closet is), a large and useless 6x9 bathroom (where most of the laundry is), and a big empty 15.5x16 room (everything else).

All of the walls can go or be moved. None of the exterior doors or windows can move. The top center door is currently the main entry (leads to deck). Top left is another entry, which will attach to a planned garage. Bottom left is the basement steps (not shown). Bottom center leads to the kitchen (not shown). The kitchen is next on the list, but I have to get this finished first to have a place to put everything when the kitchen is torn up. The kitchen will be about 21' wide (after stealing the existing pantry space) and 12' deep, and will open up to a large family or keeping room by putting in a beam. For reference, the 12' deep wall runs about 5 feet to the west of the basement door, and just a little to the right of the wall for the proposed pantry.

I tossed this sketch together quickly in Planner 5D, so it's a bit limited in terms of which cabinets and furniture are available, and the appliance sizes are a little odd, but it's enough to get some rough idea of the overall plan. One major design goal is closets and storage. The entire first floor has no closets. I would prefer to keep at least as many as I've designed in here. Even more would be great. The mudroom bench would probably be ell shaped, with the bench continuing (after the door) in that little corner by the closet/pantry. Or would that be better for a drop zone? Or swap the closet and the mudroom bench/lockers? There's a fairly good amount of space to work with, about 21.5x15.5 overall. That cabinet on the top wall is a 4' wide, 7' tall antique cabinet I'd like to keep a space for, but it's not essential if there's a way to improve this and lose the cabinet.

Any feedback would be most appreciated!

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