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How should I layout my furniture in this huge bedroom?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Our bedroom furniture is kind of still sitting where the movers dropped it when we first moved in. It’s not terrible, but I feel like it’s not optimal, either. Part of the issue is the room is much bigger than any bedroom we’ve had before, and I’m not sure what to do with the space. Here’s the footprint:

Currently, our bed is centered between the windows, with a large nightstand on either side. We have a loveseat settee at the foot of the bed, and a TV on a small stand by the wall so we can watch from bed — something we do rarely, but do enjoy.

We also have a twin sized daybed on the short wall on the left side of the floorplan above. We stuck it there when we moved in, because there’s plenty of space and we didn’t need it anywhere else, and now my kids like lounging on it when we read together. I don’t love it, but I‘m not sure what else to do with the space.

I think maybe I need to move my bed and rearrange everything? I’d be so grateful for any and all ideas!

a few notes:

-we have a large wall of builtins on the right wall, so no furniture can go there, and nothing can hang on that wall (its all doors).

-speaking of builtins, between those and two huge attached walk-in closet/studies, we don’t need any storage furniture.

-we DO want seating/lounging space for our three kids. We read a lot together in here, and also have family discussions. The daybed has been great for this, but I don’t love the vibe it gives the space — a bit like a family room in a European hostel 😆

-Nobody ever uses the settee — I think because it’s at the foot of the bed where my husband and I hang out, so we can’t see each others faces if they sit there. I have a great spot for it in another room, so I think I’ll probably move it.

-we have a queen bed, which we like.

-if we can find a spot that doesn’t feel totally awkward, my husband would love to put our folding treadmill in here.

I’d be so grateful for any ideas for better use of the space! Thank you!

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