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HELP! Need design advice on kitchen/house layout remodel!

Hi - We need your help! We're designing two major upgrades to our home and are struggling to find an interior kitchen/house layout that meets our objectives. Have any ideas?

Our projects:

1) Interior kitchen remodel -- goal is to make the house feel more open and modern. House was built in 1987 and although it has high ceilings, it has lots of doorways and doesn't have the open kitchen/living space that works better with today's entertaining and living. We want to add a large island, have space for a 48" Bluestar range and 36" Bluestar refrigerator. We would like to keep a dining area, but realistically we'll entertain mostly in the kitchen we want to make sure that's light and bright and welcoming.

We can't seem to find a layout that works please!

2) Outdoor kitchen/living area addition -- extend the roof line from the "garden/sunroom" to create an outdoor living area with a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, bar area (with views of a TV over the fireplace), plunge pool (if we can afford it), and fire pit. We have a great design for this space, which will be accessed from doors at the end of the "garden/sunroom".


ONE IDEA: move the kitchen into the sunroom -- add on 6-7' to allow space for an island. Challenge here is where to put the fridge and range without blocking too much of the windows. Former kitchen area becomes a butler's pantry with wine fridges.

Another idea: Extend the kitchen into the current dining room. Reasons I don't like this plan: Much less light in this space. Also moves the dining area that we will use less frequently to the back part of the house where you won't see it -- since we won't go back there often, will make the house feel smaller. Also, this design from our architect involves closing off a wall in the dining room which will make the entry feel smaller. And adding a "vestibule" to the bathroom closes off the space between the dining room and kitchen area...which will make the house feel even less open (which is the opposite of our goal).

Here are some photos of the house (some are from when we first purchased -- we've since upgraded the floors in the rest of the house)

(we've since switched the location of the table and the herringbone pattern chairs -- this frees up more space to walk through the kitchen/sunroom and more space around the table...this is where we sit when we host people, not the main dining room)

We have hired an architect, but need more creativity to solve this challenging problem.

ANY IDEAS? Thanks in advance for your help!

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