Can I use different countertops for bi-level island?

9 months ago

Going off the idea that you can use two different countertops (as long as you’re not also using two different color cabinets), is it okay to use the different countertop on the raised bar only?

I love Vetrazzo, which is a bolder quartz with larger chunks of recycled glass, and runs in the $130/sf category, which is out of budget for our entire kitchen.

Curava, which uses tiny chunks of glass, runs about $70/sf or MSI Q, which has a sparkly quartz which is probably too white, runs about $60/sf so either would be more doable for our kitchen.

So my thoughts are do the wall and the lower island in Curava, but the bar top in the Vetrazzo.

Colors have not been selected, but we’d obviously choose complementary colors, the bigger difference being the glass chunks. The base color would need to match.

I’m including photos, but it’s difficult to see the difference because they are zoomed in, but the Curava is tiny bits of glass.


Curava (I like the Savaii the best if we end up doing the whole kitchen in one)

This is NOT my kitchen, but it will be similar in layout to this (I can’t find a floor plan right this moment). I’m select clear maple and wood-look tile and modern coastal theme with blue/green sea colors.

So the bottom line, can I use a different countertop for the bar only on this island?

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