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Recommendations for painting a new condo

last year

Hello everyone,

I'm interested in hearing your views on what colour I should/could paint my new 1 bedroom condo (600 sq ft). The previous owner repainted the entire unit in the same shade of white, but the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom also need a new coat of paint so this something to consider too. Other than a light grey couch, I have very little furniture since I'm mostly starting from couch, so not much to consider with respect to matching existing furniture.

I wouldn't mind adding some colour so I'm considering painting the bedroom a of soft/cool colour, but I'm not entirely sure at the moment. As well, what are your thoughts on keeping the current colour, either throughout the entire unit or living/dining area only?

I've provided a few pictures of the unit (note: the furniture in the pictures is not mine; the unit is completely empty)

Thanks in advance!

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