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Help with Front yard Landscape design - Amateur needs some help :)

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Hello All,

I'm looking to improve the curb appeal for our house built in 1966. When we first moved in everything was overgrown and the English Ivy had taken over so we spent the first year pulling everything out and trying to salvage what we could. Unfortunately, it's not working.

I would appreciate any landscape design advice, comments, ideas, thoughts..anything that might help us figure out how to make this more attractive. I am not sure what to do with regard to foundation planting or really how to make it look good - Consider it a blank slate.. what would you do?

I've heard that Cinnamon Girl Distylium are wonderful but i have no idea how many or with which other plants to pair to make something that is pleasing to the eye and not too much. I've also been told choosing the right colors can bring out the beauty of the brick or make it look orang-y and yuck (is this true?).

We are in Zone 7b (Full Sun- Partial Sun) - House faces SE - Clay soil - left side of the house is shaded by the large magnolia shade but some of the left side receives morning sun during summer (this picture is during winter and there is more sun that reaches the area for short periods through the day)

Any advice or thoughts are much appreciated!

Thanks so much!


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