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Need help choosing white paints for cabinets and walls

My husband and I are buying a condo and we want to repaint the main room so that the walls are white. They're currently gray. The condo has an open concept kitchen so there is no separation between the living area and kitchen. I want the kitchen cabinets to be white (they are currently white on top and a weird purple-gray color that I despise on the bottom). I'm not sure that the current white on the cabinets will match the white we choose for walls so want to just plan to repaint them too. However, complicating the decision-making process are the following factors:

Southern exposure, so bright light literally all day

black granite countertop

white subway tile backsplash

Light wood floors

I know that the best white for a room with southern exposure is stark or cool, I'm leaning toward BM Super White to avoid dealing with undertones. I want the cabinets to be white, however, I'm not sure that I want the cabinets to be the same color as the walls. BM's website is super unhelpful in allowing me to understand which other whites would go with Super White.

Is it okay for cabinets to match walls? Should the cabinets be a warmer white than the walls? please help, thank you.

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