casing inside small closet with uneven drywall, should i even bother?

7 months ago

it's the classic problem of drywall extending past the plane of the door jamb but it's pretty extreme on the top- about 3/8", maybe the whole 1/2", and tapers to almost flush at the ground. I only have 4" on one side and 3" on the other for casing width. If i cut and chisel out the drywall there won't be much drywall left on top, and I'd hit drywall corners on each side. Since it's a pantry closet it's more visible so I'd like to cover up the drywall edge. A unique fix is fine, but it's got to be simple since it's the inside of a closet. It will get painted.

I was considering using a wood corner planed to fit over the drywall edge but I need something to adhere it to...maybe I can glue it to the drywall?

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