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Cabinet wood choice

last year

Hi there,

I'm trying to pick wood type/color for my new kitchen. I, like many, love the look of a bright painted kitchen contrasted to the wood floor, BUT, we use our kitchen hard, and I want the wear of stained wood rather than someday-cracking/chipping paint. Also, wood is beautiful and paying more to paint over it with less longevity sways me toward going wood. I DO NOT want a dark den or the old fashioned wood kitchen look. I'm kind of in love with this look that keeps things modern with a farmhouse/rustic bent. Timeless, hopefully? Natural wood with white counters. What I wonder is if I switch the wood for a natural cherry tone, does that lose the look? Is the actual color of the wood important when trying to mimic this, or is white a neutral companion that would go with any natural wood?

Because I grew up in the era of the darker-stained, raised-panel plainsawn oak 80s kitchens, I am just hesitant about oak, even though the natural, quartersawn, shaker door shown above is obviously really different. I just love the grain and beauty of natural cherry, but am afraid the redness might change the look too much. Does cherry 'go' with white? When I see a picture like this, it is such a different look...

Of course, totally different lighting, styling, I know. So just curious if natural cherry and white work together. Wood floors, probably oak.

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